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Friday, December 17, 2010

Rumer WillisRUMER Willis is gonna be a model!

The daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has been tapped front Badgley Mischka’s spring 2011 campaign.

“I was thrilled and honored to be chosen to represent the Badgley Mischka brand,” Rumer said in a release, following in the star-studded path of Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood and Brooke Shields by fronting the brand.

“Working with Mark Badgley and James Mischka is an incredible opportunity.”

Rumer will showcase the brand’s couture eveningwear, the new Mark + James contemporary collection, swimwear and chic accessories like shoes, bags and jewelry.

Rumer recently revealed that she feels sorry for fellow actress Mischa Barton.

“I do feel very sorry for Mischa Barton,” she told Glamour magazine. “This whole world is very enticing.

“When you start getting famous it’s exciting. But I’ve grown up having to deal with what’s real and what’s not and I just don’t care about that type of thing. I have better things to do.

“I think it’s important that the only people you have in your life are people who support you and are positive.”

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  • justme

    she is not cute at all

    • Stacey

      so “justme” if you feel so confident to say suck ugliness why not say your real name, “justme”

  • Nina

    Uhhhh, OK. Am I missing something??
    I guess this is NEPOTISM AT IT’S FINEST!!!

  • Linda Pistey

    If you notice, all models are not say Rumer got this gig despite being ugly is mean! However, I would say, I doubt she would have been considered at all if not for her 3 parents! I don’t think she will do much for the brand, but I’m certain they will photograph her looking gorgeous!

  • Karen

    They are going to have to do a hell of a lot of photoshopping for this girl! What the heck is wrong with her lop-sided face? All of the Willis kids are testiment to the fact that there is such thing as genetic compatibility. Demi Moore is gorgeous and Bruce Willis isn’t that bad looking but together, they aren’t genetically compatible — they produce grossly unusual looking offspring!

  • John B

    Y’all are nasty. While I would not give her a 10, she is far from ugly. I agree that but for nepotism she would not have been considered but that’s the entire industry. While they are out promoting equality for all, inside the industry, it’s who’s related to who and who do we like. Good this about this is that people will get to see someone much more average looking modeling.

    • P

      She is just not pretty. Her name got her that for sure.
      She is not beautiful at all. She has a very unusual shaped face. She is not ugly by any means but not even remotely close to the natural beauty of Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood or Brooke Shields.

  • lucy

    Does she have a botched nose job? It does not look at all natural.

  • nOwI’mBlInD

    there are plenty of other people .. equally known.. and easier on the eyes ..

  • Rhoda

    Everyone must b nuts, because she is georgeous! i really beleive you r all just jealous…..Demi & Bruce must b very proud of their daughter..& very much deservedly. she is tall & poised,& just beautiful in every way…

    • Stacey

      THEY ARE ALL jealous and GREEN with envy. Plus none of them posted a picture of themselves??? So again we see far from perfect people posting ugliness since they can hide their names and faces when passing such ugly judgement. What a bunch of “ugly” people. I think she is the most beautiful girl inside and out with all she went through as a child of stars, she came out well rounded, level headed and a wonderful representative for this company. Everyone always thinks money makes life so much better and easier. It might keep the power and phones on, plus food on the table, but as we see with many other young kids this days money brings many many other issues in life. Or children of money growing up with thinking they are so intitled. Bruce and Demi raised girls to think and behave very different. Great job Bruce and Demi!!! Rumer, do not listen to one single
      “ugly” person spitting jealousy out of their mouths. Many many more of us think your the best.

  • mimi

    She looks like a horse !!!

  • Danielle

    I believe every woman does enough self scrutiny, no matter how beautiful others may consider her. We are all born without the choice of selecting our appearance. It’s incredibly mean and cruel to call young Rumer ugly! Don’t you understand that she may read your comments? Or do you not care? I would also imagine that there are many that wish they could look as good as Rumer.

    I’m very thankful that I was born with a fine physical appearance, but I would also make a few changes if I had a choice. More importantly, I’m enormously blessed with a bring harm. It is often said that those with the lowest self esteem and self hatred are those that attempt to make themselves feel superior by tearing others down. I know a few individuals personally that fall into this category… They are quite homely, and inside their core they are even uglier!

  • Danielle

    I believe every woman does enough self scrutiny, no matter how beautiful others may consider her. We are all born without the choice of selecting our appearance. It’s incredibly mean and cruel to call young Rumer ugly! Don’t you understand that she may read your comments? Or do you not care? I would also imagine that there are many that wish they could look as good as Rumer.

