Miley Cyrus’ Parents to Call Off Divorce?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray CyrusMILEY Cyrus‘ parents might be getting back together.

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus — who filed for divorce on October 26 — were seen enjoying lunch together at the P.F. Chang’s restaurant in Nashville, Tennesse, on Wednesday.

Tish was wearing skinny jeans and Billy Ray was rocking his signature mullet for their afternoon date, Star magazine reports.

“They were both smiling as they left the restaurant,” an onlooker said.

“Billy Ray and Tish have been spending a lot of time together because of the kids,” an insider revealed.

“Just after the split, they were screaming mad at each other. But now they’ve mellowed and are reaching an understanding.

“Miley has really been pushing them to reconsider and give their marriage another shot.”

Previous reports have claimed Miley’s career tore her family apart.

“The fight over Miley is what tore Tish and Billy Ray apart. They can’t agree on how to raise her, and it’s wrecked their marriage,” an insider said.

“Billy Ray thinks Miley is becoming a spoiled-brat monster – and he thinks it’s ALL Tish’s fault.

“They’ve had screaming matches for years.

“Billy Ray doesn’t like that he was eclipsed by his daughter’s stardom.

“He used to be the biggest star in country music and he wants his old life back.”

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  • Monica

    Billy Ray is right. He definitely isn’t upset about miley surpassing his own career! She really is going out of control and just like any SANE parent he wants to prevent that and lay out some boundaries for her – before she ends up like Lindsey Lohan. Plus wasn’t she recently doing drugs and dirty dancing with some 40 year old director in front of little kids? Tish clearly doesn’t give a shit and wants Miley to ‘have fun’ so that she can get into tabloids and get more publicity. This is Tish’s fault.

    • Keisha

      I agree with you on that she’s acting way to grown. She needs to open her eyes to whats happening before she ends up in rehab or worse.

  • brownin329

    Why is it anyone but Miley’s fault? She is now grown, you know.

  • Lizzie

    Billy Ray was a “superstar” for all of 15 minutes back in the early 90′s with a crappy song, then he became a joke and was called “Billy Ray Sorry-Ass”. The only reason he’s famous now is because he’s ridden on his daughter’s coat-tails since she was 13, and now that her show is ending, he’s famous for raising the next Lindsay Lohan. They’re both jokes.

  • Midge

    I usually hate everyone and evertything, but I like Miley. Kid’s got class.

    • Adam

      Rickard how about you keep your fucking comments to yourself. Makes you seem like a molester. Idiot.

  • Rickard

    I’d love to fuck Tish on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
    And then I’ll fuck Miley for the remaining days in the week.

  • Scott Wright

    Billy Ray should consider divorcing that ridiculous soul patch.

  • http://Google Michaela

    Mileys a bratt and no one likes her