Chelsea Clinton Argues With Husband Over Baby Plans

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chelsea ClintonCHELSEA Clinton is at war with her new husband Marc Mezvinsky — over his desire to start a family.

Insiders say Marc is desperate to have kids — but Chelsea isn’t so keen.

“But Chelsea is still settling into marriage, and she wants to continue working on her career in health management,”  a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She insists that she has no intention of going the ‘barefoot and pregnant homemaker route,’ as she calls it, for at least another year.

“Bill looked frail at Chelsea and Marc’s wedding, but these days he seems OK and Chelsea doesn’t think there’s a rush for her to conceive.

“She wants to start a family, just not right now.

“Chelsea walked away from Marc and slammed their bedroom door so hard that it rattled the entire apartment.

“It was a while before she came out, and they were able to make up. But it’s left Marc feeling blue. He’s told pals that he’s extremely disappointed.

“He says Chelsea repeatedly tells him, ‘I’m only 30! We have plenty of time to have children!’

“She has big plans and even wants to get into politics.

“Marc is shocked. He thought they were in complete agreement on staying low-profile and having a family.

“Marc feels he’s done everything possible to make Chelsea happy, including signing a stringent prenup that forbids him from doing much more than look at other women or face losing millions in a divorce.

“Now she tells him that she’s delaying his dream of a family.

“Marc is finding out that Chelsea doesn’t make all decisions — just the big ones!”


  • Ann

    Unfortunately, there is the huge statistics connecting grandchildren of huge scale murderers with mental disabilities. I am sure that Chelsea Clinton is very well familiar with this statistics. Is she going to risk still or not is remaining to be seen. Is her husband going to stay by her very powerful and rich family site, in spite of the barren marriage or not, is remaining to be seen also. I, however, think that he would. Otherwise, why did he agree and want to marry her at the first place? He was mature enough when he married her, and knew, no doubt, the same statistics, which I mentioned above. But, on the other hand, the marriage ceremony took place on Saturday, and it means, according to all religious laws of Judaism, that this marriage is not valid. So, he might consider this entire enterprise, as the career promotion, not procreation, for which marriages, at least religiously approved marriages, are exiting. It is not late, though, to start procreate at the age of forty, as well. And maybe it is what he intends to do with another partner after his career is established enough.

    • Scarlett

      Your English is so shi**y we don’t have any idea what you are trying to say. You might as well have posted nothing.


  • Margo

    This is just gossip with no facts to back up this story and what goes on in peoples private lives is not your business. do us a favor and leave them alone.

  • Bettie

    Children are such gifts. She should consider that at her age (30), her best time is now. She can do the politics thing later, at any age.

  • Margo

    Did anyone think maybe chelsea is not ready for kids but know it alls think they have right to tell people when to have kids please people need to butt out and worry about their lives.

  • Solagne

    This post is idiotic.

  • Frank Jackson

    This lady doesn’t want kids, doesn’t deserve kids, so just what we need another Clinton in politics. Marc just let her go she is just into herself she couldn’t handle kids because it is herself that is the most importan not anybody or anything else.

  • sie

    Not everyone is ready to be a parent at 30–why rush it.
    They are both intelligent people; wasn’t this discussed before the marriage? Someone inform Marc that a happy woman makes for a happy mom and happy baby. Chelsea: wait until you are ready.

  • WhyThen

    If you do not want children then why in the world would you want to get married? Hillary’s, er I mean Chelsea’s motives need to be questioned here.

    • AN

      Of course, because loving each other and making a lifelong commitment to each other isn’t enough, we must all be pumping out babies by our first anniversary, whether we want to or not. There are plenty of unmarried couples without children. What happens if a couple are infertile…should they divorce?

  • Buddy

    It’s her body! I would never pressure someone to have a child, I would make it clear I wanted a family but never pressure, they will be ready when they are ready and thats it.

    They should have had all this figured out before the wedding anyways.

  • Cartwright

    Chelsea seems to have the “I” disease. She is just a spoiled and selfish little girl!!
    Marc should have never married a “girl” to do a “woman’s” job anyway…move forward and enjoy your life man!!

