Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston has a crush on actor Adrien Brody.

Aniston — who’s divorced from Brad Pitt – apparently got cozy with Brody at a recent Christmas bash.

“Jen and Adrien were flirting with each other outrageously — you could totally tell that they’re an item,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“At one point, Adrien was leading Jen away in hand. She was rubbing her hands down his back and gazing into his eyes like she was totally smitten.

“Jen is definitely very taken by Adrien, who has been a close acquaintance of hers for a long time.

“He’s a charming, intelligent guy who has no pretensions about him whatsoever, so Jen always feels at ease in his company.

“And besides the fact he isn’t insecure about her success, she loves the dangerous, edgy side to him. He exudes this rugged sex appeal that Jen gravitates towards. But she needs to be careful.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed that Aniston’s new perfume isn’t doing very well.

“Jen chose her perfume. But other than launching it at Harrods in London, she’s done no promotion,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine.

“No-one knew where to find it and now everyone’s lost interest.

“The people behind the scent are bound to be disappointed. They can’t figure out why no-one wants to smell like Jen.

“Marketing shows most people believe Jen smells ‘natural and clean’, which is the opposite of why you’d buy a perfume, so maybe that’s it.”[imagebrowser id=565]



  • Blaire

    I didn’t know that Jen had a perfume line. Does her scent smell like her kunt?

    • Disgusted

      Nothing like showing everyone how crude you are!! I’m sure everyone is impressed by your comment!

    • Patty Fitz

      You are a disgusting pig and I bet you don’t have a girlfriend or a wife do ya? Boyfriend maybe if he is a woman hater like you, pig.

    • Josie

      You people really do enjoy trying to knock Jennifer Aniston down. Try all you want, It won’t happen. What exactly has Jennifer done to deserve your wrath????? Can anybody answer this question????

      • http://Blaire Jane

        For Blaire,

        you are a low life to say about Jennifer Aniston

  • Pepe Jr

    I sure hope so. Mama will like smelling like Ms Aniston’s kunt wayyy better than the donkey she’s been sporting as of late. She never takes shower after work.
    Yes. Jenny’s pu$$y is a better smell for Mama.

    • el

      How are you so sure that she doesnt shower. I swear you people are so ignorant, always thinking ignorant. I hope your comment helped your low self esteem. “Low Life.”

    • Patty Fitz

      Another disgusting pig…why don’t you faggots go blow your selves and stop being jealous of famous women?

      • http://ForPepeJr Jane

        For Pepe, Jr
        you are a low life to say about Jennifer Aniston

  • Pat

    This story smells fishy BUT I just know Jennifer Aniston smells like a fresh sea breeze!

    • jina

      Jen slept with many guys. so her smell like fishy, stink

    • porn

      Have ever you taste her urine? How you know she smell fresh sea breeze

  • anon

    same fiction different day : it’s more lies : when there is space in her life, tabloids randomly invent something

  • wow

    Pepe and Blair, you guys are real classy. I’m suprised with your limited vocabulary you guys know how to read, AND post. How talented.

  • Pfft

    Ehh. Different day, same shit. Next.

  • REALbarbwire7

    Are you guys 12?

  • http://deleted andy

    you guys are missing the point to the article she has a new boyfriend, that means she has a new movie coming out, if i am not mistaken in a month at the most, same old story, a new guy for every new movie it never ends, my does anyone tell this old fart to go back to TV.

  • spring

    Right on target for new crap movie to come out. She and Huvane never fails their adoring fans.

    • Josie

      Jeez, you people really do seem to enjoy trying to knock Jennifer down. Try all you want, it won’t happen. What exactly has she done, to deserve your wrath??? Can anybody answer this question?????

      • emily

        No one want to knock her down. But they suprice why she can’t keep any guys.Must be something wrong with her? Look at her face some how look like a man, expecially when she up her hair. Her body is women but her face masculin? Is she gay or lesbian?

      • Josie

        Umm, Think with your brain if you have one. Angie couldn’t keep a guy. She’s had two short term failed marriages. One of which was with Billy Bob who was 20 years her senior. In all her relationships she would have to act the whore and hooker, by having threesomes and S&M, just to keep the guys interested. Even that wasn’t enough to keep the men!! She’s had to resort to having babies for Brad in record time, just to keep him, after she said she would never have biological kids. Brangie won’t get married because they fear their marriage wouldn’t last. I agree with them. The only thing they have going for them, in terms of the relationship lasting, is their kids.

