Michael C. Hall Ruined His Marriage

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Michael C. HallMICHAEL C. Hall ruined his marriage to his actress wife Jennifer Carpenter because he changed his mind about having kids — insiders say.

The pair — who announced their split in December — reportedly came to blows over starting a family.

“Jennifer was extremely supportive of Michael when he battled cancer,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer, “and she never gave up hope of them having a baby.

“But after Michael recovered and was declared cancer-free, he decided he no longer wanted to have kids with Jennifer. She moved out shortly thereafter.”

It’s also claimed Michael’s close relationship with his Dexter costar Julia Stiles harmed his marriage.

“It was clear that Michael and Julia had chemistry on and off the set,” said the source. “Many of the those on the show asked if they were having an affair.”

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  • Fred

    Chemistry? Anyone who watched Season 5 knows that there was absolutely no on-screen chemistry between Hall & Stiles. Their one love scene was flat as dishwater.

    • shee

      youre a jackass

      • shee

        that comment was for “Chanti”

  • Chanti

    As much as I love the show, and respect MCH as an actor, as husband material he scores an epic fail. I think his ‘fame’ has gone to his head. This is the 2nd marriage he broke-up. I am shocked that through his life crisis, he was so selfish and careless with his vows. JC is a lot better off though, no one should get married to a selfish human being.

  • Rebecca

    Not wanting children does not make you a selfish or bad person. There is a lot of cancer in his family, so maybe he didn’t want to risk it? If this is the truth, I feel sorry for the both of them. It must be a very hard decision to make.

  • Tiffany

    Michael Hall is so freaking hot I can’t stand it!!

  • Midge

    I can’t have an opinion on this guys nor can anyone else! No one knows who he is.

  • Obamistake

    Who could stay married to Alien-eyes Carpenter? I had to stop watching Dexter because I couldn’t stand looking at her face. Her eyes are crooked, unevenly spaced from her nose and one eye is slanted up. And her character was a whiny pathetic moron.

    • dextersbabe

      carpenter talks like a dieing retard and her face really bugs me… shes hideous i love dexter cant believe he stuck his wang in her tang

  • http://yahoo Chris

    Obamistake, I agree with you. OMG, he married her! She must have gotten him in a weak moment because she is an awful actress. For me, I would enjoy her character getting the axe.


    I’m sorry they split up , I hope Michael C has enough sense and objectivity to keep Jennifer on the show. She is pretty attractive , a damn good actress and her character is a brilliant detective . The whole cast is top notch and the writing is above top notch. I thought Julia Stiles was not up to par with the rest of the cast, her character just was not convincing and there was no chemistry between Michael C and her. Also , no one in Hollywood seems to take their marriage vows very seriously. In my opinion season 5 was the wortst season, primarily because of the miscasting of Julia Stiles.

    • http://yahoo andre linoge


  • Jana

    I think they are both wonderful and that is unfortunate to hear. I think having cancer at the same age your father died would be life changing to say the least. As a person whose father died when I was 12, I never wanted kids because I never wanted them to suffer the pain of losing me, not growing up with me around. I wish them both all the best in their personal and professional lives.

    Six Feet Under was a life changing piece of television for me and I dearly loved MCH as David, I also adore him as Dexter. He is amazing. The people here judging should STFU unless they themselves have ever A. Been confronted to that extreme with their own mortality. B. Had a parent die when they were young. or C. Undergone chemo.

  • JazzK

    According to “insiders”? You people are despicable, spreading unfounded fabrications and rumors like they’re facts. Theories likes these are floating around Dexter fan sites and message boards and you just pick one up and run with it as news? You know that Michael C. Hall is too much of a class act to come forward and defend himself, so you can keep swilling this shit about him unrefuted. Just die, why don’t you.

  • steve

    there’s nothing wrong with someone not wanting kids. I don’t want kids. Does that mean I’m going to ruin my relationships? There’s ridiculous. Carpenter staying with him through his cancer battle and his lack of desire to have children are completely irrelevant.

  • Sarah

    Steve, I agree with you!
    There’s nothing wrong about not want kids….
    If MCH and Jennifer are divorced, i think that’s their problem, not ours.

    And I don’t saw Jennifer cries.
    If I love someone, I don’t go away just because he don’t want kids.

  • karin

    It is sad to see any marriage fall apart but it is between the spouses. I love the show and think Michael C Hall is great on the show. Jennifer Carpenter is also great on the show. If they are adult enough to still work together … bravo… Love the show and good thoughts go to Michael C Hall and glad he is ok. Can’t wait for next season….. All the actors on Dexter— Great work and can’t wait……

  • Diana

    I love Dexter and MCH..wish both of them much luck and happiness

  • Diana

    and I think it is a BRILLIANT show

  • Frankie

    @ chianti-

    jennifer is the one who left the marriage AND filed for divorce when she couldn’t get a biological baby from him. SHE IS THE ONE BEING SELFISH AND FORGETTING HER VOWS. they could have adopted to avoid the possible genetic links to his cancer but noooooo, typical obsessed 30 something woman has to have her OWN baby! better that he be honest about his change in wanting kids than to bring another kid in this world who is wondering why daddy is always gone or has little interest in him/her.

  • http://Yahoo CatR

    I am happy that MCH is well. I am sorry that he and Jennifer could not work through the wanting children issue. Although there are many children to adopt, sometimes the perception of selfishness rears its ugly head when a decision not to have children takes place. Not wanting to pass on cancer genes when they are prevalent in a family tree is the best choice. Once made, the decision has to be dealt with honestly and without regard for what other people think. It is between 2 people and only 2 people. We must respect their decision as we would want ours to be respected. The Golden Rule works both ways.

  • Judy

    I think Michael made a very wise decision not to have his own kids if cancer does run in the family. Since Jennifer filed the divorce over this, then she didn’t stick by her man like she was supposed to “in sickness or in health.”

  • Rich

    I know this was a while ago now but… Michael C. Hall has the same right to choose to NOT have kids as much as his wife DID want kids. That’s his decision. Having kids just to make someone else happy will only bring you a lifetime of misery & suffering. If his wife loved HIM then she would accept that. This is simply a difference in preference between the two. So how is it that he’s held responsible for ‘ruining’ the marriage?

    • DDM

      because it says that he CHANGED his mind… what means, that he was in fact willing to have kids with Jennifer in the beginning… something that I assume they talked about before getting married or before Michael was diagnosed with cancer… In this case we’re talking about a couple’s decision not a husband decision.