John Travolta’s Wife Kelly Preston ‘Wants Him to Come Out’

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

John Travolta and Kelly PrestonJOHN Travolta‘s wife wants him to come out of the closet.

Sources say Kelly Preston — with whom the actor raises two children — has demanded that Travolta tells her the truth about his sexuality.

Kelly made her demands after John was recently outed as gay by his longtime pal, Carrie Fisher.

“A distraught Kelly is begging him, ‘John, just tell me the truth’,” a source close to the couple told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Having another child was their way of holding their marriage together after the tragic death of their son Jett.

“But now these revelations from Carrie have brought back Kelly’s worst fears, so she’s begging John to tell her once and for all whether he’s gay or not.

“John has always worried that coming out would affect his image and cost him parts. Privately, he’s been telling pople to believe what they want to believe.”



  • Patty Fitz

    I do not want this to be true. He was so cute and yummy to watch [when he was young] he can’t be gay! No no no noooo!

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Ive kinda suspected that he was yrs ago! back in Grease! I dont know it was just the way he carried hiself back then that was the give away! but as the yrs went by he has become pretty good at hiding it… It’s the actor in him! but hey its okay to “come out” now… I think John is a great actor and it doesnt change my views on him… “Not One Bit”…. :)

  • MillieS

    John Travolta is NOT gay. I know.

  • Johnin Jersey

    What a big surprise John T is gay. Next they will be telling us Tom Cruse is gay too. Say it isn’t so.

  • Henry Juhala

    What is really at stake here is not the personal integrity of John Travolta (or even Tom Cruise). What is at stake are their positions within the Church of Scientology.

    That is the real hindrance to them and keeps them from being integrous about their personal sexual orientation. The doctrine of the church is ingrained so deep they feel they cannot betray it — even if it affects their emotional health or their family lives. They would rather not defile their religious beliefs than be true to their own personal integrity. In their views, even if they participated in gay activities in the past, the church has “reparative therapies” that supposedly can cure them of being gay.

    Well, if the rumors of Travolta and Cruise are true, apparently the therapies have not worked. Truth is, there is little scientific evidence such ex-gay ministries work. Most of the supposed success stories are anecdotal with little substantiation in science or medicine.

    No wonder people like Travolta keep “slipping” into their gay lives again and again. He can claim he is not gay all he wants. The evidence ssems to be to the contrary. When I lived in Hollywood, most every gay person who had any connection with Travolta would discuss him as if everyone else, including Travolta himself, knew he was gay and having gay experiences on the down-low. It is time for Travolta to come clean. If not, there are perhaps others with evidence that can help him do so.

  • whatthen

    At this stage of the game, why did Carrie fisher have to say that Travolta was gay? None of her business except to ruin him. He has always been a wonderful father and family man. It is between Kelly Preston and himself. Carrie Fisher is a failure and so she has to knock him down a peg. who really cares?

    • stinkerbell


  • Andie

    Who on Earth would care if John is gay or not? It’s not as if it is a crime or anything?

    …oh wait, it is to the church of scientology.

    • Scientology student MM

      There is no gay therapy. Hubbard has no rules on sexuality. Scientologists can choose to be gay while being a Scientologist.

      • Scientology student MM

        Suzy – Admit it you are not exSCN. You a writer though. How else could you have come up with such fabrications. Scientologist shun the trash coming from mouths like yours. Please go away and leave us alone.

      • osa handlers

        Ceasefire’s over, Terryeo?

  • Suzy ExSci

    I don’t know why people are saying if John came out, it would hurt his career. It can only help his career.

    If he comes out and leaves Sientology and does a “tell all” book, he can be a bazillionaire all over again and jump start his career again. If he divulges the truth about Scientology’s dark side, he can be a hero to those who are still trapped inside Scientology. (Scientology’s staff or Sea Org members).

    The majority of the staff and Sea Org members are not allowed to read outside information about what is really going on in the world and the church literally cuts them off from it. If they were to start looking into what critics have been saying all along, they would suffer the consequences during their Scietology auditing sessions and be forced to go through the “church”s “sec checks”.

    But if enough noise was made about these abuses, this information would eventually trickle down into their “orgs” and bring in the attention of authorities to the family disconnection, human trafficking, crimes, fair game harrassment and other abuses that the “church” is guilty of.
    Thankfully, many Scientology members have looked and have decided to leave.

    John can be a hero.
    Nobody cares if he is gay and the majority of people already know it.
    The church is holding his “PC file” over his head as an intimidation tool. (PC files are confidential files kept on their members from their auditing sessions which contain EVERTYTHING personal about them, which the “church” will divulge if they leave)

    If John was to come out and tell all, the “church’s” info would be worthless to use as a tool against him.
    People are suffering within the “church” daily. Each day that members do not come forward with the truth, is another day that someone will suffer.
    They are suffer mentally, physically (Scientology’s RPF punishment within the Sea Org) and financially.

    The truth can set you free John!
    Don’t be a part of supporting Scientology’s abuses any longer. Your fans will have your back.
    And for those of you who do not know about Scientology, google it and read for yourself or talk to ex members!

  • jasmine

    i hope he’s not gay, ive liked him since forever.

  • Harvey Lipshitz

    He’s just doing what Richard Chamberlain said…”Stay in the Closet”…

  • cindy

    I do not think John is gay but if he is or not doesnt matter to me. I love him straight or gay.
    But the point is its no ones business. if he is gay he obvioulsy doesnt want anyone to know.
    and also I must say some friend Carrie Fisher is to John.
    Just let him be…

  • Cara

    At the end of the day, it’s no one’s business who is gay or not. Who cares? I’m still a John Travolta fan no matter what.