  • Meg

    She goes through so many men that I am beginning to wonder if she really is straight or just loose. Besides, I never once blamed Brad or Angie for the break up of Jen and Brad’s marriage. Because, it’s obvious that she chosen her career over having a family and that is the real reason why her marriage ended.

    • LORRIE

      TRUE. She was married to Brad for a while, long enough…but they never had kids. He was dying to be a Dad , and said so. Next thing you know he met the real love of his life, now he’s happy and has kids.
      I think Jennifer is bi-sexual ,and leans more towards women. She’s close to other likely bi’s/gays like Cheryl Crowe and Chelsea Handler…plus the OVERLY close thing with Courtney Cox.
      Jennifer is also dead dull boring—she’s horrible to listen to during an interview. Flaky, shallow, not too bright.

      • el

        Listen to yourself! Please! Do you make any type of sense? No. Talking garbage is all i see. “Flaky, shallow, NOT BRIGHT AT ALL!” “‘Low Life’”

    • Josie

      Brad the loser couldn’t get Christina Applegate to date him, she only liked him as a friend. He went on to Julliette Lewis, then to Gweneth Paltrow, who dumped him when they were engaged. He the dated Jen for two years, they stayed married for 5 years. She wouldn’t give him the kids he said he wanted since the beginning of their marriage. He HAD to resort to Jolie, the hollywood prostitute, just to get the kids he wanted. Angie had to do so in record time, even though she swore she’d never have biological children. Can anybody say DESPERATE!! These two deserve each other because nobody else wants to give either what they want. Two losers who give each other what they want, because nobody else will. Jolie’s had two short failed marriages, one with Billy, 20 years her senior. Both in which she had to indulge them in threesomes and S&M to keep them. Guess what? It still didn’t work for her!! A prostitute would have had more luck than Angie…lol

    • Carrie

      Honestly Lorrie, I didn’t know you were so close to her and knew all of her personal business. Oh wait, your not close to her and you don’t know her personal life! So does that mean you sit there and drum all of this up on your own? Maybe your bi-sexual?

      Get a grip! She has a best friend, doesn’t mean their lesbians.

  • Dan W

    I wish Jennifer would grow up! Stop picking children Jennifer. Try a man who has his head on straight. And stay away from egotistical actors, singers, ball players and narcissists! Oh darn. that would be you!

  • !!!

    Another bullsh”t story, you’ll be linking her to some other random person this time next week!

  • KL

    What-ever. She does need to think about settling down soon though. She is a good actress in the right films, she chooses to do commercial films for the money, nothing wrong with that!! Pretty lady. ;-)

    • omi

      Good actress in the right film? It’s so naive answer.If she is good. Any of her movie will be good. She has no talent on any movies that why her movies flop.

    • tris

      She is plastic lady. Not pretty lady

    • Josie

      Jolie’s career will be over soon. The only lead she can play well is the same old, same old action movies. She’s proven a flop in all her other leading roles, which were not action. The Tourist is among another bomb of a movie, with her in the lead, because it was a triller, which she couldn’t pull off, so they changed it to a comedy, which it clearly is not!!. She’s too old to play the lead in an action movie. Is this why she’s trying her hand at directing a movie?? You idiots have now made it unable for Angie to sell a perfume or anything else for that matter!! What a bunch of tools!!

      • Josie

        Jen is decent by any standard. She does what all hollywood actresses do in movies including Jolie. Are you saying Jolie hasn’t taken her clothes off in movies? She was pissed because Depp cut out the sex scene in “The Tourist”, because he didn’t feel it was appropriate for the movie. The reason Jolie doesn’t appear on magazine covers nude, (BTW, it’s only nudity if you show your privates) is because she isn’t asked to because she doesn’t have the body. She’ll show her back side all covered in tattoos, because who couldn’t possibly have a bad back?? Jolie is the real true life prostitute, who’s known to be involved in threesomes, S&M, knives, blood, incest with her brother and real hard core drugs. heck, even Brad smokes pot. I know tons of people who smoke pot. You can purchase it legally in CA. In Charlie’s Angels, all the women appeared in a bikini. Halle Berry’s done nude sex scenes. Kate Winslet has appeared totally nude in sex scenes, I could go on and on, but I hope you morons get the picture. Anybody who reads your comments will know just how dumb you all are. Don’t ever compare Jen or other actresses, with real life trash like Jolie. She ‘s the real thing in low life trash,

      • Carrie

        I COMPLETELY agree!!!


    KL, not just for money, but for her own movies. You really pretty lady.
    (Jilly, you too).

    • jilly

      Thanks cutie GARRY. ;) I am just stunned by these beyond stupid comments above. I see some sick, psycho, angieHo lovers who poor their poison out on a decent person like Jen. You should all wish to BE her.

