Friday, December 10, 2010

Willow SmithWILLOW Smith doesn’t get to go to school because of her pop career.

The 10-year-old singer — the daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – admits the amount of time she spends in class has dwindled since she started making music and one subject she is struggling with is maths.

“I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour, or with my father,” she said.

“There is a tutor most of the time, but usually I am working so I never get to do the lessons. The worst thing about maths is all the kids are ahead of me because they go to school.”

Willow — whose debut single Whip My Hair is becoming a global hit — decided she wanted to become a recording artist after her dad Will let her add some vocals to one of his rap songs.

She has also been on tour with her mother Jada’s band Wicked Wisdom and was inspired by her performances.

“I was four years old when I recorded a song with daddy and only said a couple of words, and I thought, ‘This is cool.’ It wasn’t supposed to be in the song but he wrote me something at the last minute.,” she said.

“I would go with my mom on her tour and look at her and love what she did. I thought, ‘Maybe I should do that.’ So I did. I’m going to make songs to inspire people.”


  • javonda

    wow, is it fun not to goin to school is it hard becouse if you was in school all the student will be ahead of you but i can tell you are very smart you in your brother you always beat up

  • http://facebook john j. rodz


    • Alianna Reavez

      you’re an idiot school can add to your knowledge and uplift you, not dumb you down

  • Michelle

    I reaaly feel that even with all of ur succes and stardum, school is never an option! Its mandatory! Education is the key to success!

  • http://ihavenowebsite miley cyres

    i hate willow smith she took the spotlight off me miley cyres

    • http://yahoo hadizat

      i like bouth it not her folt that shes so good is it no

  • http://facebook lea

    y u say that u would not lik if som one say that to u right

  • zaria douglas

    miley u cant get mad she is just a kid ever sense she came out with whip my hair people r starting to like her and jaden smith

  • http://facebook terressa

    miley is gay i saw it on the news that she got cought with another girl kissing and other nasty stuff

  • http://facebook terressa

    i bet willow hate miley too she is famouse then miley

    • http://yahoo.com Jazmine

      me 2..

  • http://facebook terressa

    dude im only 10 years old im about to be 11 tuesday

    • okokok

      what does that have to do with willow smith

  • http://facebook terressa

    im gonna stop watching hanah montana

  • http://facebook terressa

    miley mad because willow smith is popular then her

    • http://yahoo.com Jazmine

      true that she is mad..

  • ?

    Terressa,if all 11 year old talk like you than I guess our education system is going down the drain in a hury. The scary part is that kids like you(spend all day texting on their phones and can’t talk in complete sentences)are the future of this country.

  • http://fb terressaa

    shut up

  • http://www.showbizspy.com Minaj Fightaz!!!

    Why don’t she go 2 school? Every1 wud be smarter than her. EXAMPLE: Willow: ” Hey Nicki wat is 1 times 2?” Nicki: You should have came 2 school and you wud know, DUH!” Willow: Oh Next time, Wait will there be a next time? Nicki: Start now or it’s never. SEE? GREAT EDUCTAION IS @ SCHOOL! She will MISS ALL THE KOOL FEATURES 4 SCHOOL, AND SHE WILL NEVER HAVE THE EXPERINCE. Even in that show Hannah Montana, Miley went 2 school! Even though she was a secret super star! Becuz her dad famous she get into everything, What IF he dies? And what if her mother dies? What she gonna do now? I can go on 4ever but I don’t want 2.

  • I Smell Poop

    She has to have some scholing or else the state would arrest the parents. But let’s face it: Her parents are big stockholders in Sony Music and Sony Pictures, so we have to have Willow and her annoying brother stinking up the media. What’s next? Are we going to have Harry Connick Jr’s funny-looking daughters singing ‘Wipe My Butt’?


    I am in africa[ghana] and here every parent strives for the future of his or her child by sending him or her to school so i think she should go to school cause without education i am sorry you will not have that of a very bright future

  • okokok

    she does go to school but she only goes once a month

  • Cleoangel

    Willow! You are so cool. I am your NUMBER ONE BIGGEST FAN!!! I am also 10 and i wish i could be like you….. Can you like mail me? my email is angel.gima@ymail.com EMAIL ME PLESE!!!!

  • Smh

    Some of you thickos shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.
    Grab a dictionary. Dumbasses.

    • http://yahoo.com Jazmine

      you need do grab a dictonary smart one.people, nicki minaj and willow smith are the best two singers 2 meeeee.no aficne to anybody.

  • http://yahoo.com Jazmine

    but i herd that willow smith doesentknow how to read…

  • http://yahoo.com Jazmine

    were im at it 1:00 rght know about to be 2:00..

  • http://aol amber

    willow im 11 u dumb?



  • juan

    Look willow,it’s not about what your friends would say about you,just take heart and go back to school,ignore it whenever your schoolmates tease or pick on you & it’ll all come to pass.I hear you have a problem in math try to put more effort

  • juan

    come on willow whip your hair back to school



  • 2cute

    i love willown smith


    LUCKY GIRL!!!!!

  • teddy

    i love willow smith she is pretty but not more than my sister china ane mcclaine

  • teddy

    i hate willow smith because she keep on shaving her hair although she has beautiful hair.

  • shantonia

    I think u should go back to school cause, u have with I don’t have. I want to be a singer(rapper), artist , actress, and a dancer so u are so lucky u get to be become one of those . I tried adding u on facebook still nothing ,plz add me shantonia2001 on facebook.