John Travolta Furious With Carrie Fisher Over Gay Comments

Thursday, December 16, 2010

John TravoltaJOHN Travolta is not a happy chappy!

The actor — who recently became a dad again — is furious with his pal Carrie Fisher for publicly announcing he should admit being gay!

Carrie recently spoke about Travolta’s sexual orientation to the gay mag The Advocate.

“Wow, I mean my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care,” she said. “Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s ALL I can say.”

John has told pals Carrie has gone to far with her comments.

“We’ve been friends for years – why would she come out and say that?” Travolta said, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Why didn’t she just stay OUT of it?!”

Author Robert Randolph – who has written a series of new books about gay culture in Hollywood — recently alleged the Grease star cheated on his wife Kelly Preston with at least six men.

Robert previously revealed that he witnessed Travolta regularly engaging in gay sex in LA steam rooms — and his since been inundated with emails from other men who claim to have been sexually intimate with the actor.

“I have no doubt that John Travolta is a sex addict. I’ve heard from many men who have either had gay sex with John or saw him having gay sex in health spas, steam rooms, locker rooms, you name it,” Randolph told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“I’ve gotten so many emails that I’m writing a second book titled Tracking Travolta and I’ve got plenty of material.”[imagebrowser id=321]



  • maryabenefield

    I don’t understand why this is even being brought up. His son is still gone,and he is still the same person.What he does or doesn’t do in his bedroom is NOBODY’S business! Goodness,get a life people.

    • http://facebook john j. rodz


      • kramercapriati

        john j. rodz is a loser…grow up john…

    • Jay Greenwood

      ………….like the way I bang you J J Rodz every Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

    • Billy West

      Actually, if you study his uhhh,,, religion, being gay is a disease. Their holy leader ElRon wrote and talked about it profusely.
      Being in the closet is one thing. Fine, its your choice.
      But he is inciting others to join a cult that has a cure for gayness. Even if hypocrisy doesnt bother you, having him promoting such anti-gay ideas is wrong.

      You might not agree with it and thats fine.

      Find out more about the cult and its views towards homosexuality.
      Find out more about the suicide of the cult leaders gay son.
      Dont be an ostrich who refuses to think.

      His cult leader said this about gays:

      “The sexual pervert (and by this term Dianetics, to be brief, includes any and all forms of deviation in Dynamic II [i.e. sexuality] such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc., and all down the catalog of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically… he is very far from culpable for his condition, but he is also far from normal and extremely dangerous to society…”[1]

      Feel free to read and expand your mind:

      Once again.
      If David Hyde Pierce waited to come out for so long and no one cared, its because no one cared.
      His silence might have offended some gay activists but his life was his business.

      Travolta is a shill for the cult of Scientology which has a long list of anti-gay behavior and teachings.
      It makes Travolta dangerous to gays.

      If you can see the difference between both cases, then you are missing the point.

  • Kelly

    I hope his wife knows.

    • Patrick

      John Travolta, like other Hollywood celebrities, is probably worried that “coming out” will have a negative effect on his career, hence his keeping his sexuality a secret and portraying himself as a happily married man…Also, he’s a dad, so he probably feels even more of a need to protect his children from finding out about his true sexuality…That being said, if what Robert Randolph says about John’s steam room antics is true, then Travolta has been doing a poor job of keeping his sexuality a secret…I really don’t care about his sexuality in so far as watching his movies is concerned, but, unfortunately, Travolta’s image has now been tarnished, not because he’s gay, but because he has portrayed himself to be something over all these decades, that he’s not…He probably would’ve been better off had he come out on his own terms and in his own time, like Ricky Martin did, but Carrie Fisher did that for him, and now he’s upset with her…I think she did him a favour, but I’m sure he won’t see it that way.

  • Erin

    Why do people have to run around making a big deal out of other’s sexuality. Do you hear anyone saying “Liberace is straight, he’s been seen with 6 women”? No, only when they are gay/bi do you hear about it. I don’t run around yelling “I’m straight, I’m out of the closet”. So why should there be a bid deal about anyones preferences. Get a life! And as for Carrie, friends don’t air other friends personal private buisness. Obviously John is not gay, he’s bi, and so what.

  • jim

    Tabloid nonsense.

