Bette Midler Glad She’s No Longer Performing in Las Vegas!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bette MidlerBETTE Midler has compared her two-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to performing on the Titanic.

The Wind Beneath My Wings singer finished a concert series at the venue worth a reported $150 million in January but admits she was glad to play her last date because the global economic recession had a negative impact on the gambling haven.

“The first 18 months were fantastic. Then there was the economic catastrophe and the last six months were a struggle,” she said.

“There was so much foreclosure, people were really scared. We saw the infrastructure begin to wobble. Las Vegas was ground zero for the recession.”

When asked if it was like performing on ill fated liner the Titanic — which sank on 5 April 1912 after hitting an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — Bette agreed, saying, “Yes. It kind of was.”

The legendary star admits her excitement at performing her The Showgirl Must Go On show at the famous Coliseum at Caesars Palace turned to disappointment in the last few months and she began to question if she was doing the right thing.

“I was living in the hotel and I remember one day I ordered room service, and the girl came and she looked so exhausted. I asked what was wrong and she said she was having to look after all the guests — they’d let everyone else go. And that’s when you start to question yourself — what am I doing here? Am I contributing to this?” Bette explained.


  • http://showbizspy no name

    Then why didn’t you do your show for free?

    • no name

      Because Bette is an AR-TIST **, & a damn great one!!!

    • Christine

      Because this is her job, and she gets paid to do it. Why isnt anyone questioning Caesar’s Palace for laying off all the housekeeping staff and making one girl do it all? Because it’s easier to criticize the ‘haves’ to make them feel better about their own crummy lives. People amaze me…and lately…not in a good way.

      Besides…she is hired to do a show and then the venue marks up the tickets. Bitch at Caesars if you need to bitch at anyone.

    • Nick in NC

      it isn’t Bette’s fault at all.
      Free? Do you suddenly want to do your work for free, it sure isn’t easy. She admits that it was literally exhausting.

      Caesars could have reduced their net earnings by some 100K and kept the staff working. Shows who they are loyal to.,,themselves. I seriously doubt that Caesars’ CEO or any other out there took a pay cut first.

      Hint: They made Bilagio for some $2.3 BILLION, and it was paid for in three years. That is after taxes, salaries and such.

      With that in mind, why would they fire their staff? They aren’t paid fortunes, that is for sure. Maybe $10 per hour? If they didn’t have as much to do, they could have done something else within the company, een if it is repainting the hallways. What are they to do without a job? Doubtful that there is a job down the street.

      Blame? Point the fingers first at the greedy CEO’s of America. Check out the difference in their hourly wage and the front line employee’s hourly wage… what a difference – and it gets wider every year.

  • Debbie Brucks

    Bette did not do a free show for the reason everybody works pay bills, take care of your family medical dental need I go on.

    And because she is the Divine Miss M and she is worth every penney they paid her and more. She puts on an awesome show and everyone gets their moneys worth.

    Your show on t.v. was awesome Bette you still got it girl friend, you go girl give em what for!

    • no name

      @ Debbie Brucks …. I agree with you gf … & only replied to the 1st “No Name”, person, in the same fashion, using a no name! My name is Susie, & have been an adoring fan of Bette’s, for decades! The HBO show was free, & AWESOME!!!! Our Divine Miss M still has it, & always will … & gets better with time!!! Debbie, at least 2 of us agree, & I’m sure there will be MANY more. :))

  • Sophie

    Perhaps she had to, say, PAY FOR HER SUITE SHE LIVED IN DURING THE RUN OF THE SHOW, HER MUSICIANS, BACKUP SINGERS, COSTUMERS…oh, yeah. And perhaps her own mortgage, electricity, taxes, cable bill…

    Bette is a fantastic performer, I’ve seen her in concert, and she is SO worth the price of admission. I will be singing her praises for decades to come. Keep in mind that every performer in Vegas or anywhere else is their own little portion of industry, employing an army of people. And in turn, Caesar’s sold hotel rooms, employed casino workers, cocktail waitresses, cleaning crew, etc.

    Why don’t YOU work for free?

  • Melissa

    I am glad to see she had compassion and thought kindly of the hotel employee. She is an amazing woman and I am sure she gives money to many.. in private.

  • Tony Brucks

    Having been unemployed for the last 8 months and supporting me and my disabled wife (not to mention having to move to another state to find work) I can say YES Bette, you did the right thing.

    I am happy you did the special on HBO so we could see your wonderful show. We thank you for this very much.
    We would crawl through snow over broken glass to see any show you do because you are worth it. I also wish to thank Las Vegas and Caesars for letting you do what you do soooo well. I will keep it in mind when times are better and we are looking for some good shows and relaxation.


