Angelina Jolie Angry About Box Office Bomb

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Angelina JolieANGELINA Jolie is out for blood!

The Hollywood actress — who raises an army of children with partner Brad Pitt – is said to be outraged that her latest movie The Tourist, which also stars Johnny Depp, bombed at the box office.

The film made a pathetic $20m over its first weekend.

“Angelina is devastated at how spectacularly the movie bombed,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“This is without a doubt the biggest shock of her professional career.

“She thought it was a great performance, but the fact fans stayed away in droves has hit her really hard.

“Poor Brad has been trying to lift her spirits, but it hasn’t worked. She exploded in anger when she heard how badly it had done — and has been insufferable since she got to bad news.

“Whenever Angie gets stressed she has a habit of taking her frustrations out of Brad — and this is no exception.”


  • Estrell

    She should see her uncle Dr Barry Voight and relax and listen to her uncle Chip Taylor music that might calm her down. I love listening to Chip Taylor songs specially the WILD THING he wrote it and sings it also. And he wrote the, Angel in the morning too and sings it.
    I followed Dr Barry Voight work and John Voight but love to listens to Chip Taylor music. Most of all I love Angelina Jolie movie and her contribution to the world.

  • Hasbeen Aniston

    Th photos of them in Namibia show them looking as relaxed and in love as always, so Stephen Huvane should stop feeding phony stories to the National Emquirer and instead worry more about his own D-List client, CHINnifer MANiston, who is now such a failure she is reduced to doing indie films and only getting paid $3 mil a pop. Her mother hates her, Courteney no longer wants to be around her, and she is reduced to hanging out with the town SLUT, MAN-faced Chelsea Handler, who slept with Ted Harbert, who was a MARRIED MANm, to get her E! show. No one even wants to buy MANiston’s STINKWATER perfume, so she is an expert on failure.

    • Julie BubbleGums Lil SIS

      Why is it everyone wants to blame every thing on Jennifer Aniston? Because like you their morons. No one made Handler make the remarks. I don’t blame Aniston from distancing herself from everyone and everything! How can someone work effectively when they know that everyone is sitting there either ” Poor Jen” or ” Pitt left her ass because Angelina was da Bomb” And the last remark is the truth she is DA BOMB at the theater! How the mighty have fallen. No one can ride the gravy (media) train forever. The divorce was over 5 years ago. No one was there at my divorce why because I am a nobody. People wise up to cons sooner or later. When Pitt is looking like a ragga muffin it is because he is not happy. He made his bed and he has to lie in it. He probably got tired of Jolie’s media leaks that make their true colors come out. You can take a girl from a trailor park but you can’t take the trailor park out of daBOMB girl! People get tired of the same old tired azz story. Jolie Jen Pitt funny Jen is caught in the middle through out Jolie-Pitts train wreck lives. And oddly she has had very little to say on the subject other than time to move on. She has why don’t you because somehow I think your the hasbeen Angelina and your snotty nosed alias tells the tale of who wrote it. You know you’ll never be beautiful like Jen, she is still smoking hot, while you are just a ragga muffin hasbeen. She has poise beauty and grace. While Angelina has a funky ugly horse face and Pitt is looking like who done it and forgot!

      • terry

        “Jolie-Pitts’ train wrecked lives”? Wow, are you delusional. Your obvious dislike of the couple taints everything else spewed in your comments.

      • http://ShowbizSpy PollyPoodle

        Angelina Jolie’s “bombs” have made a mega bundle in DVD sales, so Don’t cry for beautiful Angelina. She will continue to rake in the mils from her movies including SALT and The Tourist. And, yes, leave Jennifer Anniston out of the Brad and Angelina issue. She doesn’t come close to being up there with them. Plain Jenniston can never measure in beauty nor ability with the beautiful Jolie. Perhaps it is you who has the horse face. Angie is a natural beauty without makeup. The Jolie-Pitt kids are multi-lingual already. Sure hope they are growing up well-rounded and happy.

