Brad Pitt to Play John Lennon?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Brad PittBRAD Pitt is reportedly set to play John Lennon in a biopic about the life of legendary singer-songwriter.

The actor, 47, met with Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono to discuss playing the role and she was impressed by his plans to learn to sing and master the Liverpool accent, consequently giving the project her “blessing”.

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“Brad already has a writer working on the script. And Yoko has given the project her blessing so long as it’s true to John’s life,” a source told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper.

It’s believed Pitt will star in, as well as produce the movie. No director is attached the project.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Pitt wants partner Angelina Jolie to get counseling immediately to save their family.

“Brad thinks Angie has a major problem, and he wants her to deal with it before she does something she’ll regret,” a source said.

“He believes she should get into treatment right away.

“Brad’s worried that if Angie doesn’t learn to control her outbursts, something awful could happen. He’s concerned for the kids’ and Angie’s well-being.

“While they were in New York, Brad sat Angie down and told her point-blank that she needs professional help.

“He said, ‘No more excuses — get help now!’ “He won’t tolerate her lashing out at their kids.

“Brad told Angie he wanted her to start intensive therapy right away.

“He didn’t leave any room for negotiating. He will take the kids and leave if Angie doesn’t own up to her anger issues.

“But Brad loves her dearly, and he has promised to be supportive and stick with Angie as she works through her problems.”


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  • sami

    please find someone who can do the accent and who can sing. why do actors want to sing and singers want to about his son julian , looks and sounds like his dad .

  • jilly

    Oh, I did not know that he is allowed to play in a movie!!! Would the psycho let him leave the house without her or maybe she will be the director of the movie and squeeze in a couple of rape/love scenes. Good luck Brad, the war is going to start. :)

    • sami

      she could play yoko


    For this role she has make eyes like Luci Liu.
    I want to see that!

  • http://none Gwendolyn Walker

    Brad Pitt will be wonderful as John Lennon. I think this is the kind of part he has been waiting for. He is a perfectionist and will give it his all. I think this will finally get him the Oscar he deserves.


    Why John Lennon? May be – Mozart?

  • gilbert navarro

    this could be very interesting i’ll wait and see

  • Fariborz

    good choice

  • nora

    Can someone please tell this ego he can’t act? He only is good in pretty boy parts and the way his looks are going , he is way too old to play JL.
    Does he really think he can pull off a Liverpudlian accent??? He prolly will get pointers of his HO. :D


    He is not too old. A good company for Paul McCartney. Another members – Mickey Rourke and Danny De Vito.

  • Toby

    Give me a break!….If anyone why not try out Val Kilmer, he did alright with Jim Morison(The Doors), but Brad Pitt?

  • yakofujimato

    Brad Pitt??? Val Kilmer??? Are people really this stupid?? Lennon had just turned 40 when he died. Pitt is near 50 and Kilmer is already 51. Why not Roger Moore you dolts?