Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ben StillerBEN Stiller has already written a fourth movie to add to the Meet the Parents franchise.

The original flick hit theaters back in 2000. Its sequel, Meet The Fockers, was released four years later.

The third installment, Little Fockers, opened this week.

And Stiller says he has another film planed — and hopes his pal Will Ferrell will join the cast.

“Will? Hopefully,” he said. “We finished the script and hopefully we’ll shoot it next year.”

Stiller recently revealed how he crashed Tom Cruise‘s snowmobile when he stayed at his Colorado ranch for Christmas last year!

“Last year we had a fun Christmas, we had a really exciting adventure. Tom Cruise, who I’m friends with, offered us his home in Colorado,” he recalled.

“They brought out all these snowmobiles for us to ride. I’ve never driven one. They said: ‘Here ride the snowmobiles.’

“Of course, it’s Tom Cruise’s house — his snowmobiles — they’re like supercharged, hydrogen-fueled, you don’t sit down on them, you stand up and he has a guy, who’s like his own snowmobile wrangler.

“And so he said: ‘You don’t just turn them like this, if you want to make a sharp turn you have to jump literally all the way to the other side.’ So I did it, then I said: ‘Oh this isn’t that bad!’

“So he took me out on a run on this trail and it was incredible. It went out to the edge of this precipice and I was looking out over this cliff and he does the turn in front of me.

“So then I realized I have to do the jump thing to make the turn and just as I was doing the turn I saw an elk and I sort of got distracted by the elk, looking at the elk, and I guess I didn’t turn sharp enough and I fell off off the snowmobile.

“And the snowmobile started heading, literally down the side of the mountain. This all happened in a split second I’m not exaggerating.

“He looked at me and said: ‘Dude, I didn’t tell Tom I was gonna let you ride the snowmobile.’ I said: ‘Okay, I’ll call him and he’ll be cool.’

“I called him up, I said: ‘Tom… I kind of almost crashed the snowmobile, I did crash the snowmobile.’

“And there was a long silence and then I just hear: ‘Did you use nitris?’ I’m like: ‘I don’t know…’ [Tom said:] ‘That’s great, that’s great!’ Then I heard him say: ‘Hey honey, Ben crashed the snowmobile! That’s great, that’s great!’”


  • http://Facebook Melissa Denise Rogers

    I simply love these movies….but plzzzzzzzzzzz no Will Ferrell….cause will be the segment I will never go see….to me he is nothing but a dufuss and not funny at all…..

  • Rupert Dugger McFitsery

    Will Ferrell is a hack and not funny or talented in any way. Why does this guy have a career. He was not funny on SNL and his movies are hard to sit through.

  • Tom

    LOL that story was hilarious. You know Tom Cruise was ticked! Although, I disagree with both of those people saying Will Ferrell isn’t funny, he is absolutely hilarious. I can see how some people wouldn’t think he’s funny, not everyone has a sense of humor…

  • Lisa’s Ex-Boyfriend

    Y’all can’t deny that Anchorman wasn’t funny. It’s one of the funniest I’ve seen.

    As for the Fockers movies, the first one was funny and then they started trying to capitalize on the fockers gag and they lost me. That second movie was NOT funny at all and I doubt I’ll see Little Fockers or the next one after that.

  • mercfan

    I personally do not want to see Will Ferrell in one of the Focker movies. But not because “he’s not funny”. Actually just the opposite, he would take over the movie and take away from the successful formula of the previous Focker movies.

    Will Ferrell, not funny? His 23 movies have only grossed 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Ben Stiller was in several of them, so obviously he thinks he’s funny.

    Will Ferrell haters are obviously conservatives that didn’t like what he did to “W” in SNL and on the HBO special.

    Either that or NASCAR fans that didn’t like how he spoofed rednecks in Talladega nights. He pegged them in that one.

  • Mario

    What are going to call the forth film. Return Of The Fockers?

  • Andmaister

    so what happened