      • pat

        You must be really delusional!!!
        Sweetheart agie and Brad are as happy as it can be…They are very rich couple that are busy helping people of the world to have a better life.Very big hearted couple.
        If Jen is all that as you wrote,why is it that she is unable to keep a man ..she is the flop/bore both in bedroom and box office.
        Regarding Jen looking hot as you claim,Lets how she will look like if she is had 3 kids off that her old body and caring for 6 small kids and still travelling around the world as a goodwill ambassador plus doing movies!!
        Being able to put all these together,i say Angie is the true Beautiful woman – KUDOS my dear Angie.
        Keep going strong and keep you and yr lovely Hubby-to-be strong & loved.

    • Josie

      Yes, photos say it all……NOT. Maybe they are happy, maybe they’re not. It can’t be determined by photos. Plenty of celebrity couples appear happy in photos, only to hear shortly after that they are breaking up. I can definitely see Angie as furious over her movie flop. She doesn’t seem to handle anything negative without going off the deep end. All the critics have dubbed her and Depp’s movie as a flop. Why would she expect people to see a movie that all critics deemed unworthy to see? I can see her taking her anger out on those around her (Brad). Brad should grow a pair, he’s going to end up as Angie’s punching bag. He already looks and behaves like the wimp in this relationship. Who Knows? Deep down he may have masochistic tendencies.

  • doubtful

    To “Hasbeen Aniston: I’m not a fan of Angelina BUT the biggest movie stars have had movies that have bombed. I can’t believe that you are blaming Jennifer and Huvane for this. I didn’t hear anyone blame Angelina when a movie of Jennifer’s didn’t do great. I don’t think the problem is between Jennifer and Angelina. It’s idiots like you that just love to keep stirring the pot. Go get your sack of coal out of your Christmas stocking and try to be nicer to people in 2011. You might be surprised how much better you SHOULD feel.

    • DON

      Thank you “doubtful” !! HASBEEN definitely is pathetic…..quite childish and
      definitely immature.

      • http://google nissi

        Not necessarily, movie critics in america are women such as chelsea and a few who are loyal sad Jen’s friends. The outburst by chelsea was just a ploy to remind old tea bags like her who are critics where the loyalities stand. Unless you are part of that old crow crew in high places in the movie critics world then you will never understand.

      • Vie

        The only one who is raging in anger and sadness is the psycho loser Jolie who can’t accept the fact that the viewing public don’t want to see a mental home wrecker in the big screen, not even if she was partnered by JD. Her ghostly and scarecrow appearance is not helping plus her pair of crazy eyes.

      • Caroline

        Now, now, let’s be nice. She is only two.

  • Fariborz



    Exactly, Doubtful!
    Don’t be surprised – IT IS just well known anHOston. Where is box office, where is Aniston’s mother or Harbert or Huvane – all in one salad!
    A pitiful psycho (Jolie and anHoston).
    Look at Jennifer and study how to work!

  • Carol b

    The world has spoken. We dont like Angelina Jolie. She is not our type and we dont want her. Stay in Europe and dont bore us with any of your movies in the future. We dont wish to see your face or Brad or the family’s again. See how well you do without the money from the USA. See Ya

    • http://google nissi

      You are really a psycho, which world are you talking about????????Some rehab, or mental hospital? That is why you America is going down because of no brainers groomed currently, Dahhhhh Your economy is low so what are you on about? Do you study financial news??? obviously not.

      • Caroline

        Oh, do you study them yourself? What in hell are you blithering on about and why?

    • Vie

      Who likes a heroin/coccaine mental Jolie. People always dreaded psychos even celebrity home wrecker pyscho like Jolie. She should just focus on her one wimpy victim Brad and stop making bombed movies after another.

    • pat

      dont be silly Carol b!!!
      you are idiotic in yr remark on Angie.
      Watch it
      UN certainly endorsed her?
      so, who cares about you haters


    Europe is good, but Namibia is better.

  • beb

    She’s not our type? lolololol

    How soon we forget the tragedy for you that was Salt in July–a huge hit carried by Angelina Jolie, out on DVD now where it will make even MORE money.

