Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ‘Snub Oscars Because of Anne Hathaway’

Sunday, January 9, 2011

TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes are snubbing the Oscars — because they don’t want an awkward confrontation with its host, the sexy, talented Anne Hathaway!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Anne Hathaway

The Hollywood couple are furious that Anne –  who will be presenting the 83rd Academy Awards alongside 127 Hours actor James Franco — mocked Katie on Saturday Night Live in November.

“Tom and Katie don’t want to have to cross paths with Anne,” a source told Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“They used to be friends and took Anne to a Tina Turner concert in 2008 when Anne split up from her boyfriend Raffaello Follieri.

“Katie feels they were really supportive at a difficult time so she feels let down that Anne took to national TV to make fun of her.

“Anne didn’t even warn her it was going to be on TV. The whole thing has left a sour taste with Tom.”

Meanwhile, sources say Holmes is feeling lonely in her marriage to Cruise.

“She feels he’s a controlling husband and has driven away her close circle of friends,” dished one insider.

“Katie thought their anniversary was the perfect opportunity to sit down with Tom and spend quality time with him.

“But when Tom told her that he couldn’t fly home, she realized how lonely she was.

“Katie hoped that no matter what happened, even if things weren’t perfect they’d have a friendship but he’s totally ignoring her and focusing on work.

“She was worried that once she stopped going to Scientology gatherings it would cause problems in their relationship and she’s wondering if her fears are now coming true.”


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  • TomTom

    Tom cruise gets his Career advice from Scientologists these days. is it any wonder his career is floundering.

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  • sonia

    I do not know why those who give comments about Tom Cruise are always negative and only to destroy his being. People do not notice the good in the person of Tom Cruise. I feel that these people are out there to destroy the life of Tom Cruise his being, his career and break his family.
    There are so many good points about Tom Cruise. Why can’t people see it and be more supportive than being destructive. They criticize only to criticize and not to improve.

    • Jerry James

      I respect Tom Cruise and enjoy his movies. He’s one of those actors that is humble and is grateful for his career and position in Hollywood. At the premiers of his movies he always takes pictures with fans on the red carpet and even talks to peoples relatives on the phone right there to make them have a good day. He’s a great man and actor and I respect him.

  • http://? ana

    People in Hollywood are jealous of Tom Cruise, that’s why they’re ALWAYS critisize him. I think he’s a good actor and a very caring human being. Hollywood says that all should have the same opportunity, yet Tom Cruise gets the chastized because of his religion. What happened to free speech and freedom of religion??? Hollywood–you need to remember this.

  • Marti Cly

    If you cannot laugh at yourself, then you are a sad person. I believe that most actors and actress have been made fun of on Saturday Night Live. Katie, Tom, stop having such an ego that you make a big deal out of nothing. You are just making donkey’s out of yourselves when you make a big deal out of things that unimportant. There are more important things in this world than you being made fun of. World hunger, illiness and the homeless. Think about those things and stop feeding your ego!! You chose the life you have. Yes, you are both good people, but stop being so sensitive.

  • Deborah

    Run, Ann, run

  • Mark

    Scientology is a cult full of elitist retards. These people are all preyed upon because their egos are so big, they’re willing to suspend disbelief when someone promises them cosmic powers.

    How pathetic. If the CoS wasn’t so busy destroying people with their legal team, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    If Tom Cruise comprehended how little the public took him seriously, he would probably kill himself.

  • John

    Tom Cruise is lame, Scientology is the second worst thing ever, and Katie Holmes deserves much better for her life.

  • Stephen Monachello

    I have no problem with Tom Cruise as an actor. He is extremely kind to his fans and is extremely humble. My problem with Mr. Cruise is when he goes on TV and claims he is smarter than everyone and that his religon is the only correct one. To me a reliogn is not a religon when only wealthy people can be members but that is another story. I don’t like anyone pushing their religon as the correct one. Also as someone said above if you can’t laugh at yourself then you a sad person. Tom and Katie need to grow up.

  • donald tramp

    need proof that tom is gayyyy? check this out.

  • Enyaface

    Saturday Night Live picks on everyone…To blame Ann Hathaway who by the way does not write her own material is stupid.
    Tom & Katie need to get over themselves. Don’t get me wrong I love them both and have the deepest respect for them as actors but REALLY!!!! Snub the Oscars because of that? Sheesh grow up….

  • May Susan Bedural

    I’m in the Philippines and hasn’t been to US but I’ve watched Anne in movies and I think she’s better than even those Twilight stars, she can really act. Now as to why Tom & Katie snubbed the Oscars is theirright, ridiculous as it may seem — or they can’t face Anne coz they know she’s not guilty!

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