    • http://facebook john j. rodz


  • http://n/a Kourntey

    Ewwwwwwwww I’m DISGUSTED….
    I hope he doesn’t brig this poor woman aids!
    dirty mother fuckerrr :|

    • Bert

      Get educated you stupid fuck

    • Kim

      Seriously?! Perhaps you should get a little education. First of all, HIV is down in the gay community. It’s straight people who think they are immune because they are straight that are the problem now. Also, I’m disgusted with you and your attitude. There is nothing dirty about love between two consenting adults. What’s disgusting in this world is the hate people like you spew all over the place because someone is different than you. Different isn’t wrong. It’s just different. John Travolta and his family have done a lot for others…strangers to them…over the years. What have YOU done for the world?!!!!

      Sometimes I am ashamed to be human.

      • Em

        Eh? Promiscuous sex is more likely to result in HIV and stds so it is bloody relevant for the wife. And HIV is much more prevalent in the male gay community – gay rights groups are now saying that claiming it isn’t is actually counterproductive because it gives gay guys a false sense of security. Would you like your husband to be screwing around with lots of other men?

      • sockpuppet

        absolutely true…I disagree with the “eww” nonsense but his wife is at risk–whether it’s HIV (which IS factually much more prevalent in the male homosexual community)or some other sexually transmitted disease–because he is promiscuous. It’s also screwed up to be married with children and cheating with other people, regardless of whether or not it’s homo or hetero sex. And the whole hypocrisy of his professed Scientologist beliefs which can “cure” homosexuality….well the whole thing is reprehensible. He makes his living on being sexy and likable. The whole thing is a sham.

    • kramercapriati

      poor kourntey..showing her ignorance in front of the whole world…

  • http://showbizspy merideth

    just a glance at ms fishers blog. i think maybe she is jealous of mr travolta and it sounds like she is hitting the bottle or something. obviously it goes wthout saying that the travolta family has endured more pain in their lives the past two years than i would wish on my enemy. i dont care what happens in their marriage behind close doors. do you know that this family has done more charity work than ms fisher will ever do. i wish that we never allowed the sexuality card to be played so many years ago. it is none of our business what anyone does in their bedrooms unless it is with a minor or against ones will and then the authorities handle that business. what ever happened to privacy it is all gone the world ate the apple and know the devil is in your home in your tv in your bedroom and in these blogs. GOD BLESS TRAVOLTA FAMILY AND CONGRADTS ON YOUR NEW BABY HOWEVER YOU HAD IT AND NEXT TIME YOUR IN ILLINOIS LOOK ME UP. I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. AND MS FISHER LOSE MY NUMBER AND GO TO AA

    • http://facebook john j. rodz


    • bartimus

      Lol You act like Travolta and you are great pals. Hahahahahahahahahahaha Im sure he will come right over to borrow some milk from you next time hes in illinois. I doubt Carrie has your number to lose. You sound like stranger danger stalker to me.

  • Linda

    It’s a shame that Carrie Fisher is so desperate to have her name in a magazine that she has to gossip about friends.

    • http://facebook john j. rodz


    • Bert

      There have been rumors forever about him.

  • alic mc kinnley

    His wife laughs all the way ot the bank -!

  • Doziem

    This has been common knowledge for many years. Ms. Fisher was just telling it like it is. If he is upset by this,oh well.

  • dean

    Before this article, has anyone seen or heard about Carrie Fisher since Star Wars? The guy is a good actor and quite frankly, I don’t think anyone cares about bad rumours!

    • http://facebook john j. rodz


      • Kim

        I don’t understand why some people are so nasty about what other people do in the bedroom. As long as it is between two consenting adults why do you care???

    • sockpuppet

      actually Carrie Fisher mostly WRITES, that’s why you don’t see her around much (although she does still act occasionally)…but to call JT a “good actor”??? Really? What movie have you seen him act in other way than as the “john travolta” character. He’s always the same. That’s not acting.

  • Jaja

    If you’re GAY…it’s OKAY!!!! Gooooooooo Johnny!!!!

  • Jan

    People want to say bad thing about people becaue want to pay back false stuff about bening gay

  • Jan

    I think is not people bussnes about what people life and what they want to do with there life

  • Jim

    Oh for goodness sakes, let him be. From what I’ve read over the years, Mr. Travolta enjoys the sexual company of men. I would have thought we had gotten used to that concept over the last 40 years of so. He’s been a good entertainer and an apparently commited humanitarian. Let him be the human being he is and allow him the right to express that humanity in a way which is right for him and without the element of cheap the gossip dogging his every move. And that goes for the rest of those trapped in the prison of celebrity.