    From what I’ve read, Depp is the disappointment in The Tourist so maybe it’s his fault the movie is not doing so well.

    What has loser Aniston done? ….. 0000000 ……. NOTHING. Bombs for movies, fingerbanging in public, using the term, “retard” because she is so ignorant, buddying up with a D-lister like Chelsea Handler. Plus, that plastic surgery on her face is hideous. She’s uglier than ever. Hair in her face and she will never change that to do a better movie role. What a huge loser.

    Remember Wanted?

    • Josie

      lol….Yes by all means blame it on Depp. The critics gave Angie and Depp bad reviews for their performances. The only saving grace about the movie was the scenery, according to all the critics.

    • Josie

      I haven’t seen it, but a few people I know that saw it, all said the same thing. It wasn’t a good movie with good performances but the scenery in Venice was spectacular. They gave the same reviews as the critics.

  • Berthina

    how about thinking if the timing isn’t right. come on, december is an expensive month everyone wishes to save to be able to have a fab holiday outside of the US where the biting cold gets so unbearable. bottom line is, even the biggest names in hollywood tanked at the box office one time or another. bruce willis, tom cruise, harrison ford, arnold schwarzeneger, sylvester stallone, jim carrey, even jennifer aniston. all big names but who had flops. dont forget that johnny depp scored it big with pirates series, alice in wonderland, charlie and the choc factory etc, and angie had salt, wanted, kung fu panda, mrs and mrs smith. people just can’t win every time.

    • Vie

      After Mr. & Mrs. Smith all her movies flopped because people don’t like a drug addict mental whore. Big budgeted movie Salt flopped big time as well. Jolie is not loved by the public after she successfully wreck a not yet finished married because she was itching to snatch the loser Brad and couldn’t wait for the divorce process. She have him but she still the same psycho woman with drugs and mental problems. She’s living the bad karmas she so deserved.

      • jenwho?

        after mr and mrs smith came wanted, beowulf, kung fu panda, salt and those films made money. some of them with other stars but you can’t deny that those were hits. do your assignment before you post vie, your ignorance is showing big time. you may hate her but at least be fair and don’t resort to making stupid, baseless comment. jolie is not loved by the public? even my cousin who used to hate her got starstruck and smitten with her charm when she saw her at the NY premier of salt. she goes out of her way to thank her fans and she does things unselfishly. oh and for bad karmas? hate me if u want but i’m dragging ANUston’s name here cause it’s obvious you’re a fan of that loser. let’s compare shall we?

        kids – angie – 6; anustoon – 0
        loving partner – angie -yes; anustoon – zero (all those guys just used and dumped the witch)
        career – angie scored high on the celebrity index; anustoon coattailing as usual at #4
        oscar – angie – 1; anustoon – zero

        oh i can go on and on, rabid anustoons :D

  • Hailey

    In truth the Tourist did not look great and Boring, and that my friends is why no one went to see it. Jolie is not the greatest actress, in the Eastwood movie she overacted and in the Pearl movie she was spraypainted and afro’d and had this wide eyed (supposed to be intense?) look that was really not good acting if you could call it that. Her earlier work was good and earnest, but that is usually the case when everyone is hungry. She is no longer hungry and it shows, she is no Laura Linney, no Natalie Portman and could never act next to Kate Winslet, she just does not have the chops.

    • pat

      i hope u guys remember Angelina Jolie is an Oscar winner..Plus multiple nominations and also winner of couple of golden globe awards!!!
      UN ambassador!!!
      That says it all.

  • Hailey

    Just because you are good at posing on the mags, have a stylist and wear expensive clothes does not a good actor make.

    • mighty

      an oscar means nothing mickey rourke was more then oscar worthy everyone knew it . the oscars are pure politics !!!

