Alexander Skarsgard Planning Kate Bosworth Proposal?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alexander SkarsgardALEXANDER Skarsgard plans to marry girlfriend Kate Bosworth — if she gives up her partying.

The hunky True Blood star is keen to settle down the with actress, but has reportedly asked Bosworth to curb her wild ways.

“Alex is very serious about marrying Kate,” dished one insider. “But he thinks it would be best to move in together to test the waters first.

“Kate likes to go out with her friends and have a good time. Alex isn’t a player — his parents were divorced and he wants to make sure he only marries once.

“He wants to be certain she’s ready to settle down — then he’ll propose.

“Kate wants to marry Alex and is fine with living together before they get engaged. She says she’s over the Hollywood party scene anyway — and she’s not going to let Alex get away.”



  • EyesWideShut

    Isn’t he already enough of a laughingstock in HW?

  • Michelle

    What a disappointment he will be if this happens :(

  • Brenda

    He deserves so much better!

    • Mrce

      Better than what? Kate Bosworth? If he wants to be with someone else he will be. I don’t understand it when people hate on girls who have hot boyfriends. Take into consideration that some guys want to be with girls based on who they are and not their looks. This article is completely bogus. These “reports” are made up to get people’s attentions. Alex and Kate have never said anything about their relationship.

  • OHno……….!lol

    When will Alex wake up? Kate is a snobby biotch who is not marriage material….just ask Gwyneth Paltrow..I am sure Alex’s people can get into contact with Gwyn’s people and get her number lol and she’ll let him know what type a person Kate really is..wake up!! Wasn’t the VOGue Italia interview that Gwyn gave enough of a warning sign to you..Alex!

  • @mrce

    Uh get your facts straight Alex never talked about his relationship but Kate has when she referenced him as her boyfriend in an interview for a Korean mag..when she was promoting warrior’s way you know that movie she did that BOMBED.

  • Just wait

    People wait until Straw Dogs..when it is realeased and will be a dud at the box office, early reviews say that it sucks…nothing like a bomb of your movie to do a relationship good. Tis is Hollyood. Reviews stated there is 0 chemistry btw these two on screen similar to when we see them together in real life…”like wtf are those two together, makes no sense. This is no Brad and Angie..

  • @Mrce

    That is a simpleton’s view to state that women hate Kate because she dates hot guys…no one likes her and it not because she beautiful and dates hot guys. Kate is soo fake and pretentious! She has a horrible reputation in hollywood as an actress as well. She is known to chase attached men …I mean the Gyneth Paltrow debackle will always follow can say that it did not happen..fine but that does not explain that afterwards Kate has been no where near Gwyneth and her circle of friends that used to be Kate’s friends as well, that speaks volumes….in reference to that Vogue interview that Gwyn did, everyone thought it was madonna but the next day they together having dinner so that excludes Madge but only leaves Kate. Also, it is pathetic that a grown women starves herself and then says she naturally thin..or that she as going through a traumatic time…but that is why it is called anorexia nervosa. There are plenty of actreses in Hollywood that are beautiful and date hot men yet they are not hated to the extreme like Kate Bosworthless…look at Halle Berry..Natalie Portman Scarlet Johansen..hell look at Angie…ask yourself why?Kate will never be a huge star because of one wants to be like her. She has allowed her looks to continue whatever little career she has…but the difference between Kate and other beautiful actresses mentioned above is that they see that looks can only take one soo far, they have talent and they work to make themselves better.

  • Hahahhahahahah

    Didn’t Alex say he wanted like 5 kids yeah right..I’ll be surprised if Kate pops 1 out. You know with her anorexic issues she has..I’m hoping she does get pregnant just so that she gains

  • Oh please..

    I agree with the other posts stated that it is wrong for to think that girls hate Kate because she’s dated hot guys, if that were true there would be extreme hate against Miranda Kerr you know the supermodel who married and just gave birth to a baby boy with Kate’s ex/love of her life Orlando Bloom. Nah people just hate Kate Bosworth for being Kate……..

  • Big Mistake

    BIG MISTAKE on Alex’s part if he marries Kate….if Kate did not want to leave LA for her ex James Rousseu what makes him think she will settle down and leave LA for Sweden? Alex has said in interviews that he’ll evetually go back to Sweden. Alex is setting himself for heartache..which will end up in DIVORSE! Hopefully his parents will step in..if not everyone will just watch the trainwreck! No way in hell will Kate leave LA and the paps!

  • oy..


    “Kate likes to go out with her friends and have a good time”

    Does she even have any friends? Don’t do it Alex!

  • You’re Kidding Me!

    You have to be kidding me! Really? He plans on marrying her? I’m sorry but Kate Bosworth is nothing but a bag of bones almost. (Not judging just stating the facts) I hardly think she would be able to have kids because of her being almost nothing and I would also think that Alex (If he has any brains here) would realize shes NEVER going to give up the partying. If they did get married it would end up like something between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Muller! If there is any chance alex does read this, WAKE UP AND REALIZE ITS NOT GONNA WORK OUT! FIND YOU’RE SELF A NEW GIRL WHO YOUR PARENTS WOULD BE PROUD TO CALL DAUGHTER-IN LAW!

  • aishahopealexwillmarryMe

    Alexander skarsgard
    I am writing to u to inform u
    How much I love u and how much I
    Would be GLAD if u propose to me
    Not Kate BIT*hworth sorry for being
    Rude but listen I have been in love
    With u for 2 years and suddenly u
    Decide to get married to whom Kate
    That’s soooo sorry again but stupid of u
    I mean come on not Kate Bosworth
    She doesn’t derve u at all btw
    I’m I just turned 17ys old and yes ur
    34 but I dnt care what the age difference between
    Us I care about u I swear to God I LOVE U
    I looooooovvvvvvveeeeee u !!!!
    Hope one day u will wake up before its
    Tooo late to understand what step u were
    About to take and to the truth that I deserve u and
    U of course deserve me <3 however I wish u all
    The best in ur life and I swear I will
    Never love anyone in my life as much as I love u
    U will always be my one and only love
    FOREVER and NEVER will be replaced with the years
    So do us and for all ur fans a favour and dnt marry her
    Please we ALL beg and OF COURSE I beg u too
    I will always love u AISHA <3 I love u ALEX <3