    Tony Brucks

    • Susie

      Right on Tony!! I ditto what you said: “I am happy you did the special on HBO so we could see your wonderful show. We thank you for this very much.
      We would crawl through snow over broken glass to see any show you do because you are worth it. I also wish to thank Las Vegas and Caesars for letting you do what you do soooo well”!!

  • Susie

    It’s the best New Year’s I’ve had in a LONG time … thanks to the Queen!! Don’t mean to flame at 1st no name; sorry, as it’s the beginning of a new year. I’ve seen Bette in concert & as a Flight Attendant, let me add, that: I’ve never had her on my flights, s–t … but, have heard stories of those that were lucky enough to …. From Honolulu to Dallas, they said she was so nice! She sang songs with the flight attendants … how awesome is that?! Yes, she is wealthy, but, look at all the good she has done in New York, & after 9/11. She’s my #1 favorite artist, showgirl, dancer, & cracking jokes!! Long live our Bette. :)))

    • Christine

      Wow…BITTER MUCH?

    • Christine

      Not you. I was referring to the person with all the negative comments. Your comment was great!

  • Ethel Edelman

    I love Bette but to take the millions and complain is just BS. She is lives in this rarified world, with her multiple-millions, so just take the $$$$ and shut up about it,,she does this frequently, she denied her days at the tubes in NYC, it’s rather pathetic,,,a character flaw, at worst

    • Christine

      No she didn’t! When I first discovered Bette back in the 70′s that is one of the things she was known for. You need to get your facts straight and take an anti-nasty pill.

    • Nick in NC

      You are wrong on so many levels.
      She didn’t bitch or complain about the hotel, she was talking about how sad the economy was going. They asked her about how it was to do the show and she said it was exhausting. What is she suppose to say? She told the truth. It wasn’t against anyone. She was referring to her abilities to run and such was very tiring. She did say on another interview that the quick costume change was the most difficult part. So it had nothing to do with anyone else.

      I can’t remember any time when she has spoke negative about someone else.

      She works and works hard. She gets paid nicely for it.
      She has a row of causes that she gives tons on money to.

      She is an exceptionally generous person.

      Maybe you are the one with the character flaw.

  • Rdale

    Thanks for the wonderful memories. We are the same age and I can barely balance across the room, let alone sing and dance at the same time.

    Your songs, albums and movies are my favorites.
    God Bless you Bette!

    Happy New Year and many more to come!

    • Christine

      Geez..could you be a bigger jacka$$. I dont think so. You’re bitter because you never made anything out of yourself even close to Bette, so you defame her. Interesteing phenomonom this is. She’s a legend! Who are you again??

    • Christine

      Sorry about the above comment. It was directed to the commentor below you. I just got the reply buttons mixed up. I’m with you 100%

  • Paul

    Yea I imagine what a strain it must have been earning that 150 million. I bet she’s really broken up! Yea gives it away in private, I freaking bet? These rich people crack me up. And from a pop star who had so few hits. People will pay to see just about anyone in Vegas. Calling George Michal!

    • Mike

      Bette has had plenty of hits, bub. Get some facts before you spout off!

    • Christine

      Geez..could you be a bigger jacka$$. I dont think so. You’re bitter because you never made anything out of yourself even close to Bette, so you defame her. Interesteing phenomonom this is. She’s a legend! Who are you again??

    • Christine

      Why does everyone named Paul have to be a a$$hole?

    • Nick in NC

      You are living in a hole maybe?

      Let’s see.. just a few.
      Bette White gives $20 million to the Morrison corp for animals.
      Hewlett Packard gave $250million to create a hospital just for children.
      Gates (microsoft) gives $100 million PER YEAR to several causes including Different Cancers, HIV, childrens learning progams etc.

      Maybe you are bent out of shape because you have Never given of yourself.
      I know what it is to give, I passed my 7,000th (seven thousand hours) of volunteer work at the hospital working with terminally ill patients.
      ALL FREE.

      I don’t make tons so I give my time which is just as valuable.

      What have you given to anyone that you didn’t know?

      Charity begins at home.

  • karen Watts

    I was so excited to see Bette at Ceaser’s Palace and take a good friend for her birthday. Both of us were fans and awaited the performance. The audience was so happy and responsive at first. The Titanic started sinking with the foul language and political remarks. She was not called back nor was the applause
    very convincing. The tickets were over $350.00 total. Bad economy or not I was glad to spend that much until it bombed. So Ms. Bette, perhaps you were the one who poked a hole in the ship. You truly are a great talent and I’ve loved you for years, but I was also left with a sinking, sad feeling. The audience left quiet, but shaking their head.
    I am not a prude-just a disappointed fan.