    • AN

      Doesn’t he have “I” disease by insisting she have a child? Isn’t it selfish to force something upon someone who doesn’t want it, or at least not yet? I’m sorry I didn’t realise we were still in the dark ages where a married woman becomes her husbands property.

  • http://Yahoo Curtis

    I like Scarlett’s comment.

  • Dorothy

    This story is full of quotes that are not attributed to anyone. Even if it is all true, what business is it of ours. They are married. Let them work it out. It’s not even news.

  • Richard

    I wouldn’t marry anyone who doesn’t want to take my name. Chelsea should take heed about a career in politics. A 2 million dollar wedding will be a constant reminder to investigate and moniter her budget philosiphies and performance. She could only be accepted in a money district so that narrows her choices. New York won’t want her because she had her chance with the Jew and couldn’t handle it. Her best bet is a despot position overseas where she can rake in billions in US foreign aid and then funnel it in to her own bank account. Of course that will end in bad publicity but she already has that so it won’t matter.

    • AN

      I see, so having a child you don’t want against your will is “give and take” is it? Sounds more like all give no take to me. Why should she be forced to have a baby she doesn’t want? What a disgusting attitude.

  • whatthen

    She is a spoiled ugly woman, ugly person. I am sure she can have a child and her position in politics if she wanted. Sarah Palin has 5 children, one disabled and it didn’t stop her from being a governor. chelsea just doesn’t want children,. It is her right not to bear a child but then she shouldn’t have gotten married either. Marriage is a give and take and she can’t have everything she wants. she can have a Child, get a nanny and still do what she wants. But being a Clinton, she is nasty, rotten and selfish and not grown up yet. Marc, don’t walk, run away from her and the Clintons, you can do better I am sure.

    • AN

      Posted this to the wrong person, it was actually meant for you:

      I see, so having a child you don’t want against your will is “give and take” is it? Sounds more like all give no take to me. Why should she be forced to have a baby she doesn’t want? What a disgusting attitude.

  • Cracker Jax

    Whoa….she just got married and needs to adjust to THAT. I agree with Chelsea in wanting to wait. I waited two years to conceive at 29. Having a child was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. The marriage ended after 20 years…but I could have just as easily walked away after 6 months…but then I never would have conceived. A long trip to Wyoming will do him some good…the big sky can get lonely especially when you are not bringing home the bacon. Grow up Mark.

  • Andrew

    @whatthen, et. Al.

    It’s pretty hysterical how many misogynistic, ignorant yokels are commenting. Who cares if she has children or not? Its a choice, not an obligation. People who have children certainly aren’t special. Having children does not make you a superior female, nor does it grant you some special rite of passage. Comparing an Ivy League educated person to Sarah Palin is also quite amusing. It took Sarah 5 years and 3 colleges to get a communications degree. I doubt she could find her own state on a map. Her being a Governor only bespeaks her constituency, it does not illustrate competence. I commend Chelsea for pursuing self actualization and not succumbing to her stereotypical, expected role as a female: ovaries with legs.

  • excellent star

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  • digchild

    Chelsea may not be ready to become a mother now,so it is not right for her husband to force her into trying to conceive.She mentioned that she wants to postpone having kids,so I gather that she does want to have kids eventually.Ideally,she shouldn’t wait until she is over 35 to have her first child.This is because of the possibility of having difficult pregnancies or worse,having a child with physical or mental disabilities.

  •,2459 Kredyt

    I do love the manner in which you have presented this particular concern and it does provide me some fodder for thought. Nonetheless, from just what I have seen, I really trust as the actual reviews pack on that people today stay on point and don’t embark on a tirade of some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this superb point and even though I do not concur with it in totality, I respect your viewpoint.

  • http://yahoo john

    Why do people always think,if you are married you have to have some screaming brats crawling around.Let the newly weds enjoy them selves and run around naked if they want.Once they have a kid they will change a hell of a lot,like 75%of the people in the world.Some of the happyest people i know do not have kids and believe it they still enjoy sex yet.

  • annroberts

    married with no kids shame on you for being just in love and happy these days.