Nicolas Cage: ‘I Don’t Wear a Wig’

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nicolas CageNICOLAS Cage can’t understand why people speculate over whether or not he’s wearing a wig.

The actor says he is mystified at the ongoing debate about his hair and the fuss about whether or not he wears a toupee.

“I really don’t get it,” says Nic. “I’m not the only actor who has worn wigs in movies but for some reason they enjoy talking about it more with me.

“I don’t wear a wig in real life but I do enjoy playing dress up with different characters. Sometimes they think I’m wearing a wig when I’m not and sometimes they think I’m not wearing a wig when I am. At least I can laugh about it.”

Cage recently launched a foul-mouthed tirade at passers-by.

The Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance actor stunned onlookers outside a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, with his rant, part of which was filmed by one onlooker on a mobile phone camera.

In the footage, shown by a Romanian TV station at the weekend, the 46-year-old star shouted at a man and two women as they tried to calm him down.

He is seen screaming, “Get in that car and walk away. I’ll f***ing die because of honour. I’ll f***ing die right now. Don’t touch me you little b***h.

“See my eyes – respect them as you’d respect me.”

Nicolas’ bodyguard then stepped in to try and move him away from the nightclub.

However, the furious star shouts,  “Get off me. Get off me. Don’t touch me.”

Another voice can be heard urging, “Get him in the car,” before Nicolas clambers into the vehicle.

As he does, he shouts, “I’ll die in the name of honor.”


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