  • kelly

    angie not a good actor? hailey, angie’s got an oscar, what else will it take to make you realize you are harping like the village idiot here? glad that critics and the academy do not share your views. so flip thru your cheap tabloids again and see if it’s angie you’re seeing there. could be ome fame whore with little or no talent at all whose only claim to fame was being married to a more famous hubby – who dumped her to upgrade to angie, lol

    • nora

      She got an oscar for support actor while playing the one role she is good at:. Playing her crazy self.
      She should away overact, she really had no talent, but thanks to a great father and sleeping her way to the top in trailers she became a tabloid queen.
      There are 1000-s of much better actresses.
      She should start taking acting classes

  • Lea

    How silly. How do you know this? $20M opening is very good, not bad. Stop making up stories about her and Brad.


    kelly, Jolie is good actor. But unlike Jennifer Aniston she doesn’t want to be better.
    Hailey is right: Jolie is no longer hungry. Too much attention to all this home shit, to freaking “charity”, to location to other things.
    Will we see the next $20M? Let’s wait.

    • jenwho?

      lol, jen is better? at flipping her hair and parading her aging ass in cabo, oh yeah, that makes her a better person you think? you crack me up big time

  • DON


    • Bianca

      How can a mentally unstable and drug addict person bounce back. People don’t love her period. Its not because of the economy because other movies are blockbusters but her movies bombed.

      • jenwho?

        you seem to interpret that being surrounded by wolves makes one a loved person. jen sure is like that, she treats friends in cabo, in short she buys their loyalty by spending on them, but do they love her? hell, no, with the exception of CCox maybe, the rest just used her. that cheap horse named chelsea handler made anustoon bad by trashing angie after they spent thanksgiving in cabo. do you realize what anustoon must be feeling after all that? she trusted the loud-mouthed horse by prolly talking about angie and she was betrayed in return. and tell me, when was the last time anustoon was seen with her family? her mother? at least angie already reconciled with her dad. maybe your anustoon is not really a sweetheart. even the most independent person wants to spend time with his/her family on special ocassion but your anustoon chose to spend the holidays parading her aging ass in cabo once again, how pathetic is that. i just wonder how her mom and dad felt.

  • terry

    This story is so slanted. Check all box office returns for this movie – it was so NOT a ‘bomb’. The studio’s should have advertised it as a light caper like the Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren romantic, funny, mystery capers, that baby-boomers and older folk are familiar. And about her being depressed, angry about viewers reactions: have you seen the pics of her shopping with Brad Christmas Eve day in Nambia? Yeah, she really looked devastated… not. But I understand, bloggers and haters thrive on the prospect of failure, misery and bad news.
    If you like Angelina or at least have no bias and decided not to see the movie because of articles like this and negative critiques, I recommend you see it on the big screen and decide for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

  • nina

    Financially speaking, this movie obtained $58 mil within 2 wks released given a budget of $100 mil. That’s not so bad. The studio will get their investment and some good profit back for sure by the end of its run & DVD release later on.

    • Jax

      It is a bomb. The film cost 100Mil, that’s the official statement but studios lie about the costs. Add to that the marketing which these days takes half of the budget and you get another 50Mil.
      For a film to not be considered a flop it needs to take 3x of its costs. In this case 450Mill.

      • LA_insider

        you’re speculation is way too high jax. promotion eats up just about 8-10% of the production cost, and marketing is shouldered by local distributor, ie. the french distributor will pay for everything, including hotel and travel expenses of the actors. these are all done with permission of course from the mother producer who has absolute right to the film. the theater buys the right to the films reels so the minute they show it, the movie is already earning from the ticket sales and the rights bought by the theater owner. also, your projection of profit 3x the production cost is quite unrealistic, ideal but difficult to achieve. are you telling us that avatar, with it’s production cost of $1billion is a flop because it didn’t rake in $4billion in ticket sales? do you think james cameron is feeling depressed because ticket sales is only 2.8 bill as of today? deduct the production cost of $1B and you’ll see that the producer is now basking in the glory of having achieved $1.8 profit. do you honestly think he’s still sad with that? lol
        any producer will be happy to earn $100m profit for his film venture. so you’re actually shooting for the moon with your assumption.
        lastly, fyi, box office make up about 60-70% of the total profit, 20-30% from dvd and 10% from the viewing rights paid for by theater owners. how do i know? just that my hubby works in the marketing department of a film production.


