David Duchovny: Actor David Duchovny is Desperate to Make a Third X-Files Movie!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

David Duchovny DAVID Duchovny wants to make another X-Files movie.

The Hollywood actor says he’s keen to reprise his role as Agent Fox Mulder for a third flick in the franchise.

“I’m always game. It always rides on Fox. [Chris Carter] is game. I know [Gillian Anderson] is game. We all, at this point, love the show. We all, at this point, would love to work with one another again. We’re all good friends and miss one another, and miss working together.

“We worked together so hard for so long, so closely. We had some ups and downs personally, sure. But in the end, they are really like family to me. We’re all like this little X-Files family and I, for one, would love to continue. And I think there’s a lot left in the show. You know? And I think we can continue to make good movies.

“It’s just a matter of spending enough on a movie that can compete in the summertime. We made a movie and released it in the summer, but it wasn’t really a blockbuster movie. And it got kind of overshadowed by the bigger ones. So, we’re saying, make us big. We’ll fight with the big boys.”

David, 50, recently admitted he would “go gay” for the stars of Twilight.

“If I were gay, you know. I think Woody Allen is one of a long list of men I might go gay for,” said the star, who has two children with wife Tea Leoni.

Garry Shandling is someone I’ve publicly gone gay for, for jokes. Oh and anyone in the Twilight movies. I don’t know any of their names, but all of them. The wolves, the vampires? They’re all fantastic.”[imagebrowser id=213]


  • androshi

    the last movie shtunk!!! he should have made movies inbetween the seasons for his fans.

    not every 100 years! i dont want to see old man mulder!

    i guess we’ll just have to put up with his wrinkles and sagging t!ts.


    seriously -he was bad to the fans of the show!

    • wang

      either you get old too or die young. thats one of the human being”s wonder.you should be thankful to God of what you are now…you’re life is in there, on the process.

  • http://artandcolour.blogspot.com casey

    I would LOVE to see another X-Files movie. I miss watching the show on TV, and I thoroughly enjoyed both movies. I miss seeing Duchovny on a regular basis. And I wouldn’t have to “go gay” for him, i am gay, lol. C’mon, Davey! I’m you’re biggest fan!
    : )

  • http://www.acaiberryllc.com/ Michae & Cheryl Wolfe

    David is a total crack up..

  • Squee

    I hope they make another movie. The series was awesome. And if they don’t want a summer movie, they should make it for December of 2012. That was the time the final invasion was supposed to begin in the series. :D

  • Patrice Farmer

    The Second Movie did NOT suck. It was just like an X-Files episode. I love their relationship and we get to see it with them living together…but the reason it didn’t do so well was because we all want to know about William and 2012! So because it wasn’t aliens people didn’t like it but that’s what the next one should have…They reunite with their child and save us all!!!

  • rholland

    The third movie was slow and dull. Hopefully this would be avoided in the future.

  • http://yahoo.com Mark

    I think a 3rd X-Files would be great especially if they incooperate William and the 2012 prophesys and maybe save the world.

  • Bill Leslie

    There was an X-Files movie? Wait, there were 2 X-Files movies? David should just be happy that he gets to live out his super freak fantasies molesting young girls on Showtime.

  • Liz

    I have to say – the truth is out there – this ship has SAILED.

  • danakscully64

    Dear Chris Carter,

    I will do anything to be in the next movie. Anything. Hit me up.

    Sincerely, danakscully64


  • Beegee

    We would love to see Mulder & Scully re-united with William. Plus the 2012 prophesy, that would sure be a blockbuster hit!

  • Alex

    Fringe is the new X-Files. Most recent X-Files are all drama witch is gay.

  • http://tommyreese@ymail.com Tommy

    I’m a big fan of the X-Files and would really like to see another movie, even better reprise the series it worked for Hawaii-five-o . Use the original cast and introduce new members to the story.

  • Justin

    Definitely hoping they make a third film that deals with the alien invasion storyline.

  • http://twitter.com/xqueeniex93 kay

    i would love to see another x-files movie! the first one was fantastic! the second one was ah-mazing! a 3rd would just blow my mind!

