Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michael DouglasMICHAEL Douglas is losing his courageous battle with advanced throat cancer — sources say.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Douglas is wearing a catheter under his clothing to contend with a new issue in his cancer battle — incontinence.

“Michael is continuing to lose his battle. He’s fought his doctors, who have pleaded with him to have a feeding tube inserted to help him put on weight. But he’s refused,” a source said.

“The stage 4 cancer and treatments left him gaunt and weak. He was down to 139 pounds just a few weeks ago.

“And ever since Michael vetoed a feeding tube, the sores in his mouth and throat have made it tough for him to swallow food and keep it down.

“He thinks he can get by on aloe-infused water, which he drinks constantly.

“While the water helps detoxify his body and improve digestion and circulation, it’s like putting a Band-aid on a major wound.

“And a new diet of raw fats, organic liver, creamy pasta and chicken soup that was thought to help him put on weight has not been successful.”

Recent reports claimed Douglas, 66, is preparing to die and planning his own funeral.[imagebrowser id=593]


  • T.

    He should have listened to his doctors. Farrah Fawcett did not listen either when doctors told her she needed surgery! And he should preserve his energy instead of running around on trips. His immune system needs to be boosted not drained!

  • ana maria

    dearest michael, you are my male movie icon. please listen to your doctors. they know. i also had cancer and am free. you have such a beautiful wife and family. please make an effort beyond your physical and mental resources to help. PLEASE don´t give up. you are strong and God loves you. ana maria from brazil.

  • Carolyn Devine

    Dear Mike: I have cancer of the throat also. The same time you started(Aug) I Got a feeding tube at the beginning. Never used it but it was their incase I needed it. Radiation &chemo no fun— but I am so happy I did this I am now cancer free.. No more smokes or booze.
    you have too liciene too your doctors. My cat scan is negitive. What is yours?

  • Colleen

    Dear Michael:
    Cancer can be eliminated but not with chemo and radiation. I am suggesting to you to take in anything thats organic. Stay away from food bought in the grocery stores. They are full of chemicals. Take some pure unrefined organic virgin oil. It is a miracle oil that helps put cancer in remission. There is a treatment that includes hydrogen peroxide and DMSA that has cured cancer. But the FDA doesnt want you to know that. They profit on the people who are suffering with disease with their useless counterproductive drugs.
    Take some coral calcium that comes directly from Okinawa Japan. It is a miracle mineral as well.
    It breaks my heart to see how you have deteriorated. You are such a talented actor and I would love to see you up on the big screen.
    Find yourself a good natural pathic doctor who believes in the cure and not just handing out bandaids.
    Sincerely Colleen
    Vancouver B.C.

  • Brian Crow

    I beleive that Mike has made his own choices past and present , we cannot live in the past because it is done , and we can only assume one day to the next . we have only one person in life to live for and that is GOD himself ,and that is only the relation between the father and yourself .Nthing in life matters except that we have a relationship with the Father SPIRITUALY.I beleive that mike s choices were choices that he made with good intentions. dignity is a very delicate thing to each individual that lives . Our lively hood is is our only connection with the father . judging one for his or her past or present descisions is wrong . Mike you hang in there and may god bless you….MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • Jolanta Kwasniewski

    Dear Michael,

    I am deeply sorry to know that you have a neck cancer as you have a beutiful wife and children to live for.
    My partner Francis has been diagnosed with cancer the same like yours in June this year,and it was late detected too as it was cat. 4. He is a very heavy smoker!!! He decided no to take any treatments as he had a lot of contacts with people who were effected by this horrible illness, and hearing them what they were saying in the hospital – he decided not to go through. It was shoking for me to accept that fact but nothing you can do about it, now I understand and accept his decision. He is now 70kg but he was 97kg, quiet significant change in his apearance. He is taking http://www.zeolite.in , maybe that will help you too. It is only prelonging his status, but you yourself had been through chemo and radio theraphy so it may have a better effect on you.
    Francis was more kin to try new products or products that had a succesful rate in treatment, one of them is H2O2 35% food grate and it need to be taken – 3 drops twice a day, I would need to find out the specific details of it if you are interested. But again not everyone can go through this process, Francis is not strong enough to go throgh this process- his is very weak now.
    He lives now in Bali as the climat (hot, humid) is much better for people with this kind of cancer.
    His coming to Australia for Christmas, may be you can come too, I would like to have you and your family for Christmas…
    21 Pfitzner Place, Greenwith, SA. 5125

    I am sending my love to your family and you.
    God bless you.
    Jolanta Kwasniewski

  • Ott

    Hi Mike and hi Jolanta,

    Don’t give up! Read a book “Health Through God’s Pharmacy” by Maria Treben. You can purchase it form Amazon.com

    Then, find a herb named bedstraw (Galium verum) or cleavers (Galium aparine) or goose-grass (Galium mollugo), they all have the same effect. Make a tea of this herb, and drink it, and gurgle with it every day, till you are OK again.