    All the best to studio – we are talking about Jolie’s work. Don’t change the accents, please.

  • myheartsadancer

    I’m really suprised about this article. Though the movie did not make 20M on the first weekend, the movie has been solid and going sold out every weekend in Toronto.

  • http://google nissi

    The movie has been racking a wide crowd and sold out in Europe, A few papers create stories to draw the crowds. They know if they head line angie negatively, Jen’s crowd would buy anything.

    • Jax

      What are you talking about?
      It only got to the second spot in Germany and the rest of Europe isnt’ doing better with this film.

  • sAmuel GARCIA

    hey people! why single out Angelina? Movies of some A- listers also bombed at the box office this December. Look at Reese Witherspoon’s “How do you know?”, it is far worst than Angie’s Movie and you don’t sensationalize this. Come on, the Tourist is making money than the “fighter”, “Black Swan”, “Burlesque” and others.

    The tourist’s take at the box is far better than “Narnia” considering it’s production budget of close to 200 Million! The tourist will continue to rake in money better than the other A-listers, that’s for sure.

    I think the writer of this article is anti-Angelina. Come on, we know Angie won’t react like what you described. We know very well that the Tourist will continue to make money and it will make money overseas!

    • Vie

      Her movie bombed because few people wants to see her on it. They have every reasons not to.

      • jenwho?

        and that also explained why anustoon’s stupid roncoms keep tanking. who wants to see a middle-aged witch doing cutesy roles? stupid, isn’t it

  • shelbyGT

    salt’s production is $110M and thats jolie alone and it raked more than 280M . the tourist cost $100M and that’s with JDepp in it. the movie’s doing good, far from a stinking bomb and is on it’s 2nd week. what flop? what failure? jolie and depp are even nominated for GG. haters just want to believe all these lies. why don’t you losers just flip thru your cheap tabloid and drool over that old cow and her new BFF, horse-faced chelsea handler? lol

  • Deb

    Um, seriously doubt that Jolie spends as much time as Aniston fretting about nonsense. Seriously doubt that.

    If this is a ploy to play up Aniston, it blows.

  • Deb

    Aniston only wishes she had as much class and cojones as Jolie. That’s why she hangs out with d-bags like Chelsea Handler. She’s a big ‘fraidy cat who can’t hang onto one of the twenty men she’s “gotten Brad back with”.

    • leV

      Who can compete with someone who kisses her own brother, is a junkie, adopts children to wash her image etc.?

      • le’Vil

        lemme check, that was so 1999…. you mean you hadn’t moved an inch since then? 11 years has passed and still you got that image on your sick brain? how about you count the men who got into jen’s pee hole – oh yeah, include her turd cutter too, ewww!!!!- you’ll be surprised to know who’s the bigger whore between the two. and the fugly one just won’t stop. someone remind that poor cow SLUTiston that her milk is now getting stale

      • leV

        sick brain?That’s all you got? come on, I want better insults, fantard!
        a junkie incestuos Hollywood cliche will always be nothing more than that

    • Vie

      Psycho Jolie TRIED to washe her worst image but its UNWASHABLE. People don’t like her, only very few deluded fans who love a drug addict whore psycho and humanitarian fake. Even her very own children, Brad, and Brad’s parents can’t stand her mental issues.

      • Vie

        Oops, I mean “wash” not washe. lol


    Oh, Deb, Aniston was very OK without that chip Chelsea!
    Chelsea needs a material for her blah-blah-blah.
    And Chelsea had received good PR unlike Jennifer.

