Eminem — Rapper Eminem to Make Boxing Movie?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

EminemEMINEM is reportedly planning to return to the silver screen — in a boxing drama.

Sources say the rapper will take on the lead role in Southpaw as a welterweight boxer that hits rock bottom once tragedy hits his life.

Kurt Sutter — who created the popular US show Sons of Anarchy — has wrote the movie with the Stan hitmaker in mind.

It will be Eminem’s first film role since 2002′s semi-autobiographical movie 8 Mile, which was his debut feature and was directed by Kurt Hanson, who also made LA Confidential. Southpaw, which fans of the pugilist sport will know is a reference to the left-handed boxing stance, is set to incorporate aspects of Mathers’ real music and also his life as it will follow the boxer’s battle to get back to his glory days and win back custody of his young daughter.

Speaking to the press, Sutter told how the story was, indirectly, a continuation of 8 Mile in that it would be partly-narrative of the second part of Eminem’s life in the spotlight.

Eminem –- who has been single since splitting from his ex-wife Kimberley Scottrecently admitted that his worldwide fame makes it difficult for him to date.

“I have trust issues,” he said. “With women, friends, whatever. You always wonder what their real motives are. I’ve got a small circle of friends, and it’s a lot of the same friends I’ve known forever.”[imagebrowser id=521]


  • Rachel

    I really like you Eminem!

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  • Chris

    I think he did an outstanding job on his first role, and I imagine this flick would be one in the same performance. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Jeremy

    As an Eminem fan and boxing fan I’ll be the first in line to see this movie.He did a great job in 8 Mile and I’ve been waiting on his return to the big screen.

  • Poupee

    Emi, you’re the best……..

    • Christian

      go to hell and leave eminem alone

  • Noel

    Come On!!! Really!!! Stick to what you do best!!! Rap. Leave the movies for real actors. I know its hard with a mountain of money in you wallet. Your no Ice Cube. But a Great rapper.

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    Hope this didnt post twice!

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  • Corey Price

    ” What 4 – get a job, lose a job with no encentive’s, relapse 4 a stronger agenda – bring a fragance 2 the streets than what is your agenda? Self confidence has never been a stalker, but acting from the outside looking in, just isn’t you. I would have to say your close to a pinnicle on something commom and cavaliar. Crash – Narc -Out of time? Denzel washingtion not availabe! Does spike lee like you?

  • http://wikipedia.com the beast

    make them see what u can do marshal

  • Stan

    The past tense of write is written.

  • ace

    screw all these losers dissing on eminem, he’s the best at what he does and its his choice, are all u haters jealous or wut??? you’d do it if u had half the talent he does so quit the bitching.

  • ace n beatz

    love you


    NIG G ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chio

      y u gotto use that word?

  • chio

    i could see him doing it :)i could see me seeing it

  • UrX

    You’re a designer dog, half pit bull and half boxer.

  • Necro

    why would someone cast a skinny pale bleach blond douche bag that wears do-rags in boxer role is beyond me.Whos going to be in the sequel justin timberlake??And the last good album he made was the MM LP all he makes now is pop trash and nick cannon disses.

  • Necro

    This moron can have damn near any woman in the world with that kind of money and he chooses to stalk 40 yr old mariah carey what a douche.

  • Bran.B

    This movie should co-star Everlast with the climax of the film being Everlast tko’ing Em in the first round!

  • Bran.B

    @Necro…word. No doubt!

  • Lowo

    I think it’s wonderful that Eminem is going to make a new movie. Honestly, it’s one of those really rare movies that I actually can’t wait to see. And even though it’s a boxing movie, it is used as metaphor to his struggle, as I understood it. This guy here is an icon, and we should be glad just to see him making music AND movies.

  • chula

    the kid has talent. leave him alone all you haters!

  • http://yahoo reshmi

    i really like eminem an i dont care wat no one tinks of him i just no that he can pass out micheal jackson by 100 persent

  • http://yahoo reshmi

    i love you EMINEM ALOT

  • Dakotadevine

    Hey eminem man i have lived like the same life or worse my dad died three years ago and i have been through 12 foster homes and 5 group homes i have been adopted man its hard i feel like you a lot and i watch your movie 8 mile all the time and my adopted parents think i am crazy because i feel like you i am 14 know dont got sh#t and i have red hair and freckles i feel like a frekin piece of crap man everyone at school calls me ginger i have nothing to remember my mom doesnt ever talk to me i live like 10 states away from her i got know one and stay alive because you are the only one keeping me alive dude man i know this is long but man your awesome and i feel like you

  • Joel

    I will adore this movie with all my heart.<3 Eminem!:)

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    We Love Marshal.

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    Dude is talented. I think he’d have a great acting career if he could match his performance in 8 Mile.