Andrew Garfield Hides His Bulge!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Andrew GarfieldANDREW Garfield has been been put through a rigorous dress rehearsal to ensure he doesn’t show too much “bulge” when he’s filming the new Spider-Man movie.

The British actor — who will wear a skin-tight suit for his role as the superhero — is keen not to expose his crotch area.

“Andrew has been through numerous fittings for the suit which is a very high-tech design,” reveals a movie insider.

“One whole day was devoted to make sure there was nothing inappropriate showing in the crotch area of the suit. Andrew should be flattered that it took so long to get that part right!”

Garfield recently insisted he’s not too skinny to play Spider-Man.

“I have had a lot of good wishes and kind words and a fair bit of criticism too,” he said last month.

“I heard some people are saying I’m lacking the muscles to be Spider-Man. But the thing Spidey is as skinny and me. He’s not Arnold Schwarzenegger!”

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  • posh

    There can only be one Spiderman…and that’s Tobey Maguire. This Andrew Garfield doesn’t have the package of being Spiderman. Sony made a huge mistake in dumping the original actors of the Spiderman Trilogy…Just an opinion.