  • JenniferJolie

    wow, i am so amazed how some people could be so mean to both angie and jennifer when their basis for doing so are the garbage heaped on their laps by these sleazy mags. why can’t we just wish these two fab ladies the best of luck? i love angie with her talent and charity works and i think jennifer is really a sweetheart. let’s face it, both are gifted with beauties, we ‘ordinary folks’ can only admire. so i really find it funny when some of you think angie is ugly or that jen is an old cow!!! sheeesh, i only wish i’ll look great like them when i’m in my mid- 30′s-40s. these two are raking in beauty and sexy points each time they are on the covers of magazines. i’m guessing even the younger (and supposedly much talented) stars wish they could reach fame like angie and jen. and don’t even start on the home-wrecking issue against angie when jen herself don’t even call her that – in public at least. jen lovers should follow her lead and move on. and angie lovers should also stop attaching her and brad’s name to jen. you people are the reason why these dirty mags won’t let the issue rest. you feed these vultures the meat they want and they give it back to you twice as rotten as to fabricate lies to further fuel your hatred.

    • Disgusted

      Well said #26 JenniferJolie!! I’ll admit I’m a Jennifer fan but I don’t go around saying vulgar and nasty things about Angie. All the haters on both sides are just making money for the rag mags. You have to be blind to say that either one of them is ugly. They both do charity work as well as many other stars. ALL movie stars have had a movie BOMB. Some of the greatest ones in the past never got an Oscar for whatever reason. Jennifer and Angie will never be friends but I think the hate if only between their fans which the magazines encourage and make money. Time to stop beating a dead horse…….

  • Brad’s a weak soul

    Angeloonie manages to walk the line of being unstable enough for her Brangeloonie fans to fear her, sympathetic enough that they feel for her, and vibrant enough that they understand Angeloonie obsession with adopting children and humanitarian work and charities to cover up the dirty deeds. Can Angeloonie performances really hold up in time? Angeloonie really shows her demented ,fruity ,insane,Psychotic,wacky,crackbrained, cuckoo self especially in interviews and Red carpets events.
    Brad… You should have taken the Matt Damon route

  • looloo

    angie’s movies will always do good because of all the men out there that think with the other heads.

  • Brad’s a weak soul

    LooLoo; Soo what happen to the “Tourist”? It’s not doing very well!!!!LMAO Looks like the men out there are really thinking with there heads……LMAO

  • Bratt

    You got that right!!!!! The Tourist While the setting, Venice, is perfect and the clothes are lovely, the film gives out a feeling of playing a part, of being phony. Yes, cinema is all about creating an illusory world, but someone needs to believe in the world to get the audience into that willing suspension of disbelief.The Tourist looks like all the actors are playing dress up in this picture perfect world. The complete lack of chemistry between the leads Angelina Jolie (Elise) and Johnny Depp (Frank) does not help either. And because the film is not engrossing, one begins to ask questions and then the film just falls through enormous plot holes.The cast is all round excellent from Paul Bettany as the Pierce-obsessed Acheson to Timothy Dalton as the avuncular Chief Inspector Jones. Johnny Depp is extraordinary as the mousy math teacher called upon to do superhuman feats. While Jolie looks lovely (she could put on some weight though), she is essentially playing Jolie, which would not be such a bad thing if only she would put some heart into it. Now with The Tourist out of the way, maybe he will go back to making all-round brilliant movies.

  • Bratt

    Like many of you, we were shocked when this year’s Golden Globe nominees were announced. The Best Musical or Comedy category has been under a lot of scrutiny because of the inclusion of Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and their film The Tourist. Who knew that the movie was funny or full of great songs? Apparently, it was filled with laughs, but unfortunately most of them were caught off camera and came at the expense of co-star Paul Bettany.

  • gracie

    there’s the magic word bratt APPARENTLY. makes me wonder why you had the nerve to question their noms when it is obvious that you didn’t see the film. lest you want to look like a fool for believing haters like you why not watch it and see for yourself if it really stinks? the world is full of people like you who harp at things they don’t even see. i’m no big fan of angie but i’m a huge depp fan and i’ve watched it because of him and i’d say it’s an entertaining film. not sure if your idea of comedy is limited to those stupid slapstick cause if that is the case then i can’t blame you.

  • Linda

    Oh well, you win a few, lose a few, that’s show business, cannot expect every performance to be a super Hit. She get over it, I am sure she will make another movie and will be a success and then she be back to being the High Queen of movies again. I sincerely feel that her and Brad are way overrated anyway and certainly not worth what they get paid to be in a movie.

