Mark Ruffalo: ‘I’m Not a Terrorist’

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mark RuffaloMARK Ruffalo is no terrorist!

The Shutter Island insists that, despite claims to the contrary, he has never been on the terror watch list.

Ruffalo told the Wall Street Journal that the reports that he had been placed on the list by the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security for organizing screenings of the documentary Gasland were exaggerated.

“I’ve never been stopped at the airport and I think that the story has snowballed into this incredibly fantastical thing,” he told the Journal. “At the center, of course, is one small grain of truth, which is that back in September, I was hosting educational screenings of Gasland.

“Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security was monitoring these screenings and feeding information to the gas industry. And they got busted. It was a huge embarrassment and the head of their Homeland Security had to resign over it.”

The rumors started when Ruffalo told GQ that he was on the terror watch list in an interview earlier this month after he spent time promoting Gasland.