Monday, December 20, 2010

Oprah Winfrey OPRAH Winfrey has upset her mother!

Sources say Vernita Lee was furious when the billionaire media mogul told Barbara Walters that BFF Gayle King is “the mother I never had.”

“Vernita is devastated,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“It was the final straw after years of insults and betrayals. She just doesn’t understand why Oprah still has to be so cruel to her.”

Vernita was said to have been “so proud” when she sat down to watch the Walters interview at her Milwaukee condo.

“But her joy turned to tears and embarrassment as Oprah described her friendship with Gayle,” said the pal. “Vernita knows she wasn’t the perfect mother, but she loves Oprah, and she is hurt by the way her daughter put her down in public.

“Vernita says Oprah keeps bringing up the fact that she was the result of a one-night stand, that Vernita didn’t protect Oprah from abuse or help her when she was raped when she was 9 years old .

“She wishes Oprah would forgive her after all these years.”


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    Do people really use the Inquirer as a verifiable source?

    • DIANE

      Sad huh?
      Momma always said…”Don’t believe anything you read (in the papers)AND only 1/2 of what you see!”
      I am a firm believer in her words especially if it’s THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER!!!! Geez!

  • karoo

    Uh sorry – you don’t help or support a 9 year old who is raped? You’re not getting any pity from me. Glad Oprah found someone else to turn to.

    • DIANE


  • http://showbiz annie m.

    Atleast she take care of you very well.She has a right to express how she feel.

  • http://yahoo inna

    Oprrah has still an irk in her heart of what had happen to her when she was 9 years. Though she might forgive her mother still she can’t erase the fact that mother supposed to be to protect here.

  • Sylvia Mckinley

    Oprah’s mother has never been there for her so why is she tripping now??? Oprah has said so many times if it wasn’t for her father she would of died! Oprah has been more than generous to this woman who never cared until Oprah became rich! Now she wants to sugar coat her lack of being a mother, not protecting her and exposing her to horrible surroundings. This woman should just shut up and enjoy all of the gifts Oprah has given her like a home. bills paid, food, servants, vacations,security etc…

    • DIANE

      TY Sylvia!!!!

  • sharon

    this is something i need to say to you all..quit snooping your nose into people’s private lives..

    if oprah and gayle are friends…so be it…to me gayle king and oprah are sisters….

    you all stick your nose into someone’s business without getting the right facts..

    • DIANE

      I agree! People are too quick to judge! Leave the “judgement day” up to God! Not what’s in the papers!

  • http://yahoo.com Brandy

    Ophra: You should be ashamed of yourself. Saying that Gayle has been more of a mother to you than your own mother.
    I wish you were a mother and your children had spoken those words to you. You would then know how hurt your mother is.
    Big deal, you had a rough child hood. Boo Hoo. Sorry but your not the only misguided child out there. There are other children who are worse off than you were.
    Sorry but you get no symphathy from me. I’m a mother of 3 grown children. They may not of had the best life growing up, but at least none of them is complaining.
    Grow up and be someone. You have all those millions and yet you treat everyone around you like trash. You think you are so much better than everyone else in your life. Just because you made a name for yourself. The kind of name your making for yourself is not one I would be proud of.
    No one and I Mean No One should ever dish their parents. I don’t care how they treated or didn’t treat you growing up.
    I had watched your show on occasion but I don’t now. Just to hear your name makes me sick. For someone who has the money you have and refuse to give a poor person on the street a few measly dollars is PATHETIC IN MY MIND!
    You talk how you grew up poor, but yet you dish the homeless or poor. You are not much of a human being. And the only place you will find yourself at the end of this world is in HELL with your good buddy SATAN! Unless you wise up and act like a HUMAN BEING!

    • DIANE

      Brandy sweetie…do you know Oprah personally?
      OHHHH I get it…you think The National Enquirer is a reputable magazine! Honey you need to go back and read your last 2 sentences on what YOU wrote….all I can say is KARMA SWEETIE KARMA!!! Be careful in what you say! Sometimes people need to sweep at their OWN doorstep!!!

  • Scott Wright

    I was kinda hoping Oprah would implode under the weight of her own ego and suck the rest of Hollywood into an Oprah event horizon…or at least into another universe.

  • laughn at you

    Oprah if u do read this GET THE FK OVA IT ALREADY u r here if it was not for ur mom u wouldnt have wht u have today God is watching you u treat ur parent or parents with respect no matter what u went thru if u forgave stedman for sleepn with andre u can forgive ur mom for anythingsuck it up already DAMMMMMMM>>> u should have ur mom on every show u do and let her shine like u said all ur money if u die goes to charity not ur family remember u will answer at the pearly gates….

    • DIANE

      Oprah probably has what she has today IN SPITE OF HER MOM!! And YOU NEVER get over RAPE….NEVER! You try to learn to live with it but situations bring up the pain when you least expect it!
      And just because a woman gives birth to a child DOES NOT make her an instant “good” mother or mother of the year…same for a father…they can “be there” when the child is conceived but it doesn’t make him a “daddy” It takes EVERYTHING you have to be a GOOD parent and if a child is HURT during their childhood and holds resentment against a parent….THERE HAS GOT TO BE A REASON…which apparently you may never understand!


    National Enquirer….TABLOID! ENOUGH SAID!

    If you weren’t there when Oprah was going through what she went through….OR been what she’s been through…then HUSH YOUR MOUTH!!! It’s her life!!! Ever wonder what it would be like to have “YOUR” LIFE PLASTERED TO THE WORLD!!! I wouldn’t…so leave Oprah alone….she’s not interferring in your life…so don’t comment on hers!!! It’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!!