Wednesday, December 22, 2010

John and Elizabeth EdwardsELIZABETH Edwards has made sure her philandering husband, John Edwards, will NEVER marry mistress Rielle Hunter!

Elizabeth — who recently lost her battle with cancer — reportedly worked with her lawyers to amend her will to prevent John from pocketing part of the couple’s $53 million fortune if he marries Rielle or lives with her.

“She also made sure NONE of the money earmarked for their children ever goes to Rielle’s daughter,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

In December 2009, Rielle took legal action against the former Senator, asking for nearly $18,000 a month in child support for their love child, Frances Quinn, 2.

“Elizabeth understood John’s responsibility to care for Quinn, but she’s gone to her grave satisfied that the child will never receive any funds intended for their own children,” said the source.

“Elizabeth specified that John cannot call off the sale and move in Rielle and their daughter. That house, along with the family’s vacation home on Figure Eight Island, is now off-limits to Rielle.”



  • http://none Get Your Facts Straight

    Nobody can “prevent” anybody from marrying anybody else. Bottom line: Elizabeth Edwards is dead and John Edwards can remarry whomever he wishes. There are so many multimillions that John has plenty at his disposal. Regarding her leaving whatever was hers alone to her own children. Um … DUH! The title of this article is hilariously stupid.

  • Ciara

    That hag rielle will not get one cent of Elizabeth’s lucrative book money.

  • DenverHill

    To “GET YOUR FACTS…” She isn’t “preventing” him from marrying the whore. She set it up to make sure the whore and her kid don’t get what was hers (she is the one who had the money, not him) that she left to her children. Johnny will not want to give up the money. Johnny has his own money from being an ambulance chaser but it is no where what Elizabeth herself had and that includes the book money.

  • DanaScully

    Elizabeth was a lovely lady full of grace. She will indeed be missed.
    Elizabeth could have sued the whore for alienation of affection and won in the state of North Carolina. It would have been truly ironic if the whore would have had to pay Elizabeth…
    I am sure Elizabeth had no desire to even be in the same room as the whore. The whore needs to quickly fade away and go back to the gutter she crawled out of.

    • ma ma ma

      Susan, do you see yourself in Reille ???

  • Susan

    What the hell….A controlling woman in her death is adamently and vehemently a controlling woman in life….She was probably hell on wheels and pushed her husband right out of her bedroom into the arms of Reille or someone else…… Sorry she passed away. But what a vehement loud beast.

    • marsha

      Susan, you know nothing about elizabeth edwards. So be quiet and have some dignity. The woman has children and they have just lost their mother.

      • marsha marsha marsha!

        A whore is a whore and a control freak bitch is a control freak bitch. Just because someone died doesn’t turn apples into oranges. Show some respect for the TRUTH. I’m sure the children will be fine…with all that money.

        Go be a white knight elsewhere.

      • Clevelander

        SUSAN, you are a moron. Those kids would give up every cent to have their Mom back. Shut up and go away.

  • Wuv U Lizy

    Dear Elizabeth in Heaven :-) Good job girlfriend ! I would’nt want a Whore and cheating lying hubby to take my book deal millions, which should be for MY own children’s future. Elizabeth is smart business women and should have run for President. We need smarter politicians and her ‘Will’ was an excellent business strategy.

    John’s Whore stopped taking the pill (on purpose) to trap John into a permanent relationship. The Whore who wants 18K a month is ridicules and shows she’s a money grabby Witch. She has a JOB, let her make her own money. Elizabeth, protected her children from a manipulating Whore.

    • Hannah

      i believe this whole sordid affair proves the depravaity of men. Edwards wife is dying while campaigning for him & he’s stabbing her in the back by cheating on her & not using protection. He is an immoral, liar & fornicator who should never be in an office, He should hang his head in shame. what goes around comes around. he’ll reap what he sowed

  • sienna

    All of you people are mean spirited. Who cares anyways about their business. When children are involved it would be nice if the adults act like adults, not children.