      • jilly

        I meant “pour” their poison, sorry…

      • Amy

        ok explain to be why do you call her a decent person? She takes her clothes off for money? YES. she sleeps with her co stars? YES. she has not been in a serious relathionship for years now? YES (and she likes to have one night stands her own words) she does drugs? YES (this is what Jen told Rolling Stone Magazine, so don’t hate me for saying it its true “A little pot never hurt anyone” Jen said. And last but not least she strips everytime a new movie comes out. So please tell me why is she a decent person? Nude with a tie only remember that, her boobs and other things are showing on her latest movie production, and her new perfume had pictures of her naked in order to promote it. And who can forget the lovely spreed she did for W magazine with Gerard who she claims she was not sleeping with but if you let a man talk about your breast what does that make people think. Oh and there are pictures of Gerard touching her ass, but they are just friends. Jennifer Aniston Hollywoods favorite FRIEND with benefits (;

      • jen

        Jenifer Aniston’s hen are jealous bitch, low-class, un-emplyed, and mental sicknes

  • kim

    Oh, I forgot, no matter how many men you try to slut yourself out to, Brad ain’t jealous or comming back!

    • Josie

      Obviously, Angie the prostitute who was into S&M, threesomes, incest, you name it she’s into it, couldn’t keep her men. Two failed short term marriages!! Wow, she must really suck in bed, even with all her bag of tricks. She couldn’t even keep Billy Bob who was 20 years her senior….lol

  • kim

    Jen lost her man to another woman. How sad, who cares. She has had constant flings that come to an end for a reason. Money and looks can’t buy you everything, and although Angie is no saint, she got your man and he isn’t coming back. So go pay ten thousand dollars for another hair style, she has no clue what real life struggles are about. Obviously she hasn’t learned what it takes in the bedroom to keep a man!

    • toto

      She not lost her man for other women. But her man was run to other women and stuck there for happiness

    • Josie

      What’s keeping Brangie together is their children. Jen wouldn’t give Brad children, but Angie did ASAP, just to keep him. DESPERATE!!!

  • kim

    or a women

  • kim

    a dog


    Josie, WHAT EXACTLY has she done?
    1. She was a wife of Brad Pitt. “Why not me?” – that was a hard question for millions of women on all the planet.
    2. Since 2006 she looks better and better. Better than 35-years old, including Jolie.
    Josie, IT’S ENOUGH!

    • Gillian

      She does look 41, and she is a selfcenter woman. Still not married or in a serious relathionship and she will probably never have kids, why? because she lied when she said she wanted them.

  • kim

    a pig

    • valerie

      I don’t think Jenifer want children. All she lies. If she want kids. she already get them. She was with Brad more than 5 years. Why no kids?That why Brad left her. She just care for her body, high maintenance from head to toes. So children is not her priority.

  • kim

    CL Garry join the real world, looks really don’t mean anything, she has a great body and her face is ok, but that pitty me, another woman stole my husband and I can’t find a man is not becoming to anyone

    • jen

      Sandra Bullock already moved on. But Jen bitch and her loyal fan can’t. They all get serious mental sickness because extreme jealous and hatefull. Poor Jen and her sick hens.


    Kim, I hope you can keep a pig and dog in your bedroom.
    Or dog can keep you in the dog’s “bedroom”.
    All the best with this!

    • barbara

      Most man go to work and no gossip like women. But in here I saw some guys gossip like women. Maybe they need to changed sex to women .


    Kim, don’t worry about Jenifer’s private life. You have NO INFORMATION about that. And she doesn’t need your advises.
    Take a care about your pigs.

    • valerie

      Shame on you Kim. move on. Jen and her fan doesn’t care you.

  • kim

    CLGarry, I see she doesn’t have an interest in you, so you must not be a dog or pig, maybe a little itty bitty mouse if you know what I mean. Go ahead and fantisize little boy, I know how to keep a man, or steal one as a matter of fact. Poor baby go cry and cuddle up with your mummy that’s the only true woman who will love you, you ball less wonder.

  • kim

    ps, a dog in the bedroom is fun! bow wow, I like to bark, you’d tuck your little tail and run from me!!! LOL no pussies in here baby..

    • jilly

      Kim, from your comments it sounds like you are a out of control teen. Maybe you need to go to your mommy and get some help for sleeping with animals and stealing men and being an idiot all together. Good luck Mom!!!

