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Elin Nordegren Bags Herself a Hunky New Student Boyfriend — Report

Posted by Adam

Elin NordegrenELIN Nordegren has a new man in her life!

Sources say the sexy Swedish supermodel — who’s divorced from Tiger Woods — is dating a hunky student.

Elin, 30,  met the 35-year-old South African at college in Florida where both are studying.

“There’s been kissing and cuddling but I don’t know if it’s gone further,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

Recent reports claimed Nordegren stunned Woods when she told the golfer she’s planning to start a family with another guy.

“Elin is already looking ahead to beginning a new expanded family,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“And Tiger is crushed that she is moving on so soon.”

Tiger even begged Elin to take him back.

“He had the incredible nerve to bring it up again,” the source said.

“He was blindsided when Elin dropped the bombshell that she expects to marry again and start a new life with more children — telling Tiger, ‘but it won’t be with YOU!’

“Even at 30, she knows her biological clock is ticking, but she’s convinced there is a bright future ahead – without cheating Tiger around. She told a friend, ‘I’ll find true love again, and I’ll definitely have more kids.’

“Tiger’s not stupid – he knows his ex-wife is gorgeous, and she’s rich, and she would be a prime catch for any man.

“Elin is very wary of any new relationship because she has been hurt so deeply by Tiger.

“She does want to date – but only when she meets the right guy. First and foremost on her agenda is the well-being of her two kids.

“Elin said, ‘Everyone wants to feel needed. I need someone in my life that I can trust, and that day will come.’ She’d love four children altogether.”


  • Lisa

    There is no story here. They don’t even know the guy’s name or have a photo of him. It’s like someone spotted her with a new guy for 15 seconds and called TMZ or some stupid gossip site and told them about it and then every other news place just ran with it. This is the state of journalism we’re in now. Pathetic!

    • Brian

      Dude, your a real joke..

  • Ed Jacobsen

    He better be a black dude, ’cause she’s been getting niger dick for the last several years. There’s no white guy that will be able to satisfy her again!

    • Sandy

      To Ed Jacobsen:

      First of all— How many African American men have you f##ked? That black men all have big dicks is the biggest myth EVER. Trust me I know from experience. As a matterof fact, I went out with one black dude who couldn’t find his shit with a magnifying glass, so you need to drop the stereotypes.

    • kamax

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    • Brian

      What a real joke you are..Im a white guy and hung like a horse.

    • White Flight Dot Com

      The girl is right and I am living proof; a white male of Russian and Italian roots and I am almost 9 inches and 5.5 inches in circumfrence; this myth needs to die as I think it already is!!!

  • sara henley

    To: Ed Jacobsen What do you know about sex with a Black man or an Asian man as Tiger is both. Is that what happened with you? You sure don’t think very much of yourself as a man nor do you give very much credit to other white males, when it comes to sexual abilities. Who are you to speak for anyone your stupidity speaks for you!!!!

  • bev maynard

    They both deserve to be happy and move on!!!

    • Nurse

      You know what they say, “Once you go black…..You are a single mom.”

  • kamax

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  • dee r

    You people are all pigs.

  • Kieran

    Lol the majority of South African men studying in the US are white!!


    By the way I’ve had black girls and they have all been impressed by my size (I’m white) that was just a myth started by black guys because they have nothing else going for them.

  • Ed Jacobsen

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  • Acidwarp

    Inter-racial sex is just wrong if not illogic. Only weak brainwashed and desperate minds are interested by it. Strong people have a minimum sense of ethnocentrism, aka being attracted to people who look like them.

    Anyways, I’m sure Elin’s kids are as nice as her after having heritaed the genes of Woods. Just like the kids of Heidi Klum that she had with Seal, they are top model stock. I was being sarcastic of course, just compare the first kid and the others she had with Seal.

    • The Smart one

      Dumba$$ Acidwarp. get a clue. Heidi’s first child is by another man idiot. Your thought processes are what keeps racism alive.

  • allysa

    she be careful or else she be a victim like Anna Nicole Smith.. will you not ask yourself why a man should be in school at the age of 35? Unless he is pursuing his master’s degree or doctorate degree is fine with me! She must be wise and put the safety of her kids on top priority

    • kamax

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