Monday, December 6, 2010

Elin NordegrenELIN Nordegren is gearing up for Christmas!

The former Swedish model — who earlier this year finalized her divorce from cheating Tiger woods — and her children, Sam, 3, and Charlie, 1½, spent Saturday celebrating Saint Lucia’s Day with about 300 other mostly Swedish people at the First United Methodist Church in Boca Raton, Fla.

“Elin and the children were dancing around the Christmas tree with other families and having such a wonderful time,” a source told People magazine.

“Some of the children dressed in costumes, but Sam and Charlie were decked out in regular clothes.

“They watched the other children, including one 5-year-old girl who played the violin.

“To watch Elin and the kids and the many other Swedish families come together for this special day was inspirational and rewarding.

“The room was filled with love.”

The Swedes gather for this annual fete, usually on Dec. 13, to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Saint Lucia’s is also a day to toast family, women and a festival of lights in honor of the Swedish Saint of Light.

Recent reports claimed Nordegren stunned Woods when she told the golfer she’s planning to start a family with another guy.

“Elin is already looking ahead to beginning a new expanded family,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“And Tiger is crushed that she is moving on so soon.”

Tiger even begged Elin to take him back.

“He had the incredible nerve to bring it up again,” the source said.

“He was blindsided when Elin dropped the bombshell that she expects to marry again and start a new life with more children — telling Tiger, ‘but it won’t be with YOU!’

“Even at 30, she knows her biological clock is ticking, but she’s convinced there is a bright future ahead – without cheating Tiger around. She told a friend, ‘I’ll find true love again, and I’ll definitely have more kids.’

“Tiger’s not stupid – he knows his ex-wife is gorgeous, and she’s rich, and she would be a prime catch for any man.

“Elin is very wary of any new relationship because she has been hurt so deeply by Tiger.

“She does want to date – but only when she meets the right guy. First and foremost on her agenda is the well-being of her two kids.

“Elin said, ‘Everyone wants to feel needed. I need someone in my life that I can trust, and that day will come.’ She’d love four children altogether.”


  • Terry

    I am glad that she is hiding her adams apple with her scarf.

  • Erica

    Tiger never spent much time with the kids before the scandal. He was too busy whoring internationally. When the scandal hit, he used the kids for PR. Now that the media scrutiny is easing and people seem to be forgiving the Woods whore, he no longer has to pretend to be a caring father. He will slowly ease out of his fatherly duties because he thinks the PR is not really all that necessary anymore. He has used the children enough, he doesn’t need them anymore. He’s still a load of filth. No change.

    • Misha

      I don’t think so. Seems to me, his love for kids are genuine. Elin is the one who is using kids to get money and making the divorce messier than it should be. She spoke to gossip magazines about herself and that was totally one-sided. I am sure Tiger will never ever hurt his children by telling stories to gossip magazines or tell the police the Elin tried to beat or kill tiger with the golf club. I truly feel sorry for Tiger not getting any credit even he paid $110M for divorce settlement.
      Tiger and Elin have problems, but not their kids.

  • Nicky

    Some of the children dressed in costumes, but Sam and Charlie were decked out in regular clothes. She has $110 million dollars, why didn’t she get them costumes? She is soooo stingy. What a mother.

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