  • Bratt

    Gracie: It’s my opinnion of the Movie….I don’t have to agree with you nor you with me….Oh i did see the film that is why i commented….Again me and half of america is questioning this sh!t…..Agian you harping away at my comment which is pathetic on your part since again its my damn opinnion….OH bye the way GO TAKE YOUR MEDS!!!!!!

    • Yale 1982

      Hahahaaaa! Seriously! And yes, people, the movie is a giant steaming pile of toss!And Bratt is correct: This is an open forum and those of us whose opinions are at variance with the opinions expressed by others are equally entitled to state our opinions, so go take your meds already, crazy lady.

    • gracie

      hahahaha, half of america agreed with you? who do you think you are? is your last name obama btw? because not even the POTUS can claim that 50% of americans agree with him. you are the one in DIRE need of serious medication bratt, YOU ARE SO DELUSIONAL. LOLOLOL

  • Brad’s a weak soul

    Domestic: $41,178,000 64.4%
    + Foreign: $22,717,724 35.6% = Worldwide: $63,895,724 In Release: 17 days / 2.4 weeks Still didn’t make buget…LMAO

    • Chele

      Yep! Perhaps because it sucks in such a huge way.Hated the thing!

  • Vie

    Jolie should start loosening her leash on Brad’s neck and let him work full-time and make many movies instead of wearing the pants in the relationship because the stolen good, I mean man, cannot be trusted. She can never have peace of mind while Brad is with her. Its a mystery that this woman who claims that Brad is her soulmate and perfect partner waits ages to marry her. Brad maybe a wimpy weak loser but he certainly is man enough to hold to her manipulations of marrying her. Maybe Brad waits for Jolie to add another half dozen of army of kids. :)

  • song4mozart

    The movie was a flop because Johnny Depp was in it. Nobody wanted to see an old, fat man kiss Angelina. Johnny has decided to throw in the towel, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend $20 to watch it happen. If I want to watch fat jiggle, I can jump up and down naked in front of a mirror FOR FREE!

  • Brad’s a weak soul

    Just because you’re picture-perfect together, doesn’t mean you’re a shoo-in to last in Hollywood.

  • Brad’s a weak soul

    Okay this Marriage thing may be happening for Brad and Angelina Vice President Joe Biden Told good Morning america on Dec 24 “country is evolving, and I think there is an inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage.” He said he can see a new precedent being set, with the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, ending a ban on openly gay and lesbian servicemembers in the military.
    Biden, 68, compared the repeal with same-sex marriage, saying:”We prepared the ground so that it was so widely accepted as it is today.
    “I think the same thing is happening across the country with regard to the issue of marriage.
    The next effort is probably going to deal with the so-called DOMA.”
    The DOMA refers to the Defense of Marriage Act that bars federal recognition of same-sex unions.
    President Barack Obama says his feeling on gay marriage are “constantly evolving” and that he’ll “continue to wrestle with this going forward.”
    Public opinion is showing a steady shift towards favoring gay marriage.
    For the first time in 15 years, fewer than half of Americans oppose allowing gay and lesbians to marry, according to a Pew Research Center poll released in October.
    unless,Brad backs out…..Well we’ll see…..

  • Bratt

    Berthina: where are you getting your information from? Have you looked at the Box office number? well there has been lots of movies in december that had block buster and just after 15 miserdays with Tourist the Little Fockers made $48.3 million in 5 days…WOW Again where are you getting this information?

  • fay cox

    Right on Julie BubbleGums! Jen is the lucky one and surely she knows that. What a handy excuse Angelina has!
    I don’t like Jolie because she doesn’t grasp the fact that you can love other countries and still be proud to be an American but she disses it every chance she gets. Maybe others feel like me.

  • Disgusted

    Sorry Bratt, but I think Berthina’s comments made sense. People have other things on their minds right now with the economy the way it is than going to a movie – good or bad.