    I’m very thankful that I was born with a fine physical appearance, but I would also make a few changes if I had a choice. More importantly, I’m enormously blessed with a kind heart, and do not desire to bring harm. It is often said that those with the lowest self esteem and self hatred are those that attempt to make themselves feel superior by tearing others down. I know a few individuals personally that fall into this category… They are quite homely, and inside their core they are even uglier!

  • http://hotmail JoJo

    She actually is very attractive, she just has a long jaw.

  • junowho

    damn ya’ll are harsh. she’s not gorgeous, but she’s not butt ugly either.

  • Ill

    You people are so mean!!! You are just jealous that you will never be on any cover of any type of magazine. Keep your rude opinions to yourselves. Especially the author of this article!!!

  • dian

    well, she does have pretty eyes…….

  • say what!!!

    she is not a great beauty but she is not ugly eitheir, i think she has great sex appeal in her own way.

  • Midnight

    Hey, I like how people judge. The girl is nor ugly. She’s just not a blonde with fake boobs. Sorry if that’s in style because it’s boring when everyone looks that way. She looks like Bruce and Demi mixed.

  • Katie Shoemaker

    That is just a cruel thing to say about someone else’s child, I think she is a nice looking girl. She has a positive attitude and that makes her very matter what you think….

  • Sue

    “Ugly Daughter” Ouch! A little harsh, are we? LOL

  • outspoken

    I am sorry but are you people insane? How can you call her ugly but call her father attractive and sexy?!!! It is boardline insane at the least or maybe just ingorant considering she looks exactly like Bruce Willis her father. She is not ugly. She is just considered beautiful for Hollywood standards. I say good for her! She is being her unique self. A non-conformist. We need more people like her in the world.

  • sandra lacy

    You talk about ugly, well I will tell you what’s ugly !
    Ugly is all these people with the negative responses about this girl. She is probably a good yong lady, so don’t destroy her by all your coments. Now, thats, ugly !!!
    I personally wish her the very best in her new endeavor. Now all you get out of the way and give her a chance, thank you very much.

    • daniel

      Why aren’t these kids going to college or trying to learn instead of doing this; especially this potato head…poor sad girl…best of luck to you.

  • Razor

    Some of you need to open your eyes. This girl is genetically deformed. Aside from the fact that you could chisel concrete with her nose, she’s got the jaw of the Hulk, and the strangest earlobes.
    There is not an attractive bone in her entire face.
    I think Badgley and Mischka must have been smoking something when they went through her portfolio.

  • Taylor

    And a couple of years ago I believe she was on a list of “The Worlds Most Beautiful People”??? Gee…wonder how this is all happening folks….There is absolutely NOTHING attractive about her most unfortunate face.

  • Miss J

    I dont think she is ugly but she DEFINATELY has a hell of a weird face. Her chin is unflatteringly HUGE !!! Considering old boiler Demi is so into plastic surgery I bet it is only a matter of time before she is encouraging surgery for this hot mess.

  • nOob

    Rumer has a bit of a unique face but be honest, her eyes are very pretty and she has a killer body nowadays. Give her that.

  • tomcat

    she’s not pretty at all
    she has unbelievably small eye, large chin, small mouth, weird nose… which make her whole face look beyond awkward and bad… I think if her head was smaller then her small features wouldn’t look that bad. Here problem is that her features are just too small for that big head of hers

  • RumerisaDog

    Sorry,….she is one homely young woman and WE ALL KNOW precisely how she became a “starlet” – HELLO………nepotism? nepotism? At its best? She has a huge face, hideous nose, tiny close set “mean” looking eyes, horrid complexion, need I go on? She is about as attractive as Tori Spelling though to me, Tori has a sweet quality this chicks, and Tori can carry a tv movie if necessary – this one has about as much talent as a dead duck. I wonder if daddy had to pay these designers to make this so ugly girl a “model” in the same way that someone clearly paid the powers that be to make her a “starlet”. What’next, will she become a “fashion designer”? Neither of her sisters are pretty either but then again, Bruce WIllis is no Mark Harmon, Ashton or Hugh Grant, now, is he?

    • Stacey

      Is dog part of your name because you look like a dog?? What an ugly person you are. Bruce is very handsome. But he must have paid his way in too, since you say so. Get a life and quit being so judgemental. You will pay a price one day for such ugliness coming out of your mouth. lol Best of luck with your karma coming back.