    Carrie Fisher is just a horrible person for talking about her friends.

    People always assume I’m gay because I never got married. I’m not gay and I just never found the one person that I thought I could truly have a lasting marriage with. I’m very happy in my life. At the end of the day, people shouldn’t make assumptions and they should just mind their own bisness.

    • Blah

      How did this comment become about you?

      Not Gay? sure…

      Who you trying to convince?

  • Pull the Wool

    Can you say “National Enquirer”?

  • Scientology student MM

    GLT are welcomed at SCN, I know.

  • Mark R Lyon

    Being GAY does not mean you are less cute or handsome in fact there are many millions of very handsome gay men in this world. John coming out GAY should not effect is opportunities to do what ever he wants too.

  • osa handlers

    Scientologists like Terryeo/Scientology student MM attack psychiatrists but when you ask them why Hubbard classified being gay as something abnormal and negative they say,”Well, psychiatry was saying the same thing back when he wrote it”.

  • nothing

    His wifes a BI*CH can’t she just leave him the fuck alone,even if he is gay its his decision to come out of the closet,please f**k off kelly.

  • Harvey Lipshitz

    I think that John should come out…Most of the Liberals in California and people who go to see his movies are gay anyway….

    Hope he isn’t bisexual because everyone knows that bisexuals are just greedy…


    He is GAY. He is so gay he is almost cross-eyed. You can tell just by looking at him. He was photographed kissing a guy ON THE MOUTH on an airplane ladder. Did you miss that ?
    Do a search on it. And he left Kelly , who was about to give birth any minute, to fly to Australia…they have PROBLEMS. And he is now an official jerk for doing that to her. If she had gone into labor, he would not have been able to get home in time. I would have divorced him over that, let alone the fact he’s bi-sexual / leaning more towards gay. There was Kelly, helpless and pregnant, and that jerk takes a plane to the other side of the world.
    How much could he say he didn’t care !!!??? And she was dumb enough to have a baby at this late stage in life, to replace a child that was lost ? I’m sorry but I think its all a big mistake. And John wasn’t even grateful enough to stay by Kelly’s side. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH JOHN.

  • Pat

    there are too many other things going on right now that we all should be concerned about. Children suffering hunger, families losing homes and jobs, many things to get involved with, John and Kelly are human beings with a life to live, let them live it in peace, and look for another outlet to do some good.

  • Jennifer

    He is disgusting and Ive always thought hes creepy
    not to mention a giant suck up for buying Oprah a car
    just so she will say nice things about him. He bought
    her a car ages ago (as if she needs it!!!) big sycophant
    Travolta and evildoer being gay.

  • Jennifer

    and not to mention mental for being in that insane
    ridiculous cult with man made origins

  • http://yahoo diane

    he has entertained us for so many years at this point who cares let his private life be that private

  • Sal

    I don’t think John should personally come out as an actor. I just hope he comes out to his wife and tells her the truth. Innocent spouses deserve better.

    Also, when you have so many people saying they slept with you while publicly married and raising a family, it looks bad, real bad. I do not care for the down low lifestyle at all. It’s nothing but selfishness.
    After all these years, Kelly has to have noticed something because women can not compete with that.

  • Debra

    I have adored John Travolta since Welcome Back Kotter. He is a fabulous actor, very intelligent and a kind man. I wish he would ditch Scientology, but it’s his right to worship as he chooses. As far as his sex life~~~ it’s nobody’s business but his and his wife!! Leave him alone unless you have something nice to say!!!

  • Harvey Lipshitz

    I think that Carrie is jealous and trying to sabotage John. I believe that when he got the role in Hairspray, Carrie flipped out…Carrie really wanted that role…as Edna Turnblad….You gotta admit that John is butt ugly as a woman…

  • Travis

    man i cant believe this about that guy…

    • moggy

      I was surprised to cause I always loved John Travolta but I guess what happens in Hollywood doen’t stay in Hollywood or anywhere else apparently

  • kates11

    it is really none of our business. it is between his wife and himself. Whatever,he is he is still a human being and a man that has been through a terrible loss,that of losing a child.There is nothing worse than that and maybe that being why hide it if he is gay.At this stage of his life I really don’t think it will make a difference,maybe just relief. After all it isn’t about his sexual orientation but what he is as a human being and from what I have seen and heard a pretty nice one .

  • Ccnlea966

    Every one needs to shut up and mind their own business.  Whatever his likes or dislikes are  it's nobody's business but his and his wife's.  It doesn't affect your life, so why do you care? His sexuality has nothing to do with your life, his quality of acting, singing or dancing.  Live and let live.

    • Floodmar

      When a star wears the robe of a celebrity he becomes a open book to the public, but that does not mean we should criticize him for his sexually preference.

  • Lou God

    To start a reply in differnt perspective, 
    :I do not care for and gay people in any color. John, a brillant actor, better dancer and c+ singer. Now I’ve tried to practice his moves which are difficult and take a lot of magnificent footwork which can compare to anything that is fun to do on a saturday night. My wife thinks I can  do 1 quarter of the moves with to 2 years of practice and less beer. Regardless, all these songs and dances will be forever!
    Now for more input I give my wife the stage.

  • sharon

    plain and simple i don’t believe it

  • Michelle

    Im dont know what to think about this but when I saw that movie (Its Just a Movie)
    were he plays the guy who takes over the train, Anyways he kept talking about about fuckin people in the ass….I was really weirded out when I saw this but like I said Its just a movie…

  • HeyMoe

    he just loves da kock