  • Pepes

    My, OH My, OH My, OH MY, She doesnt have to be a whore just because she slept with some one elses husband, just a mistress.
    How bitter are most of the contributers to this discussion, is it because they have the same situation going on in their lives? Yes Elizabeth looked the real package but who knows, only her husband and I assume that as in all cases the blame is not all one sided. Try using a little understanding and the world will be a much better place, acrimoney wont help anyone. Elizabeth has made a bid to stop him Marrying his mistress but I am sure it wont stop there. She might have made a great President ie MANIPULATIVE !

    • sarah

      I take it you never had a husband who cheated. It is a life changing thing and leaves a person scarred. I am fairly certain Elizabeth’s wishes will be carried out. John Edwards (being the cheat he is) will never lose that money for some bimbo.

      • Sandra

        I never understand how it is that woman like you give the “husband” a pass and demonize the other woman. You don’t know what John told Reille. JOHN had a marriage and vow to Elizabeth, IMO he is the one and only one who should be held responsible. Reille wasn’t married, she did not have a vow to Elizabeth. You woman disgust me, by thinking men can not help keep their pants on so therefore you want “other woman” to be responsible for keeping your vows with your husband? Go work on your marriages!

    • Hannah

      What do you call a woman who lived a party life jumping from bed to bed then manipulated a married man into an affair, got pregnant for the money, took off for LA when she found out Edwards was vacationing with his
      family with his dying wife to look up her old boyfriends because she was
      angry & wanted to get even. When she was pregnant she was telling an actor she’d slept with it was his,& screwing with his mind, She’s not only a slut but a sociopath who is unable of any emotions or love for anyone but HER

    • minnie

      Elizabeth’s husband knew his wife was dying with cancer, John had no respect for his dying wife or their children. Elizabeth cannot stop him from marrying that sleazy spare tire. But John will not marry that sleazy thing, he prefers money, he can always find another sleazy, anytime.

  • http://yahoo gertrude thompson

    I am a breast cancer survivor also…ten years now. I wish I could give Elizabeth some of my God given gift of life, so she could be physically with her children,one day at a time.But that is not what God intended,she’s far far better off watching over them, from a silver lined cloud, from a rainbow, in the rain,from star studded skies, to a bright sunny day, from everywhere she wants to be! So long, my friend….

  • Dave Thomsen

    John was as much to blame as the womon he had the child with. She never put a gun to his head. His wife ought to have done that!!! His wife was the suffering one here. He never cared or showed love to her on the campaign trail when running for vice pres. he is so self centered. He is a user as well. Hope he comes out stinkin like the rotten piece of S*** he is..his whore is the same…good match I would say. he is a liar and lied during his campaign and his wife’s illness and lied to her faCE…wHAT REWARD OUGHT HE TO GET?? nothing and nothing he will get. His kids ought to disown him in every way possible…He is scum!!!!

  • sarah

    I love it! Way to die in peace Elizabeth. Women who go after a married man are so low.

  • ss

    who cares ?

  • ss

    i have no sympathy for the filthy rich,for the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

  • Kathy

    With all due respect “Get Your Facts Straight”, you are correct w/respect to the fact that if Mr Edwards wishes to remarry now…he can; however, if he marries the skank that slept w/him & had his child, he CANNOT have ANY part of the money nor have any part of the real estate they owned while she was living. Mrs Edwards was protecting her own childrens right to the money & assets that they owned. She did NOT want any of the money to go to her cheating spouse’s mistress NOR their love child. That’s all that they’re saying!

  • Michelle

    John was acting out showing no judgement when he allowed Rielle to facilitate the destruction of his marriage, career and campaign. Presidential thinking means putting your power to change the world ahead of your need for ego stroking and sexual gratification. Anyone who would think sex belongs in a child’s bedroom would never come near my kid. She lacks the moral vigor to be on the PTA never mind be the wife of a man who could lead a country. Rielle is cruel, dirty and makes any hooker look like she has a conscience. I am sad that Elizabeth saw that this poor daughter has to live and be raised with these values and it must have broken her heart to know that this was the woman her husband chose to set the bar for his infidelity.