  • Devin

    OMG is she homely…..her father must have paid big $$$$$ to even get her in the public eye and why on earth would he want to? hello…. My friend saw her as Miss Golden Globe years ago and told me she did a doubletake because she was so ugly…..she said once she heard the name “Wilis” she was like “oh, that explains it”. Clearly the name got her in the door as she cannot act either and did she even finish high school? Has anyone noticed how all 3 Willis girls have small, teeny, meanish eyes, and perpetual sneers on their faces – beauties? NOT.None look even remotely like their mother. I wish I could post my pics on here…I was in fact a REAL model and I assure you, no model I have ever seen looked like this one with that chin, close set eyes and that nose….and her skin is horrific. I no longer model as I went and obtained MBA at University, could Rumer do that? DOubtful. Ah well, few have parents with a NAME to get me in the door, though I never saw Bruce WIllis as either handsome or talented in the least.I used to think Tori, Chelsea Clinton and Rod Stewarts “model” daughter were all homely, but this one takes the cake, at least Chelsea conducts herself with class, dresses elegantly, and has two masters degrees – BRAINS, EDUCATION and her surgeries have made her reasonable if not a beauty. Angelina has nothing to worry over re: this mutt. bow! wow!

    • Fariborz

      Bingo,too right

  • Devin

    Incidently, as I know people will make nasty comments re: why I am on here, ie:”you are jealous” (uh, sorry, NOOOOO, not only am i 1,000 times prettier I am better educated and have some talents, thank you!) or “get a life: (have one and am quite happy, thanks)- it is because a friend told me this chick was now “modelling” for B and M so I had to see for myself….could not believe it until now, and I had to write. In her case, the name of the design house should be “Bull Mutt”. I have seen Rumer’s “acting” btw, and if she ever wins an award, we will know who paid for it. My friend suggested she looks like a mongoloid crossed with Jay Leno….interesting. I will say one thing 4 Rumer – clearly she cares less what people say but I was told that if you saw her you’d say more and it would not be pretty.

  • JohnAndrew

    Geez… friend luvs B M fashions and told me this chick was “modelling” 4 them and I was like, “haha – very funny joke” so I look it up and what do I see? OMG….sorry but for the people on here who say she is homely I give u my vote also. My friend’s ex saw Rumer at a club in L.A. and told me this was a really ugly girl but she acted like she owned the place – her ego is intact, 4 sure. Bruce’s money talks and he is not a good looking guy, either. Read that her sister was in University, which 1? Good that 1 of those girls has a brain or at least tries. Rumer thinks she is beautiful and noone can tell her differently but go ahead and analyze that face and say what is pretty about it? maybe the….I give up. Would I ask her on a date? Sorry, not if this was the last chick on the planet and my friends agree 2 that. (asked them). John

  • euch

    Christ she is soooo ugly. She looks like a cross between an eagle and Beavis and Butt Head. Looks like she has a big snot up her nose!!!!!!

  • Billy

    Damn that’s one ugly messed up man/alien face…they really need to cut down on those positive self image programs…is she as pompous though as some people say?

  • JBR

    I am, by no means, what I’d called goodlooking. But she is one of the first “celebrities” that I actually feel I could beat in an “who’s better looking.” It’s rare, but at least lands me some confidence! Thanks for that, but seriously, she got beat with not just the ugly stick, but the whole damn tree. Try a job in hand modeling, my dear!

  • will

    i think that the women are jealous of rumer she’s got something what i ( a man) like in a woman, cute smile, killer body, humor (and a dad like bruce willis and a mom like demi moore, heck i even called my cat after demi)
    beautiful eyes, nobody’s perfect ladies!

  • meeksy

    jeez she is one weird looking freak. She reminds me of that deformed bloke in the movie Mask.

  • amateursex

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  • jane

    Perhaps Demi feels ” Moore” secure with an unattractie, chunky daughter living with her much younger hubby!

  • Anthony

    Rummer Willis to be a model-lol maybe a hand model

    • Anthony

      Its not that she’s ugly there is something just not right about her. it just goes to show you can have beautiful parents and still turn out wrong.

  • Anthony

    ive got it, its her chin jawline and nose that s not right on her

  • Anthony

    But great eyes hair and body…you cant have everything

  • lmao

    hahaha.. i couldnt even finish reading all your comments.. 1st of all: whoever is saying ‘Bruce is attractive therefore how the hell can you say Rumer isn’t?’ is retarded. Bruce is a MAN. which means masculine features are to his ADVANTAGE. Rumer is a WOMAN. which means the masculine features she has inherited from BOTH her parents (yes, BOTH, because Demi looks like a very, VERY good case of a transexual) do NOT work to her advantage. though, i must say, she has great potential in terms of plastic srugery. her body is above average, and if she had a major jaw reduction and flatted the dorsum and bottom bit of her nose between her nostrils, she could be gorgeous. but, as she is now, in terms of *international* and *almost* timeless standards of beauty, she is homely.