    • Kim

      You said that beautifully Jim. Better than I could, so I’m just going to say I agree totally with you and leave it at that. :)

      • Wha

        STFU Kim you dirty bitch! He gotz the HIV maybe! OMG!!!1!

    • sockpuppet

      I think that is what Carrie Fisher was saying. JT is the one who actually sues people for saying he’s gay. HE’S the one with the problem. And it’s a problem if he’s promiscuous while married….ever hear of STD’s??


    If John Travolta is gay or not, that is not for his so called friend to tell the world. If johm want to come out the closet then it should be his decision. real friends don’t hurt each other. Sham on Carrie Fisher.

  • Carrie

    I feel that what he does and whatever his sexual preference is should be his business and not ours. He did not ask for our opinion. There should be some measure of privacy for celebrities like the rest of us. We’ve heard the rumors, but it never effected his ability to entertain us or do wonderful things for those less fortunate or in some tough times, so why do you care. I haven’t seen in any of the papers or heard on the news about your sex life Mr. John J. Rodz. Why does it matter so much to you, what or who he likes. It is not our business we do not pay his bills,so mind your own business If you focus as much on You know your business much as you focus on other peoples and who knows what wonderful things might happen.

  • veronica

    The way i see it that b@%&* fisher shuld have her ass kicked sum friend wat she got mad cuz travolta wuldnt give her none hey thats alright god dont like ugly if hes gay let him b damb wat now hes the first gay man in the world people r frekn get a life people let the man live hnis life shit no ones perfect

    • Paul

      Same thing.

  • Sherry

    By the way since he is married and oabviously had sex with a woman that makes him bi-sexual not gay. If you want to comment get it straight! LOL

  • mtrejo

    Sexuality should never be the rule used to measure the person. Mr Travolta has been an excellent human being. Care for others in extreem need. All what I have heard is his constant contributions,, assisstance towards others.Therefore, what ever his sexuality is is not of anyone’s bussiness. Shame on CF who was never seen on the screen since Star wars. That is really bad. That says a lot about her as an actress. Just keep your mouth shut up and let the Travoltas enjoy as a family their new baby boy!!!!!

  • psadie

    Leave the guy alone already. He has suffered enough tragedy in his life. His life is his business and no one else.

    • Paul

      Calm down. He can’t sue for slander because it’s true.

  • Princess

    Carrie Fisher has a big mouth and should shut it. She is not qualified to give advice or any kind of opinion regarding people she doesn’t know personally, and she could be sued for slander.

  • kramercapriati

    The only person who should care about this is Kelly Preston…but she is obviously okay with it…so the rest of us should also be okay with the fact that Vinnie Babarino is gay…

  • Jan

    John is obviously bi-sexual. He obviously loves his wife and children but has a need that they can’t provide. Its no one’s businesss except the Travoltas. The media should stay out of peoples lives

  • me b

    i will never beleive john travolta is gay..i love him and thats that congrats on the birth of your new baby son.

  • me b

    i have not

    • me b

      i have never been on here before

  • me b

    reply no i have never been on this site before

  • Mrs. McFly

    Carrie must be drinking again or so miserable in her own life all she can do is pick on someone who has been through hell. Carrie, unlike you,John is a kind and decent person – his sexuality is his business, not yours.

  • Fred

    People like this Randolph wanna bee try to ride the coat tails of successful people to make a name for himself. Well Mr Randolph the name I come up with for you is abbreviated POS…hopefully you have the wit about yourself to know what that means. Travolta has entertained people world wide and is a very good human being…you on the other hand have done nothing for humanity. The only thing your birth certificate would be good for is cleaning oneself after he or she takes a rather massive dump. Karma is a bitch and what comes around goes around and this Randolph loser has some reckoning awaiting him…enjoy.

  • earl

    why the need to give your wiew on this.who are you? who cares?the box office will tell what matters e.j.

  • Jeff

    Carrie Fisher is just pissed because she has NO CAREER!! Not only does she have no career, SHE IS A LARD @$$!!!! What do you wear when you leave the house Carrie??? Something made by Goodyear?!?!!?!?! Carrie you give new meaning to the term “parachute pants”, they have to sew 4 parachutes together just to make a shirt for your fat @$$!!! Hey Carrie, the term “all you can eat” doesnt mean you can walk into a restaurant and eat everything including the table, chairs, walls, server and the whole damn building!!! I know how we can end world hunger, cut your fat @$$ up and ring the dinner bell. Now take your fat @$$ and leave!!!! John Travolta has a future,a successful career, loving wife, wonderful kids and soo much more. What do you have Carrie???? A lifetime membership to the FAT FARM!!!!