  • marlyc

    eliz was a wonderful woman. she was just making sure what was hers belong to her. anyone would do the same. it’s her belonging and she can do whatever with it.

    john – if you want redemption and a second chance, go find someone nicer and prettier, and not a family crasher. women are everywhere. go look around. being with the whore will not help you, it will destroy you further.

  • Suzanne

    Very sad; was supportive them when he was running and disappointed. Elizabeth Edwards seemed like a very intelligent humane woman and to me was protecting her children more than anything; she knew she was going to pass away and wanted everything to be okay for them. The bitterness was understandable and like most situations like this hard to understand. It is easy to blame and call names but it doesnt do any good.

  • Shirlee

    John Edwards lost the love & trust of his family for an immoral, half wit
    Gold digger, I hope he gets what he deserves Rielle as a loser wife, children
    who blame him for the break up of their family & pure disgust for his
    mistress. He will get what he deserves hope it was worth all the suffering he put his dying wife through & his children but I doubt it, I believe he’ll have a long time to realize he blew it !!!!

    • GB

      Fast forward almost 6 months later. He was just indigted. I blame him as much as that ugly golddigging whore. A condom could have prevented all this wasted pain/money.–BUT not the character of John. But atleast the love child and mom won’t get any of Mrs. Edwards $$. Perhaps Mr. Edwards will run out of his own money and end up in the real gutter where he belongs or better yet jail.

  • http://HuffingtonPost Barbara

    I am always amazed that the other woman in these things gets called whore, slut etc (she IS an adultress)but the guy, for the most part, gets off with a stern lecture and a kind of “men will be men” attitude. If John had kept HIS marital vows there would be no baby with Rielle at least not by him. Let’s face it the guy is at least 50% at fault and he even tried to blame it on someone else. I was not inside his marriage but if he was that unhappy he should have been smart enough to seek counseling not another woman.

  • Monte Pair

    The adults involved, including Edwards, his dead wife, and his whore are all scumbags.

  • http://yahoo debbie

    Elizabeth Edwards was not a scumbag. Edwards whore was and still is. He will get nothing as his wife left him nothing. Any man who doesn’t have enough balls to behave and not cheat on his dying wife is a total bastard… like the one he made with his whore. She is the one who had the money and he gets nothing. Their daughter is also an attorney and is over seeing this. And you are the major scumbag of all for making such an ignorant comment about his dead wife.

  • FMPK

    I hope their oldest daughter takes control of the younger children, they need to be kept out their dads lieing ,cheating ,snoody,life style!The scumbag even denied his so called LOVECHILD ,so what will she think of her dad when she becomes old enough to understand, the poor child doesnt have a chance, after all look at both of her parents UGH.Dear JOHN, what goes around comes around,I hope you find yourself in the GUTTER where you belong!!!!

  • http://job@yahoo.ca jo

    She E.E. was acontolling ugly dumpy ass of a wife.

  • http://job@yahoo.ca jo

    They had problems in their marriage long b4 Rielle came along. No women has kids at 50 unless she is trying to save her marriage. She saw he did not love her anymore and was a controlling greedy bi–h and got preg on purpose the same as Rielle. Only he loved Rielle not the dump of a wife he had. No one forced him to have sex with R. He is like many men who cheat. His wife made him feel trapped and controled him. Besides she looked old enough to be his mom. GROSS! No wonder he cheated. She did not want to lose her precious money. People should bash her just as much as the cheaters as she drove them to it. She was no victim. And he didnt stay when she got sick cause he hated her. If you hated your spouse and wanted to leave, and they got sick would you stay?? 95% would not. I think he was way too good for her and they earned all they had from hiss career. She should have been grateful that he married her and stuck with her as long as he did. She was one fulgy dumpy wrinkled old hag.

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