Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prince William and Kate MiddletonKATE Middleton celebrated her engagement to Britain’s Prince William by throwing a huge party for herself and her girlfriends, according to a tabloid report.

Sources say the bash — which took place at Clarence House earlier this month — went on into the early hours. Kate was joined by 12 of her closet pals.

William and Kate plan to tie the knot in April next year.

Recent reports claimed the nuptials will cost the British taxpayer around $20m.

“When all is said and done, this wedding will likely cost the British taxpayers over $20 million,” a source said.

“It will be the biggest wedding of all time, even bigger than William’s mum, Diana’s — and the price will be bigger, too.

“You really can’t compare this wedding to any other celebrity’s.

“The only other couple in the world that might even come close is if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married, but even then this will be bigger.”

Kate was recently assigned a pair of female detective that’ll cost around $300,000 a year.

“Kate now has two female detectives rotating shifts with her 24/7,” a source said.

“They are like the British version of Cagney and Lacey. Two of the finest officers in the force who will not only protect the future princess but have also been trained to blend in.

“Kate has gone from being a ordinary citizen to one of the most high profile people in the world.

There are a lot of very bad people in this world and unfortunately Kate is now at the top of their list. No expensive will be spared to keep her safe.

“It is worth every penny. This is a future Queen of England we are talking about. I hope the poor girl knew what she was getting into.”[imagebrowser id=823]


  • http://yahoo ester

    it is finaly here the day the world was waitin for 4 so long we hope that kate wil follow Lady Diana’s footsteps. wish them congrats and u go gal(kate) show them to them that u are the bestb and u can do it.xoxo……..gossip galz

  • http://http/yahoo ester

    it is cool becoz she deserves to be happy and her friends will give her that and apart from that it is her big day where she is going to walk down the isle and say ” I DO”. ALSO, AFTER THE wedding she is going to stay put home and look aftre the family.so better party now b4 it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thankz.

  • Chandra U. Tiger

    Congrats– you make a great, fun loving couple and hats off to you and your family. The wedding day will be bliss, the honeymoon pure heaven, and then the real work begins: commitment. With that remember to love each other through lives many ups and downs, do not cheat on each other, be honest, be extremely kind and understanding of each others needs (yes this means compromise is a new term for each of you and always be flexible), and above all respect each others needs (even if they seem unusual or different– remember yin/yang are not identical but they fit in a perfect harmonious circle– just like you two will become one).

    On a separate note, Mr. Brad Smith and Mrs. Angst Smith, I mean former drug addict, I mean married several times (cheating on them), I mean into cutting herself up with knives, I mean deceiving the public about wrecking Jennifer Aniston’s marriage or Laura Dern’s pending wedding… let’s call her “Angst” for short. Your marriage and wedding date is far far far superior, pure and real romance and love…theirs is a cheap sham, publicity stunt, sickening, and quite frankly highly compensated losers. Theirs is a business: yours is love.

    Please do not compare yourselves to them as you are royalty, Prince William and Beautiful Kate, and they are royal trash…truth hurts yes. The only people interested in their wedding is the PR agents and media paid to cover it, the rest of us wish they would move to Bosnia (along with the rape film in production) so they can spend some time with ‘real people, real pain, real issues’ and maybe they would shut up and go away for good. The rape victims of Bosnia are demanding Angst step down as Goodwill Ambassador…we couldn’t agree more as Angst generates more ‘ill will’ than 10000000000000 people put together.

    Best Wishes– you are the chosen ‘golden couple’ and please lead us all to a more romantic, dreamy wedding based off real royalty and real heart (Kate– you are the ‘coolest’ and you are more beautiful then Angst…both inside and outside…trust us). Lead us through with ‘true love’, commitment, family pride, and warmth…we need this again in our world and you are the couple who can do it. Take us through to the year 2020 with many photo’s, clips, and updates. Your time to shine is 2010-2020: the young golden couple. Make us proud and love to you and your family and many god given blessings be bestowed upon your new family.

    Always will love, your mom, Princess Diana, she had the grace and beauty that still captures the heart…she will be watching over you and your family for eternity. God Bless You All! Tell the Royal Family that we are happy for you all and can’t wait to see the dresses and rings next! God Bless You.

  • http://aol.com Bella

    congrats kate and william i wish you guys alot of luck:)

  • Somebody

    Wow Glad to see the Taxpayers having to pay for these 2 leaches. Wedding I won’t be watching. I say down with the Royals. Gone to hell and it’s not looking any better with these two.

  • someone

    Is it just me or does Kate Middleton seem to have the build of a man? Broad shoulders and flat chest?

  • Jojo

    The Royal family has already stated that they personally will be paying for the wedding, as they did for Charles and Diana’s, not the people of Great Britian.

    • Me

      Gee Jojo, where do you think their “personal” money comes from??? These people are supported by tax payer money and an outdated institution that is not to be revered in the least. Monarchy is not a part of any nation’s history that they should be proud of.

  • linda

    Monarchy should be allowed but they need to be less celebrity and more private like they used to be.

    They are too public now like celebs & people are sick of them.

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Kate can already “SMELL THE MONEY”…. She wouldnt make a wart on Princess Diana’s ASS…