Helen Mirren Blasts Ageist, Sexist Hollywood

Friday, December 3, 2010

Helen MirrenSEXY British actress Helen Mirren has accused Hollywood of being sexist and ageist — because there’s a distinct lack of roles for older women.

The RED star made her comments while promoting her new film The Last Station, in Russia, earlier this week.

The Oscar-winner plays the wife of Leo Tolstoy, in a biopic of the great Russian writer.

The historical drama tells the story about the elderly Tolstoy, played by Christopher Plummer, and his struggle with fame and wealth alongside his commitment to a life without material belongings.

Directed by Michael Hoffman, the movie takes the actress back to her roots. Her father was of Russian origin and she spent some of her childhood in the country.

Mirren recently poured scorn on British comedy — branding it “angry” and “cruel”.

“I’m under the impression that this notion is disappearing from our society,” the RED star told France’s Paris Match magazine.

“Where conflicts are made worse on cinema and on television, where people are nasty and cruel on the internet and where, in general terms, everybody seems to me to be very angry. This causes me a lot of pain.

“I prefer the finesse of French humor. English humor is harsher, more scathing, more cruel and more surreal too, as illustrated by Monty Python and the TV series Little Britain, where situations are far-fetched and over-the-top.

“I smoked Gitanes to appear cool, and I dreamed of being French. I wanted to be an elegant bourgeoisie or an artist just like Juliette Greco.

“From the age of 15, I desperately wanted to be Brigitte Bardot and to go and live in St Tropez. But I was just a small and plump English girl with spots. Then I had a French boyfriend called Jean-Louis with whom I’m still friends.”


  • Pam

    American cinema has been good to this woman, and in very recent times, she has been on the screen making quite the fortune. Scorning the Brits that have helped her to hone her stage/cinema skills. Downplaying British humor, and American humor for that matter. What a kick in the ass to the film-makers, actors/actress’ that she has worked with on both sides of the pond. Totally not what I expected from this woman.

    • brownin329

      Pam, you shouldn’t believe everything you read. If you didn’t see it come straight from Helen herself, just read it as interesting entertainment, not to be taken seriously.

  • Robbie

    While I’m a firm believer that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, I am frequently reminded and amazed at how freely people will express their views despite the fact that they have no clue as to what they are talking about. Though I believe “Hollywood” has improved over the past couple of decades, it’s been widely espoused and generally accepted that the movie/tv industry’s preferences and tendencies are particularly skewed in matters of age, sex, and let’s not forget race/ethnicity. Ms Mirren is an exceptionally talented, capable artist who is well respected and highly regarded by practically everyone associated with her work, and I doubt those few who may disagree with her would begrudge her expression of opinion. I also believe that Helen is spot-on with her assessment of what tickles the Brit funnybone; however it’s exactly that acerbic wit and direct approach that I find refreshing and thoroughly enjoy. Pam, may I suggest you get a clue and lighten up.

  • Pokie

    Is there anything more boring than French cinema or French “humor?” Maybe Helen Mirren. Hollywood will earn in the tens of billions this year. They’ll earn more in one month than all the television and movies and video’s in France and England put together. Somehow Hollywood will go on with or without Helen Mirren.

  • http://yahoo.com Archman X

    NO DUH!!!

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