      • Gillian

        Thats a terrible thing to say, then again I read your comments and I bet you have no life. If her comments are totally immature think about yours! I bet that is a kid writting those things, but by the way you write you aint a kid. So please just ignored those comments and don’t tell a more than likely minor to go sleep with animals. You are sick. And by the way Angelina Jolie has never sleep with animals, and you know that you wish she really had so you actually had something on her. But your idol Jennifer Aniston is more likely to be sexing her dogs than Angelina.


    Kim, I know you look in to the mirror and understand: dog in the bedroom is your only pleasure.

    • Gillian



    Thanks, Gillian, I like your comments too.
    Of course Jolie didn’t SLEEP with animals. But what about the horses? Did you see these pictures – Jolie and horses?

    Happy New Year!



      • gina

        Jen slept with dog

    • boo

      Jolie didn’t sleep with hore. Jen does

    • tiffanie

      Jenifer Aniston slept around with Hollywood men . She is a horse or a cow giving milk for free he he he

    • debbie

      Kim is Jen fan bur her loyal fan ignore her., beat her… Sorry Kim. You better be Jolie’s side.

  • vince


  • omega

    No one want to buy her perfume.



    • porn

      Move on Lesbian guy

      • Josie

        It’s clear that all the posters who don’t like Jen, don’t like her because SHE HAS MOVED ON!!! They can’t stand this fact.

  • Thelma

    Josie: why are you dragging Angelina into this? I don’t think Jen has moved on. Do you hear Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman or Shania Twain being associated with their exes or hear their fans going on about the women they had affairs with during or after their break ups? NO!!!!! These women have moved on in though and action. Maybe at’s why they’ve all found love again. There is so much evidence (ref John Mayer and Chelsea Handler) that Jen is still hung up on Brad …..she truly needs to move on for real…

    • Josie

      @ Thelma..No, that’s Chelsea bringing Angie down a notch from the high horse she doesn’t deserve to be on. Angie’s ego is way overblown, for no good reason. She’s a faux humanitarian announcing every dime that she donates, A tiny portion of the money she makes from her fans goes to charity. She then turns around and donates, to keep her fan base, in an ever ending circle, where she comes out on top$$$$. The trashy prostitute and low life Brad, have now become the rich faux humanitarians. Open your eyes!!! They are also two losers, who couldn’t get anybody else to give them what they wanted, so they turned to each other.


    You know, Thelma, it’s her decision – to love him or not. Love is not an electric light.
    And Jennifer hasn’t stop feeling something, just because it’s comfortable for Jolie.

    (I’d like to add: Jolie must be VERY THANKFUL to Jennifer. Because another woman (not so descent and wise) could find her and correct Jolie’s face by acid. Got home?)
    Don’ forget, Thelma, at one beautiful day Brad can find his next “soulmate”. I want to see you advising Jolie: “You need move on, Angelina!”

    Fortunately, feelings – it’s a free space

  • sami

    why all the name calling , are you in the room if she haveing sex????so if she would or could have kids with brad he would still be with ja ???? so aj fans are more or less saing brad s there for the kids ????? she was his wife so just because he walked away she has to stop loving him .5 years married 2 dateing . and yes im a fan of all 3 of them .and to the ones calling names how would like it if someone you did not know came up and said that to you or wrote on a wall . children are killing themself over thing being said like this .its called bulling . you dont like her fine . but someone tell me why all this hate for her .

  • Judge Not

    to all angie/brad/jennifer lovers/haters

    here’s the real deal:

    jen decided to let go of brad – now she’s single and doing fab in her career. she’s at the peak of her life, is surrounded by friends, and she’s not desperate as some people believe her to be in fact she’s in total control of her life!!! and who says she’s not into charities as well? she supports an orphanage in mexico, yet no one bashes her for not doing it in america.

    brad decided to be with angie – now he has kids he’s been longing for and is happy being a dad. his career is going great guns and his eyes are now open to worthy causes (as jen herself pointed out in one interview, thereby unconsciosuly saying that angie is a great influence on that aspect)

    angie decided to make a family with brad – motherhood seemed to change her from her wild ways and she’s also doing great, career-wise, in her personal life and in the different causes she’s involved with

    end of story.

    so who are we to judge anyone of them? easier to see the positive than trash them for what these cheap tabloids tell us. try it some time people.

  • anonymous

    when Brad Pitt was married to Jenifer Aniston he was running around on her before he even met Angelie Jolie.Was that Anjolie’s fault too?I don’t think so.

  • Josie

    Ya, and it’s been reported that he also cheated on Jolie a few years ago. If you’re going to believe a tabloid report, you must believe them all.

  • http://ForallPeople Jane

    You have a low life writing like this, geeze