  • Lisa Ann

    I would think with all the money her parents have, they could do something with her nose and her mouth.  They are just not attractive at all.  She does have pretty eyes.  She reminds me of a baby hawk.

    • Michelle Parkes

      How spiteful are you people, what do you get out of posting such vitreolic comments about a person, yes a human being, who you do not know !!. Can you imagine how it would feel if someone posted this about your child, sister, Mum or Dad. How hurt would you feel !!. I know nothing of this person other than she looks a beautiful young women, only in the public eye due to her parents. I have one word for you all KARMA, look it up !!

      • Angel


      • GoddessMother

        Well, Angel, you’r definitely not an Angel. Change your name to Demon!

      • GoddessMother

         I agree with you. Rumer is very pretty! demmy more and Lisa Ann and the demon Angel needs to post their pics so that we can comment on their looks. I bet that demmy more is a fugly tater head herself. Or himself.  Hopefully Lisa Ann’s parents can afford to send her to therapy for her ugly attitude. It’s not attractive at all!

      • laloba

        Oh, just shut up.

    • Joyceann01

      Right, the girl is in need of some help lol.

    • BlazingBow

      Bitch so ugly the hawks would eat her and throw it up for their chicks

  • demmy more

    my daughter, rumer, is so fugly, i just wanna kill myself for giving birth to the fugly tater head!

  • Joyceann01

    Scout is the only normal looking one of the three daughters. The other two are just hideous!! tallula looks like her father in drag and rumor has the worst of both parents going on in her look.

  • Susan7mcloughlin

    i agree she fell through the ugly tree and hit every branch!!!!

  • Thesideoftown8

    Yep, she’s fugly, there’s no question about it..

  • Spazz21

    It looks like her face is being sucked into a vortex….

  • emoney

    The worst part is that all her life she was probably told how pretty she is because ‘mommy is pretty’. She has it ingrained in her brain that beauty is genetic and she is gods gift to men. Look at the way she squints her eyes because she thinks she’s paparazzi gold. You can tell the Willis kids are overly vain. They need to cut the crap, get a college degree and live like normal people. Stop living off mommy and daddy’s dime.

  • GayneWest

    stop! stop!
    I’m trying.. masturbate!
    10 minutes …
    IMPOSSIBLE! fuck!

  • Lakhi_belsahra64

    She should be subjected to criticism she makes enough money. thats part of the grand job of acting you do have to give somehting up. it isn’t always people wating on you. you put yourself in the limelight get ready for the pros and cons. we all know the only reason she’s in any movie because of her family. any other girl that looks like her we’d be saying she has down syndrome.

  • jelly

    I’ve seen much shorter faces on HORSES !!!!

  • Paul

    WOW, she’s a dog!

  • funky monky

    It’s her jaw that’s weird. and if i had a funky looking kid, i’d love it but in my heart i’d that it was ………………..

  • libsrstds


  • Anonymous

    How Demi Moore and Bruce Willis could have three daughters so freakin’ butt ugly is beyond me…I don’t know which one is worse. It would seem to me, with all that money and with all the money we KNOW Demi Moore has spent on plastic surgery, that those three girls could have had some much needed work done.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the Willis gals got the WORST of both Mom and Dad’s looks. Please get some plastic surgery! I’m having a hard time believing this gal is going to be a “model”!

    None of those girls have decent enough looks to be a model or an actress….

  • laloba

    The only reason she’s a “model” is because of her parent’s connections. If she didn’t have them, she’d just be the tall ugly girl down the street. All of these folks are delusional-look at the poor girl’s chin. Ican’t stand it when famous people’s kids get all the breaks when they have zero talent. It just makes it harder for real talented or beautiful unknowns to get a break. Rumer needs to get a job at Foster Freeze or somewhere like that. I refuse to see anything with her in it.

  • Honest

    Yes, having “those people” (they’re called “yes-men”) in your life who are ONLY positive insulates you from the reality that you’re an ugly coat-tail rider who’s only famous because of the work of their mother and father… Having yes-men around makes it possible to pretend you’re not a manufactured, easily replaceable “model”, “singer”, or “actor”. Even if no one REALLY thinks you’re good at any of those things because of your own genuine ability rather than your parents actual ability.