Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kelsey GrammerKELSEY Grammer is refusing to watch his estranged wife Camille appear on the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The actor — who’s is in the middle of an increasingly bitter divorce from Camille, his spouse of 13 years — and his fiancee Kayte Walsh, 29, were at the Blue Valentine afterparty in New York on Thursday night when New York Post gossip column Page Six asked him if he’s keeping up with the program.

“She can say it,” Kelsey said, conceding to Kayte.

“We don’t watch it,” Kayte replied.

In the latest episode of the show, which aired on Thursday night, unsuspecting Camille states that the reason Kelsey wants to stay in New York is because his career on the west coast is “over” while the Big Apple “loves” and “appreciates” him.

“When Kelsey first left to do the play in New York the plan was the kids and I would move in in the summer time, then I got a phone call saying that plans had been changed,” she said.

“Kelsey called me and said he might want to live in New York full time.

“My husband feels his career in LA is over and that New York loves him.

“He told me he feels appreciated there.”

Meanwhile, Camille is planning to take Kelsey to the cleaners financially.

“Let’s get this divorce over with — so I can get married again!” Kelsey allegedly told Cammile.

Kelsey is said to have canceled his Thanksgiving plans with his children so he can spend the holiday with Kayte.

“Kelsey’s new life with Kayte has taken priority over the kids,” the source said.

“Now he wants to rush the divorce so he can marry Kayte.”[imagebrowser id=739]


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  • moxnix

    Hahaha!! The page for Camille on Wikipedia says she was “born September 2, 1842.” Man, that botox sure can work miracles!

  • Bren C

    I wish Kelsey all the luck in the world with his divorce.. Run Run Run and do not look back…

  • http://yahoo Liam Buckley

    Camille you reap what you sew….I believe Kyle didn’t say, who would want you with out Kelsey..However, EVERYONE is thinking it! You my dear are not,and will not ever be the celebrity….I will say I’m not that impressed with how Kelsey handled his situation….either..

  • sickof camille

    I hope Camille does not get much money. I think she is rediculous as well as unattractive. Camille and Adrienne r the least attractive of all the housewives. Her fueding partner is the prettiest. Kelsey has had so much tragedy in his life, he deserves to be happy.

    She is just a cheap gold digger that needs to learn how to love her children unconditionally and get a job. Perhaps, the series can be her job so she can leave Kelsey and his money alone. I never believed she would make him happy and from what i see on the housewives, i shows the devious self centered person she is. Just a jealous shit disturber.

    • Neimas Marcas

      Quit commenting on her looks. Stop basing a woman’s value on whether they or pretty or not. Look at Kelsey. He is not a physically attractive man so of course most women are only going to want him for his money. You can’t get upset with Camille. Kelsey cheated on her remember.

  • Susan S

    Camille may be a cheap gold digger, but Kelsey took her as his wife. As his wife, she’s entitled to quite a nice chunk of change. That’s life.

    It’s not up to ANYONE to make anyone else happy. Happiness comes from within.

    I wish people would learn to spell RIDICULOUS correctly.

    Sick of Camille, somewhere a village is missing it’s idiot…and I believe that idiot has just posed as SICK OF CAMILLE.

  • ct

    Camielle…suddenly you miss Kelsey?….please.

  • http://yahoo donna

    camille no-one is jealous of you, not the house wifes, not the public, they feel sorry for you , because your so sad in your way of thinking you come off as a witch. please get off the show you are ruining it and your image. look at your house wife friends they have class

  • Deedfee

    …she is shiny….needs fraxel laser…wow her skin looks old.

  • Kathy

    goodness has anyone seen how she smiles when she is feuding with kyle? has anyone see how the family friend always shows up when Camille is around? how bout how she ALWAYS speaks of her breast when men are much cleavage? pull her bathing suit down over her hynie..Camille speaks of Kelsey being on top and wants Kelsey to stop doing business with kyles husband.
    kyle has nothing to be jealous of where Camille is concerned. kyle is much prettier. really she is. much! kyle seems to be a better mother. after all who needs 4 nannies with 2 kids. sheesh! good luck Kelsey.

  • Kathy

    Lisa is so great!Lisa and Kyle are the 2 best wives on that crazy program.
    Lisa has a great sense for humor and Kyle is simply loving.
    Could/Would someone explain Russell to me. There seems to be something wrong with him. He is one strange man/husband/father.

  • Aeriq

    I will be real. I am more surprised at our readers level of education vs. the actual drama. Learn how to spell! It is ridiculous that I have to decipher what the heck I am reading in order to enjoy my celebrity gossip.

  • Laurie Kruse

    Camille way to FiFi for my taste. And that Adrianne Dubois is a real beast. If she has any gifts at all that remains to be seen. What a horrible woman I guess the saying “You are judged by the company you keep” really is true”

  • seymore

    Camille is undoubtedly the unhappiest woman I have ever seen. When i watch the show, I am shocked that a woman who has everything she does can act like a spoiled, ungrateful little brat. The reaason she picks fights with Kyle I believe is becuase she is jealous of Kyle’s loving relationship with her husband which is the only thing that seems to evade Camille. I don’t feel sorry for her- I’m surprised Kelsey didn’t leave her sooner than this. She is the most self-obsorbed woman I have ever seen and he husband left her because of that- no other reason.

  • Babs

    (for Camille)

    Pride goeth before a fall, and an haughty spirit before destruction. — Proverbs 16: 18-19

  • laurie

    One word for you Camille…Karma…Maybe,your friend the pysic saw all the right things but the wrong person at your friendly little dinner party…Yup..One word “Karma”

  • MeMe

    Why are y’all being soo mean to Camille!She is a person and she has feeling…Now we know for a fact that she will be on next season..She will be the add on person like Kim Zociak is on The Realhouse Wives of Atlanta….If You dont like her.Then Dont Watch the Show

  • Donna

    Like we didn’t know Camille didn’t have something going with that young tennis instructor. I have never seen anyone so narsistic and into herself as Cammille. To bad she is getting rewarded so greatly $50,000,000.00
    Not bad for a crazy bitch. She and Taylor must go to the same lip pumper upper. Ugly mouths. Face reality girls get natural.

  • Realist!!

    Camille: Let’s get real!!! You know deep inside you’re friend the “medium/phsychic whatever you wanna call it..She was correct on her predictions at your failed to bring down Kyle dinner party..She predicted what was happening tou YOU my dear!!! Listen not everyone is your FRIEND..choose wisely and also pick your men wisely next time…that Nick may be cute, but not all that to my taste..Camille: it is not worth it to put another undesservingly woman to what you’re going through and yes I’am referring to Nick’s WIFE!! Maybe..if you had paid YOUR own husban some attention instead of being busy sleeping with NICK ..maybe you wouldn’t had lost KELSEY as fast!!!

  • GREG