David Arquette: Howard Stern ‘Convinced David Arquette to Get Help’

Monday, January 3, 2011

Howard SternHOWARD Stern convinced David Arquette to check into rehab.

The shock jock was apparently concerned about David’s so well-being, so reportedly advised the actor — who recently split from wife Courteney Cox — to seek help.

“David’s breakup with Courteney has hit him really hard,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“With the holidays, things came to a head. The past month has only made everything in his life seem worse.

“Howard had to deal with past trauma with Artie Lange and he didn’t want things with David to get out of hand. He respects his friendship with David and was looking to help in any way he could.”

Previous reports claimed David needs help with alcohol and other issues.

“He is in there for drinking and depression, not hard drugs. Rehab was inevitable,” a source told People magazine. “He is dealing with a broken heart. He can’t handle all the changes in his life. All his inner demons came out.

“He’s just not handling this situation well. He’s really depressed.”

“He’s trying to win Courteney back, and he turned back to drinking again out of frustration,” another insider added to Us Weekly magazine.

“He is doing this to show her he means it and will do anything for her and their daughter Coco. He wants his family life back. It’s been so hard on him.”



  • Scott Wright

    So, in between being a misogynist and homophobic jerk who likes to mock the mentally ill he helped a guy…whoopee. He drove the drunk angry dwarf to his death and mercilessly mocked beetle juice…a defenseless exploited dwarf sickos liked to mock while getting drunk. After making his love letter to himself movie about how much he loved his wife he left her for a model willing to do anal. In his book he went into great detail why anal sex was gross in a typical homophobic tirade.

  • Clem

    @ Scott Agrees

  • Scott Wright

    Hollywood, being a bunch fake self serving celebrity trash, lets it all slide while kissing his ass trying to get his approval.

  • Scott Wright

    Wow, isn’t Hollywood full of fakes and image obsessed frauds who either marry for fame or money? It all provides a nice “Roman Colosseum” style distraction while the powers that be rape the American worker. No wonder they like the Beatles song “Let it Be”. Why change anything, they’re all having a grand time.

  • Scott Wright

    And another thing…convincing him to not kill himself was not exactly a service to mankind…double fail.

  • Rem from Cleveland

    Howard didn’t leave his wife. She left him. His show is pure entertainment. He may not be for you but there are still millions of people that still listen to him. What kind of person are you wishing for someone to kill themselves? Life is what you make of it.