  • In LA

    Angelina insists that the film is ‘Great performance’, but what she fails to realize is that people do not see movies based on ‘Great performances’. Audiences see movies based on interest in the story and the actors. Every A-List celeb (Angelina and Brad are the A-List), eventually reach box office peak and slowly decline (Tom Cruise has been in a downward spiral for years). As for The Tourist, the issue was Johnny Depp – audiences do not want to see him as anything but Jack Sparrow. Depp was the wrong choice of casting as lead for Angelina.


    It was necessary to close one eye to him.

  • Bratt

    Disgusted;Well the box office numbers says otherwise…People just don’t want to waste their hard earn money on Angelina…LMAO

    • jenwho?

      well we did, that’s why salt, mr and mrs smith, wanted and kung fu panda made money. tourist may not be a huge hit in the US but it sure will recover when the final ticket worldwide is counted. the same can not be said for anutoon’s bomb though. seriously? management earned less than 1m last year, biggest bomb in that z-lister’s career so far.

  • jilly

    Yeah, let’s blame it on the economy and Chelsea Handler and I’m sure Jennifer Aniston. Let’s face it, It’s not even the movie or anyone else for that matter, it’s her! “ANGELINA JOLIE BOMBED”, period. LMAO


    Jilly, I guess, I’ll spend freaking money and see the Tourist on January, 5, BUT FOR THIS what a great oportunity to analyse it! All the BEST episodes! For sure as a well-wisher. No hatred! Christmas time!

    • jilly

      Good luck with that, I hope you don’t fall asleep during the dull movie of skankelina. Merry Christmas to you BTW. :)


    I guess, I’ll roar with laughter. (A little!)
    Marry Christmas to you, Jilly!

  • After the Break Up

    Thanks for taking the time to write this post. I spent some time thinking about it and I am going to write another more detailed comment a bit later on because I need to make my thoughts more coherent. Nonetheless, thanks again. Very interesting


    Where is your comment, After the Break Up? Don’t doubt, please, your thoughts are enough coherent. Very interesting.

  • Lolaa

    Jolie’s paid posters are everywhere.


    After the Break Up, you promised! We are still waiting. Don’t worry, a lot writers here are after the break up too!

  • http://nil deanie

    The ‘Tourist’ bomb in box office ? Wait for overseas result then.( Angelina Jolie’s movies always get more attraction in foreign countries)Been watching it twice & found the English way comedy is very interesting,at least it won’t bore the movie ! Support the ‘Tourist’ !+++A listed !

  • Judge Not

    to all angie/brad/jennifer lovers/haters

    here’s the real deal:

    jen decided to let go of brad – now she’s single and doing fab in her career. she’s at the peak of her life, is surrounded by friends, and she’s not desperate as some people believe her to be in fact she’s in total control of her life!!! and who says she’s not into charities as well? she supports an orphanage in mexico, yet no one bashes her for not doing it in america.

    brad decided to be with angie – now he has kids he’s been longing for and is happy being a dad. his career is going great guns and his eyes are now open to worthy causes (as jen herself pointed out in one interview, thereby unconsciosuly saying that angie is a great influence on that aspect)

    angie decided to make a family with brad – motherhood seemed to change her from her wild ways and she’s also doing great, career-wise, in her personal life and in the different causes she’s involved with

    end of story.

    so who are we to judge anyone of them? easier to see the positive than trash them for what these cheap tabloids tell us. try it some time people.

    • Anonymous

      Has Jennifer given yet the $1M she promised to Haiti? It’s been a while now. Been in the news but no dough coming up.


    After Br-Up, where is your reply? You promised!

  • Anonymous

    Currently, The Tourist has earned more than $160M gross revenue worldwide and the movie bombed? I know, I know. The movie’s budget is $100M while the budget for other movies are less than $20M. There’s ‘something’ with somebody’s accounting somehow. Or Angelina must be in a class all her own.

  • rasha

    I don’t know why they keep saying that the tourist bombed at the box office because internationally it is doing very well the film so far has grossed a total of $186,579,000 worldwide and soon will reach 200,000,000 I don’t think u can call this a failure accept it angelina’s movies are nothing but successful

  • shani curtis

    Well i’m like do they read the script before the take the role