Ke$ha Likes The Homeless Look!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ke$haPOP diva Ke$ha has revealed what she looks for in a man!

The Tik Tok hitmaker — real name Kesha Rose Sebert — says she likes guys who have “a homeless beard” and a bag of coins.

“I have bizarre things that turn me on — like a bag full of quarters,” she said.

“Like a big bearded guy with a bag of quarters. I like the rugged, mountain-man beard. My favorite kind of beard is one that could potentially be a homeless beard. Like, you actually have to discover if they’re un-groomed for a reason. I like a really unkempt beard.

“You would also have to have a big d**k. Then you’re probably good to go.

“An interesting person is the most attractive thing, not necessarily a man or a woman. I’ve had my fair share of experiences in life to know that I’m not only attracted to men.

“If I fell in love with a woman, then I’d see what happens. I just haven’t yet.”

Ke$ha recently revealed she dumped her drummer boyfriend Alex Carapetis because she got tired of his personality and he started behaving like a woman.

“We’re not so dating anymore,” she said last month.

“He had a Keith Richards vibe to him, but then he started acting like a woman, and I just can’t handle that.”