Willow Smith Doesn’t Have to Follow Rules!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Willow SmithWILLOW Smith doesn’t have to follow any rules set by her parents.

Jada Pinkett Smith – mother of the 10-year-old Whip My Hair hitmaker — admitted she and actor husband Will Smith try not to impose rules on the youngster, as they would rather “guide” Willow and her actor brother Jaden through life.

“We don’t have rules,” Jada said. “We come up with agreements. Kids are little people, and we’re in life to guide them. Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it’s no different with children.”

Instead, Jada explained the pair try to come up with solutions when they have altercations, such as when Willow went against her mother’s advice and set up a page on a social networking site.

“I told her not to, so I was so mad. I said, ‘What do you think I should do now?’ So Willow said, ‘Mom, take my computer away’. And I said, ‘How long for?’. She said a month,” she added.

“So it’s negotiations. I’m not saying it’s always perfect. I have my bloops and my blunders. But I’m doing my best.”

The actress also thinks it was inevitable her daughter would eventually end up in showbusiness, but she still needs “guidance” to ensure she grows up as any other 10-year-old girl would.

“Being part of the family she’s from, and working in the industry she’s chosen, she needs some guidance. So I’m here to teach her how to look after her later,” Jada said.

“Willow isn’t the breadwinner. Most times in this situation, a kid is supporting herself and an entire family. She’s not doing it to support a family, so she can do as much or as little as she wants to.”



  • http://showbizspy.com Patty Fitz

    Wow. Sounds like she is in for a sadly mistaken life. Children need parents to act like parents and set the rules and concequenses….or they will not grow up right. The Smith family has too much money and the kids will never learn the value of it or how to behave properly.

    • Alex

      Your absolutely right parents shoudn’t have rules but limites to parenting there children.Punishing then does’nt mean that they’re gonna learn.In fact, the more you punish them the more they get mad at you and the more they’re gonna take REVENGE on there parents because they punished them.So long story short,parents should not have to punish there children,but, to set LIMITES,AGREEMENTS not to do certain things

  • Kat

    What a lucky kid. Jada and Will sound like great parents. If only more parents out there would realize that children are PEOPLE, not stand-ins to fulfill their parent’s unrealized dreams, or minions to control.

  • Freya

    L. Ron Hubbard would be proud.

  • de

    either the Smiths are lazy parents who do not want to take the time to discipline the children or they are misinformed about parenting, childen need parents to be parents not to be there friends, they are children (not little people) who are not mature enough to make decisions for themselves (did Kat who agree with the Smiths forget what she was like as a 10year) there is no negotiating with children, rules are a part of life and children need to learn that, the earlier the better.

  • tuffyt

    that’s $cientology for ya . . . how sad for those kids and how sad that their father has rejected his faith and got sucked up in such a damaging CULT

  • Russ

    When I was growing up my parents had all the rules and then some. If I got out of line my father would be stern and get his point across.

    Structure and discipline are necessary in a healthy household. We were not super rich like the Smith’s, but we were not poor either. I bought my first home at 17 years old in my Sr. year of High School. It was a dump, but I fixed it up by a full gut, inside and out, all new everything and today I still have that home as a rental.

    Without strict rules and regs I don’t believe I would have the right start in life.

  • jvll

    I have been raising my step-daughter this way for the last 9 yrs. And i must say this has worked tremendously. many ppl disagreed with my methods, her dad, my mom, many of her mothers family said so many negative stuff would have happened. They went so far as to predict her teenage and pregnant. She is currently 17yrs old on her second yr of tertiary education, doing a degree in Human Resource Management.

    I believe this method is all about the child and the parent. I have a 2yr old niece whom, that method will certainly not work. Children have varying natures and some are more stubborn than others.

  • http://yahoo hadizat


  • http://www.showbizspy.com Miss Respected ” Respect Me, Or Respect No One”

    Jada shouldn’t let her kids basically have no rules! Wat the freaks is up wit that?!?!?! I have rules in my house, and I am proud Of how responsible and respected I am to people. Give RESPECT you GET RESPECT. Running around the house doing everything, but everything you shouldn’t do, IS ABOUTSOLOUTLY CRAZIE! A girl in my school sings that song “Whip My Hair” I ask her nicely 2 plz stop singing that around me and she did. They probaly got maids cleaning, and making food, basically people doin everything for them. That is SOOOO not how to raise kids! I AM NOT A ADULT BTW. I have skills to do things when I am off on my own, But remember I aian’t no adult yet.

  • Melliemel22

    I think that giving the child the option to choose what punishment they deserve is not really preparing them.  It gives them power, when you may feel some other punishment is more appropriate.  Not only that, but it gives them time to prepare for punishment.  In life, you can’t always prepare for what consequences you’ll experience for doing something you shouldn’t.  I really like the Smith family, but PLEASE.