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Posted by Adam

Emma WatsonEMMA Watson says she doesn’t know what to do with all her money.

The British actress has earned millions playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie franchise, but admits she hasn’t got a clue how she wants to spend it!

“I have way too much money to know what to do with it,” she said.

“I bought a laptop, and a Toyota Prius when I passed my driving test, but that’s the most expensive things I’ve spent my money on outside my education.”

Emma thinks it’s funny when people recognize her on the London Underground.

“The funny thing is people look at me and go, ‘Is that the girl from Harry Potter?’ And then they shake their heads and say: ‘No, it can’t be, she’s on public transport.’ And I’m sat there secretly thinking: ‘Ha Ha that’s funny’,” she said.

Watson recently admitted she prefers being single — because she makes a “rubbish” girlfriend.

“It’s rubbish being my boyfriend. People are constantly coming up to me, I’m always working,” she explained. “I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. It feels good, actually. It’s nice to be selfish.

“I’m never going to confirm or deny who I am dating, but if they keep doing it, the tally will get so high — not very Hermione.”
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  • brestluvver

    there are some smokin’ hot pics of Emma at:

    • Lindsay

      wow sarah u suck harry potter is like tots awesome! u really need to get help u have issues sarah ahahah!

  • Sarah

    Ugh, does anyone really give a shit about how much money she has? Uhh, the majority of the world won’t even see that kind of money in their lifetime. Harry Potter wasn’t even that good.

  • anonimous

    emma send me money please hahaha. help to spend the money

  • J.C.

    Making a comment like that makes us poor folks that have to make the call every month food or gas???? Gas wins every time. Not living beyond my means just don’t have the jobs available to make it work or the pay scale.

    I could tell you what to do. Take the interest you get off you super huge bank account(s) and give 10% to people in need…. homeless shelters, soup kitchens things that we need to survive…. Thank god for public libraries!

  • LJ

    Come on folks don’t rag her for having the money, anyone who watch the HP movies was ones that gave it to her.
    So now you mad because she has it.
    Yes their is people who needs money and yes she could help but what about the other people who has billion and millions of dollars they cold help also.
    I like the ideal that she stated she brought a laptop and car along with her edu. and not saying how she blowed her money on buying a island or 5 houses, million dollars worth of clothing.
    And also she not beyound taking the underground for transportationl. Of course in UK she could never do that here in US because people would mob her. She may get spoiled later but right now she still has some dignity and commonality with the common people or her roots.

    • Patty Fitz

      Well said and I agree totally.

  • lazerbeak2125

    gUYS …Guys….she is rich.She could help people but how many?Lets say she gave everyone $100,000 us american dollars.She would be broke by the time she gave her last $100,ooo to the 500th person or something like that.What about the rest of the billion people left?WHat about the billionares out there.

    Remember,she is rich,but she is not that rich compared to wealthy people.Let her enjoy her life cause she deserves it.I hope she will find someone she loves as much as we all love her.

  • Pop killer

    Nice ego. I like her, but come on, just keep it to yourself if you make that kind of money and don’t brag about it. And even though I don’t hate those movies, (well only the first few are worth a watch) I still don’t see why they make that much money. Popularity I guess. Her acting skills also are, okay i guess. But remember… how much money they make, or how much a movies grosses, doesn’t mean they are talented, or are actually any good. She is very hot in my opinion, but damn, some of us don’t really want to hear how rich you are.

  • Thomas

    Emma isn’t bragging. She talked before about how ridiculous the amount of money she has is. Remember she started all this when just a child, she’s had to adjust to the fame and everything. The fact she’s going to school and hasn’t gone on spending sprees shows a good head on her shoulders.

  • kevin

    She’s a young sweet thang who dosen’t realize most of us work hard and sometimes it comes down to hand to mouth in these hard times.No use getting angry at her,she better pray she gets to be a better actor or she’ll be on the bleeding dole,happy new year to all and let’s hope that obama does the correct thing and gets us out of these crazy wars and creates jobs for all us working slobs.

  • Nikki

    Can I have some money?… its hard going to college, I am already in so much debt… :’(

  • Kami

    She’s always arrogant. : / Why the hell do so many people like her? I don’t know really. *amn, HP…

  • valentinaa

    Dear I think you should see beyond yourself and you’ll notice that all need in the world,
    have no need to spend all that money on you, DONATE TO THOSE IN NEED!

  • l

    i love you Emma :) for you not for your money

  • wtf

    Wow fuck this spoiled cunt


    i love you too emma!!! you seem like a very cool person and nice person!!! but yeah i think donating some of your money to the people in need!!! i know you will do the right thing!!

  • Cassiex

    Emma is not a spoiled or a cunt. She is still young, has always been filming and never really had time to think about what to do with her money. It’s not like she can go house to house bring bags full of money to everybody. There are so many people in need that she can’t reach everybody. She has donated to the helpless. I know for a fact she is a big supporter of UNICEF. Just because you are not the person being affected by her money there is no reason to call her spoiled or a cunt…Now that she had entered college she is still going to be busy and she is filming some more movies in the mean time, give her time.

  • Evgeny

    I can’t believe how stupid these commenters sound. Look, she works very hard. She even said so in this very interview; are you blind or just completely thick? She works all the time, she does press and interviews, and has to put up with it, and everything else. But she was also very very lucky, back in 2000 or whatever, and I think that’s what these idiot people are so mad about! Which is a VERY incorrect attitude. Quit whining about your ‘shitty’ lives; at least you have internet accsess, huh?

  • uzma gillani

    hello dear, i see you on internet. you r so rich.… good. dear whould you like to help me ? i need some money very urgently. coz not have money even to eat… now these days. if you sent me some money then i will pay you back very soon. i promiss you dear. i m just like your sister. plz help me. i will thankfull to you in every moment of my life. “God bless you”

  • uzma gillani

    dear emma, will you help me please…?

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  • Qoolio

    You could give it me .

  • Randall Mckay

    She could…just dump it out the window. Or she could learn origami. Or she could boycott toilet paper. She should donate it to a college trust fund for kids born poor. Having too much money shows how ridiculous it is for it to even exist in the first place. 

  • I wish I had money
  • Socialmedic

    Clearly Emma bail your friends out of student loan debt.   Maybe that is not going on in England but here in USA.  Get their loan number and pay their debt.  You could do more better service to more worthy people.

  • jason

    Please help me raise enough money for school.

  • biafra

    Please help me raise enough money for school. or i can stay with you for any help i will be happy to hear from you thanks, GOD BLESS you

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