    God bless you.

  • Duane

    I went threw the same thing 10 years ago. The radiation was bad as you must know.I am stronger than ever,so people say I should compete. Me and my wife work out 6 days a week and we feel great.I am 60 years old and 177 lb. Hope this helps you in knowing there are alot of people can beat this. GOOD LUCK

    • naa

      hi David Fish,
      can you please send me the pdf of the one minute cure please,i will gladly appreciate it.
      my email is fecabrown@yahoo.com

  • David Fish

    I know you have got a lot of letters trying to help cure your cancer. There are a lot of cures out there that
    mite help you so give it a try it cant hert you.

    The book that I have is that some people are talking about, THE ONE MINUTE CURE.

    If you are intersed send me your e-mail
    address and I will send you the book. PDF

    Take care and bet of luck in your fight…David

  • Friendofafriendofhis

    I know a friend who is a friend of Diandra Douglas’s new English boyfriend. Last week she told me that he was with Diandra in her lawyers offices last month discussing Wall Street and heard all the gossip that never gets out about this couple and the whole sad saga. She said it was amazing!

    • Adam

      You should get her email us. Then this gossip will get out!

  • Samuel

    I would like to hear that juciy gossip as well (samuelcoral202 at ya who dot com) if you want to send me the details.

    I am a big Michael Douglas fan, and enjoy his movies. I look forward to a day when he is cured, and back on the big screen where he should be. I will be praying for Michael and Kathrine Zita as they go through this.

  • Friendofafriendofhis

    He is called Michael Godwin a new UK barrister and doubt he would speak out. She says he is a lovely guy.

  • Amanda

    I am sorry to hear that you have this cancer..as a few months ago my dad had the same cancer and we thought the worse. He had the feeding tube in which has aloud him to maintain his nutritional needs while battle this. Please take your doctors advise and do the feeding tube, you need energy to fight. Even after two months of no chemo or radiation my dad still relys on his feeding tube to eat. He has been able to start eating and drinking a few items but not many. This type of cancer is very difficult to fight but if you make it the return rate is very low..thoughts and prayers are with you and your family…

  • Keith Farnham

    Some of you yum-yums forget that it was the “doctors” that missed the diagnosis for months after Michael went in for a check-up due to a chronic sore throat. The “doctors” are nothing but a bunch of turds who merely regurgitate whatever the PDR manual tells them.

    If it were me, I’d choose my own path too.

    If you’re out there Michael, God bless! Thanks for giving us some of the greatest films out there. You did your father proud!

  • Danny

    there’s a drink u take it helps it fights canscer and is called carateno rojo is for a lot of helth problems hope and wish u get beter….

  • http://showbizspy Albert

    As i read all the nice comments from the people who love you, I being one of them, I have no miricle cure to share with you. However, I want you to know that I along with many, many people love you dearly and our thoughts are with you and your family. I’m not going to try to tell you what you should or should not do. I believe a man should live his life on his own terms. I wish you and your family happiness and joy. Remember the line in the movie, Time is the most cherished comodity! Keep Fighting!

    • Elaine Small

      Dear Michael and Katherine – After experiencing many loved ones, family and friends who suffered with other forms of cancer, I know you will be strong as you always have been in all the movies I have seen you in through the years. With Gods help you will overcome this cancer. But you do need the rest for your immune smstem to heal properly. Love, Elaine Small

  • http://wwww.yahoo.com betty

    According to me official medicine is still the best way for treatment of desseases. Alternative medicine is “ALTERNATIVE”. One cannot be cured by herbs; organic food or future tellers. And the doctors they have seen and treated a lot of patients and deseases, they are the most competent even sometimes made mistakes. They are educated and competent.
    I am veru mad for listening of those so called alternative ways of treatments.

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