Saturday, December 4, 2010

Britney SpearsBRITNEY Spears is planning to prove to the world her romance with boyfriend Jason Trawick is stronger than ever — by getting married, insiders say.

The pop superstar hit the headlines earlier this week after it was claimed her relationship with Trawick had turned violent.

Spears then denied the claims and is currently pursuing legal action.

Sources insist Britney is head over heels in love with Jason — and is keen to make their relationship official.

“Britney was devastated about the abuse claims,” said one insider. “It’s just not true — Jason wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“But the scandal did bring the couple closer together — and they’re now talking marriage. Britney wants to show the world Jason is a good guy and that their relationship is solid.”

However, not everything is rosy in the world of Britney Spears.

The Toxic hitmaker is said to be furious that her parents have gotten back together.

Jamie and Lynne Spears — who divorced in 2002 — reconciled over the summer.

“They are back together and are doing well and happy,” a source said earlier this month.

“[They're] not remarried but back together.”

And according to insiders, Britney is furious!

“Britney feels completely betrayed,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Britney used to be able to confide in Lynne about all the problems she had with her father.

“Lynne gave Britney hope that she could get out of the conservatorship and be on her own again. She even promised to speak to Britney’s doctors and lawyers on her behalf. Now Britney realizes Lynne was going behind her back and telling Jamie everything she said.

“If Jamie were no longer her conservator, the money would stop and Lynne and Jamie would both again become dependent on Britney’s generosity for money. Britney doesn’t want her parents back together. She thinks their relationship is very dysfunctional.”
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  • Sarah

    Please why don’t you people do your research. Was she so upset about her parents, that she went back home to Kentwood with Jason and the boys to spend her thanksiving holiday with her mom and dad?

  • Jenna

    Sarah shut up! You’re just another brainwashed reject who puts Brit’s daddy on such a high level you can’t see what is really happening. I believe Brit is being abused by Jason Trawick but I think this story is false. She will not marry that douche bag who beat her up. I wish she could get out of the conservatorship because it’s no longer used to rehabilitate her. It’s become a form of control and punishment.

  • Britney is a joke

    OMG Britney is such an idiot. Yeah, getting married just to spite rumors and allegations is “normal”. Go ahead, she have divorce #3 under her belt by the time she is 33. Britney is so far gone that she can’t function without a babysitter and probably never will be able to.

  • Anonymous

    For this BS that she’s been through she kicked Justin Timberlake to the curb? Just didn’t want to have “only beenw ith one guy” or some such– K-fed, divorces, getting beat-on, etc. is so much better, right?

  • Max

    May b she z a woman who dont want 2 b on shame

  • Noma

    Wel i think brit shld focus on her kidz

  • blondes are dumb

    Blondes are silly ignorant airheads!!!

  • anonymous

    honestly all this stuff is entertaining to read but none of us really no whats going on in her life but her and thats the way it should be everyones going to believe what they want to believe i mean if she got beat ok i hate it but thats her business if she didnt get beat great thats her business too there are going to be hundreds of different stories out there and people are going to believe the ones they want too and thats just human but no need to have any arguments about it GROW UP!!!

  • terrydad

    well the choice is all her’s it’s her life so she makes her choices. i just hope she’s gonna stick to this jason cos at first it FEDERLIN THEN TIMBERLAKE

  • Posh

    Thats love, no matter what, go for it Brit..

  • Lyle

    Bla Bla Bla….marry another one, Brit