Kirsten Dunst Back Living With Her Mom

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kirsten DunstKIRSTEN Dunst has moved back in with her mom.

The actress — who has a well-documented problem with alcohol — has sold her Los Angeles home and is enjoying the simple life being a kid again.

“I live at my mom’s right now,” says Kirsten.

“I don’t have a house in LA any more. It’s great. I live there and go out to my favorite Valley spots like Hugo’s Tacos, Artisan Cheese Gallery. Oh, it’s so good there!”

Earlier this month, it was reported that Dunst’s nearest and dearest recently staged an impromptu intervention after Dunst appeared to go on an out-of-control booze binge.

“Kirsten got stinking drunk on vodka tonics at an after-concert party at the Hollywood Hills home of Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine in early October,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She staggered around the room, bumping into furniture while trying to dance. She was completely out of it.

“Kirsten’s friends were so alarmed at her behavior they pulled her aside on the spot and told her she needed to go back to rehab.

“It wasn’t the ideal place for an intervention, but they felt they had no choice.”

Dunst — who did a six-week rehab term at the Cirque Lodge in Utah in February 2008 — has never admitted to having a drinking problem. While at the treatment center, she insisted she was being treated for depression, not alcohol.


  • Jakes Big Brother

    She can come and live with me, My wife won’t mind.

  • Hits rock bottom

    I think its interesting that another one of Lindsay Lohans fellow sidekick in the parting group is beginning to hit rock bottom. She was such a talented young actress. I didn’t think she would be stupid enough to fall in this category.

  • Jackie

    Good one Jakes. I love her, wish her only the best. Hollywood puts too much pressure on these young people and they suffer for it.

  • gillian

    @ hits rock bottom-

    re: stupid enough

    plenty of very clever people get sucked into substance abuse…and attitudes like that feed into the shame that prevents someone from admitting they have a problem.

  • BulldogBlitz

    Hope she’s getting better. I’m guessing she probably suffered from depression, and it led to the drinking problem. She seems like a cool girl otherwise. Beautiful girl and a good actress IMO. Good luck to her.