    • Jill

      You must not really be a fan of Bette Midler then if you didn’t realize that she uses the F word and is a liberal! We saw her in January 2009 and she was amazing. We loved her show and we love her. I think you imagined the audience shaking their head while leaving. I watched the HBO special of her show last night and it was great to see the show again!

  • Elaine

    She did not do a free show because she was under contract with Caesar’s Palace, and they would have to make that kind of decision. Good luck with that one!

    • Christine

      It was either a typo..left out the 1 in 15, or she got bad info. Do a titanic search on aol search…some links say 14-15, others say 5.

  • rhett

    The author couldn’t even get the date the Titanic sank correct? Really?

    • Christine

      I know…they kind of suck, don’t they. Must be recent college grads..they always suck. However, It was either a typo..left out the 1 in 15, or she got bad info. Do a titanic search on aol search…some links say 14-15, others say 5.

  • Sylvia Armijo

    Love you Bette Midler!!!!!!!!!

    You put on the Greatest Show Ever!!!!!!!!!

    Now take a rest, but don’t dissappear.

    Keep up the great work in cleaning up New York City.

  • Karen

    Why such a rant against Bette?? sometimes I think people can’t read, and if they can there is no comprehenson!!Duh!!! Maybe I can put it in simple ENGLISH for you. Bette has ompassion for what the economy has done to people, yes and businesses. ALL companies’s infrastructure have “wobbled.” and since people no longer can enjoy Vegas as a destination, WHAT DO YOU THINK HAS TO HAPPEN? so Bette is questioning herself about contribuiting to the problem. As far as the remark about the Titanic, (please understand what these smart alec “reporters” set out to do) the words did not come from Bette”s mouth.
    WE ALL NEED TO TIGHTEN OUR BELTS and learn true value in life. We have become a nation of “spoiled brats.” We want what we want and we want it Now. Learn to not live beyond your means.

  • Madison

    She’s absolutely right. I lived in Vegas for 6 months this year, and it really is the capital of the recession. Everyone is trying to stretch their dollar as far as they can and not spending (or tipping) what they used to, and the residents of LV, whose incomes rely on tourists, are getting it the worst. If you are looking for a super cheap vacation, now is the time to go to Vegas, they are desperate to get people there, you can practically go for free.

  • Dorothy E

    I adore Bette Mittler and Wind beneath my wings, my daughter had that as her wedding song years ago and I have the vidiow and play it alot.

    I wish her nothing but the best

    She’s so talented and such a wonderful person

  • Mr Mark

    Another spoiled Diva who has no connection with the real world – griping about her status.

    Her “hotel room” is a multi-story, private suite larger than most people’s homes. Plus a staff to wait on her every demand. She was shuttled around in a Limousine

    The reason for the cut back in staff was not because of the recession, its because Caesar’s/Harrah’s is $20 billion in debt and wanting to save every penny they can.

    Other strip stars did benefits and other charity offers for the the impacted staff and the locals, but Bette would never lower herself to doing something like that with common people.

    • Ethel Edelman

      Finally a voice of reason, all of these “fans” of the divine can,t see the reality of this situation, she is an over paid DIVA!
      Enough said…

  • Don Church

    Bette Midler, like all great star performers, spend a
    fortune to put together a show – a real gamble – and if
    it fails it’s the same as financing a movie or TV series
    that flop. The entertainer can end of broke. Like all
    investments, it’s a gamble and only the strong can handle it; if it works and the star makes a bundle it just a reture on a huge investment, and it keeps a pile of creators, crew, cast, and hotel employees employed. How many of you ever gambeled a great deal to be employed and then kept a huge number employed because of your guts and
    talent. Bette is a great star performer and a great person. From what I hear she’s also a great mom.

  • too funny

    Just was looking up info to see if Bette was still playing at Caesars…good to know America has so many different opinions…Rock on Bette!!!

  • Linda-mac

    I have liked you well before the beaches movie i think you are commited to your songs and sing them with such intensity that i am really overawed and inspired by you

  • Christien Archer

    I love that Bette midler is a fan of gays like me she is awesome

  • rene-jean

    she is a unique beautiful girl with a stunning voice and gives me joy everytime i see her on stage in a movie or even during her interviews, i wished she would reconsider her opinion about the frogs and accept to perform here again … je vous aime bette , dont change a thing. rja