Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tiger WoodsTIGER Woods‘ children no longer seem to be a priority for the embattled golfer.

According to a RadarOnline report, Woods will miss his son Charlie’s birthday — despite promising to never miss another one of his children’s birthdays.

In June, Woods missed his daughter Sam’s third birthday since he was playing in the U.S. Open.

Insiders recently revealed that Woods — who was earlier this year divorced by wife Elin Nordegren — hasn’t been spending much time with his two kids.

It was recently claimed that Woods was crushed” when he found out Nordegren is planning to start a family with someone else.

“Elin is already looking ahead to beginning a new expanded family,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“And Tiger is crushed that she is moving on so soon.”

Tiger even begged Elin to take him back.

“He had the incredible nerve to bring it up again,” the source said.

“He was blindsided when Elin dropped the bombshell that she expects to marry again and start a new life with more children — telling Tiger, ‘but it won’t be with YOU!’

“Even at 30, she knows her biological clock is ticking, but she’s convinced there is a bright future ahead – without cheating Tiger around. She told a friend, ‘I’ll find true love again, and I’ll definitely have more kids.’

“Tiger’s not stupid – he knows his ex-wife is gorgeous, and she’s rich, and she would be a prime catch for any man.

“Elin is very wary of any new relationship because she has been hurt so deeply by Tiger.

“She does want to date – but only when she meets the right guy. First and foremost on her agenda is the well-being of her two kids.

“Elin said, ‘Everyone wants to feel needed. I need someone in my life that I can trust, and that day will come.’ She’d love four children altogether.”[imagebrowser id=250]


  • http://facebook john j. rodz


    • Jessica

      That is his choice. If that is what Tiger likes, who are you to judge?

  • Himbo

    Go Tiger ….. Go Boy!!!

  • anon

    Wow this website is complete Bullshit!!!! This is the same website that claimed Elin was going to get 750 million from tiger in the divorce when she actually only got 100 million. This is the same website that said tiger woods got 3 different women pregnant when he cheated on Elin. 99% of what this website says is complete BS and anyone who honestly believes this ridiculous shit is an absolute moron!!!!

    • Denny

      Good response anon. This site(or at least this writer) is a moron. I HOPE this is a recent college grad know it all making $25K. The man HAS to work…especially now. You can’t skip the US Open if you’re Tiger Woods trying to come back the way he is. He just bought a new house and has a new ex-wife. He’s got more bills than EVER now…even for him. I’m sure he’s a good dad and will make up the birthday to his kids and they’ll understand.

    • That One

      I totally agree with you. This website prints nothing but BS. They always have these so called secret informers… If his wife is moving on good for her….. All this drama about Tiger. Leave people alone…..

  • Jamie

    A source told the National Enquirer?

    This article was written for incredibly shallow people.

    Hope you read my critique before wasting time reading the article. ;-)

  • Sharonlyn

    Whoever said Bullshit is absolutely right! Radaronline needs to get off any Woods stories. You are wasting a reporter’s time. Your stories are for sensationalism and nothing more. TW spent Thanksgiving with his kids and anyone who has divorced knows all of the holidays are spelled out in the divorce papers so there is no negotiating when the time comes. His job is golfing to make money for his ex and kids. Give us all a break and knock it off. Elin has to watch out for money grubbers who want TW’s money just the same as he does. We are tired of these headline grabbing stories – nobody knows what goes on in private or how much they talk to each other.

  • GolfFan

    Hey, “Anon” poster. I had a funny thought, “Are you Tiger?”

    Afterall, how do we know 3 or more women didn’t get pregnant by him and then got abortions?

  • barbara toliver

    Who has time to write this crap! Tiger does not ever give interviews where he mentions his family. Not now not ever. Please think of another one.

  • Genesis

    A Man Got to do what He had to do.

  • kronik_itch41

    If this is true Tiger….your not much of a man in my books…money is killing you and your family!…remember…”money is the root of all evil”…your not going to take it with you…but your childrens love for you will!….

  • Sir topham hat

    People miss their children birthdays for a variety of reasons. So what, people.

  • are u serious

    OMG. Get a life Tiger haters. Seems funny the smear campaign starts again as he starts to play well again. Find something productive to do people!!!!!

  • http://astrosdad@yahoo.com Mel Gibson

    Typical black male leaving someone else to raise his kids while he selfishly goes about his business.He will leave a trail of fatherless children all over the world before he dies from Aids or some other STD.His true character has been revealed in the last year and we haven’t even started with his use of PED’s along with his illegal blood spinning from his fraudelent Canadian Dr. practicing illegally in the U.S.

  • http://yaho anna james

    this individual life is so shallow until so that he can’t come up with anything good or positive. thats why he embellish on people who is going through with bad situations that has happen to them. I bet his closet is so filled with skeletions until it is no more room. so now he keeps them in his kitchen pantry.He is a hater of productive people. He thinks he is god, but he is a DOG.

  • jenny

    I have NO sympathy for the scumbag, right is right and wrong is wrong and he was dead wrong, what he though his money could buy her happiness and a lavish lifestyle and she was fine with that WRONG!. He intentionally betrayed his wife and family and I’m glad she was smart enough to rid him out of her life as I would have done the same. He knew he was married and there is no justifiable excuse for his actions other than he was a true DOGGGGGGGG and she deserves every penny she got and some for her pain and suffering and embarassment from his shame on TIGER, LOSER.

  • shaibobs

    Hey guys, leave this gentleman alone. has anyone thought Elin herself is not a saint? Possible she never loved this guy! Lets see who she REALLY is in the next few years with TIGER’s MONEY! The thief is the one CAUGHT. Let him without sin cast the first stone.

  • Bro_in_da_hood

    Tiger be gettin himself mo’ white womens den da white man eber dreemed of. He gots da money and he gots da power. White womens eat dat shit up. He be makin’ plans to have da harum fo himselfs.

    You all jist jelos.


  • Alberto Denmark

    Tiger will enter Gods kingdom on the last day because idiots use their time to judge him,JUDGE NOT AND YOU SHALL NOT BE ……………….

  • melody

    Elin was a nanny and to make it look good the media want you to belive she was a SUPER MODEL! Its very rare that a white man want a white women after knowing that she been with a black man! on the other hand since she got so much of tiger money it might not be a problem!

  • http://showbizspy Suzy Que

    Elin was just a babysitter aka: “nanny” when dumbass Tiger put her in the lap of luxury. This whole mess is not about race it is about money and sex. While I am no fan of Tiger’s he was pussy blinded like so many rich, stupid athletes.

  • http://yahoo! Erickia

    Elin is a strong woman. she will do what she have to do
    and take care of her children wit or witout Tiger. God will give her strength to not only love those children, but to love and trust herself. Tiger, messed up! lesson has been taught. learn from ur mistake with ur ex-wife.. be a father to your kids and move on with your life also. Elin has spoken: Love don’t live there anymore for you.

    • http://www.google.com/ Esther

      What I find so interesting is you could never find this aywnrhee else.

    • http://xhthyelmppfv.com/ ebqlalcsf

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  • http://n62papafox@yahoo.com Just Grandma

    Know what people, why in the hell dont you leave this family alone. Shame on you Buzzer’s. Say prayers for them, give them a chance to have a life.

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