  • Darrell

    The world is full of married men who also see or keep gay men or other married men on the side….its been happening to me for 30 years and is still going on with the same person for over ten wish he wasnt married but thats our society….

  • M.A. Garel

    I grew up in the 70′s, when fag and homo were the norm for
    describing gay people. Anyone between the ages of 40 and
    55-now, can tell you how frightening it was back then, to be gay, especially if you were Catholic, and living in any other borough outside of Manhattan. For someone like John Travolta, a superstar for many. How easy would it be for you to come out of the closet in his shoes? I’m just saying, it’s not easy for the average Joe. I truly feel that Travolta is a complicated man, from a complicated time. I wouldn’t dare question his love for his wife
    and kids, but, it will be up to him to ultimately choose what will make him happy.

  • Kat

    I think that if he is gay/bi, it is not right to string a woman along, marry her, have kids with her and then cheat on her – with males or females. It’s still adultery. Embrace who you are – life is too short. I hate it when a gay guy marries a straight woman, has kids with her and once they are middle age, decides to come out of the closet. It’s not fair to the spouse. She invested her love and time in him, only to find out later that he is in fact homosexual. How horrible to find out your love was a lie.

  • JoJo

    I am straight, and love John Travolta! I remember Barbarino well and still chuckle about that show. He is a talented actor, with a gorgeous wife and family. He is also a great humanitarian. They have also had their share of tradegy, so let them be.

  • Batman

    Feggin’ chutney ferreet

  • leonard hall

    I am sorry.But we have all gotten to the point that we have to apologize for finding perversion perverse.Yes being gay is a perversion.So are many other things we all (OR MOST OF US ) do.
    I am hesitant to say anything about the whole gay thing, being black
    because people love to try and equate gay ( rights ) with allowing people of my color to be treated as equally human despite our dark skin and non white type hair.but regardless of what anyone says to the contrary homosexuality is a contrasurvival trait.which if it became
    the predominate mode would solve all our problems ie. No births (they call us breeders) no people . No problems.

  • vix

    Carrie Fisher is a train wreck. To do this to a claimed friend is terrible. If Travolta is gay, bi, straight, whatever, it is his business and no one has the right to out him or anyone else regarding their sexual orientation. Carrie Fisher should only choose to out her own problems. If she is minding someone else’s business she truly isn’t minding her own, and she has a lot of bad business from the last interview I saw of her.

  • http://aol gail grotewold

    please leave this man and hie family alone, there have been thru so much, what ever workes for then is no ones business.i love the man and his famile please mind your on business and let them get on with trere happiness and god bless them

  • Ben Dover

    What’s wrong wit a man sucking on another man’s dink?

  • Wren Diaz

    carry is one out of mind asshole. John is awesome regardless. What the hell is her problem anyway? I didn’t even know she existed to this day.

    • Shiela

      What? Carrie is not an asshole and she’s entitiled to her opnion, they’ve been friends for ages.  And it doesn’t even matter that John is gay.  Who even cares?

  • flower

    i think it’s gross he’s gay. his poor wife whose been lied to all these years. i wish he would just come out and say he’s gay so everyone would leave him and his wife alone. and his wife could move on. 

  • kaitlynn

    just because someone printed it doesnt mean it’s true. if it hasent come from the horses  mouth, its not fact yet. it doesnt even matter, hes never going to try to have sex with you, so why do you care what hes doing when the lights go out? I’m a girl who has sex with women, talk about that, at least you know its true.

  • Sunshine76

    It’s called Slander and Defamation of Character if it’s not true!  Just because I call someone my “Friend’ doesn’t give me the right to go and spread rumors around about them..and THAT is just what they are…rumors, until John Travolta comes out to the public and confirms or denys it!  End of story. 

  • Juno

    A straight man would not be going to massage parlours to be massaged by men if he was straight and pushing himself on men and asking them to touch him. You’all must be in denial or extremely stupid. If he loves cock he loves cock. Just be honest about it.

  • Sylvain Gagné

    Travolta love cock, what about this?

  • franky

    Cock loverrrrrrrrrr

  • Gg

    Who gives a shit. If he is then his wife knows and clearly she’s ok with it!!