  • Xphile

    We definitely need another X-files movie!!! It should be great with all that 2012 stuff. David and Gillian are still gorgeous and it’s a crime to not use their chemistry!!!

  • Sabrina

    I didnt like the last movie at all. It was really bad. I hope they work on a better script this time and have a better story line at plot. I loved the t.v. show and watched nearly every episode! Keep all the original cast!

  • http://yahoo duncan

    Forget movies…just bring the show back to television. I’d rather see them weekly than once every 2 years. Think of the stories…2012, Scully’s child…Hell, can even bring Yves and Jimmy as new Lone Gunmen. Oh yeah, and CBGS. Gotta have the smoking man.

  • Estrella

    XF3 a must!!!!

    • Estrella

      ╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
      ೋ ❤❤❤~~The X-Files 3!!!~~❤❤❤ ೋ
      ╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝
      ……❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫❤♫❤♫❤.

  • http://www.goobisweird.com Goober

    I’d love to see a third X-Files film, the second film didn’t suck, the reason it didn’t do so well isn’t because the lack of William it’s because of the week long time difference in between the release of IWTB and The Dark Knight. I do agree with the poster who said they should have made movies in between the seasons…that would have been great, but I’ll take what I get. If FOX really is as passionate about their X-Files franchise as they have repeatedly said they are they need to put their money where their mouthes are and put out a great blockbuster on December 22nd, 2012, the date of the alien invasion! FOX has said in the past they are up for making movies, it just depends on the cast and crew…and well, it looks like they are ready

  • JockeysRule

    I would go gay for David Duchovny in a flash. I have a feeling that the male-male experience is not entirely a stranger to him. Just a hunch. Anyway, he’s a good actor and a still a hot dude at 50; though I think the X-files series has run its full course. Would like to see more of Gillian Anderson. What’s happened to this wickedly talented woman?

  • Lmac

    Please!!!!!Make another X-Files Movie.To this day,X-Files remains my favorite show .And if David didnt have prior engagements with Californication(which i love)i’d say continue on with the series.But that is a bit much to ask for,so i will settle for the “2012 invasion” X-files movie.However,i need something to hold me over,so how about Gillian guest starring on Californication.That definetly would create more fan base.

  • carola

    desperate? where? what a stupid headline.

    that is a mish mash of some old interviews anyway. typical.

  • Robert

    I dont know anything about x-files but CALIFORNICATION RULES! Bring it on! HANK MOODY, you are my hero!

  • Jana

    As an ardent fan of the series and movies, I’d love to see another X-Files movie! Duchovny’s right though, give them a proper budget for a summer release or release it at X-mas time! Someone should start a Facebook campaign, ala Betty White. See what it did for her! Get enough peeps asking for it, that’s bound to get some attention at Fox!

  • Shelby71

    I have shamelessly bought all the seasons on DVD. i am hooked all over again. such a good story line. especially the early years. they need one big “last” finale. aliens would be the only way to go…come on Chris, don’t leave us hanging!!! and no snow this time….area 51 maybe???

  • fiji mermaid

    I think he should make another X Files movie – with Garry Shandling in a lead role. And what’s all this about “going gay” for other actors? Is he trying to tell the public something? Second thought, maybe he should just be cast in the last Harry Potter movie.

  • wang

    I always love X-files, i have the whole series and i’m watching all of the series again.love it and cannot wait to see another movie . i hope they make a new generation tv series.

  • brunoman17

    I have some late breaking news. Nobody cares about The X-Files anymore. If FOX won’t greenlight a 24 movie, what makes you think that FOX would greenlight another X-Files movie that only x-files fans will see and most likely be bomb at the box office. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson don’t have any box office appeal and Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz lost their credibility by ruining the last three years of the show by adding new characters that no one cared about and turned the X-Files into a different show that culminated into that turkey of a movie “I Want To Believe”. The X-Files franchise needs new blood creatively in front and behind the camera and that means reboot, and it’s only a question of when not if. When FOX do decide to reboot the franchise, I just hope they pick the right filmmaker to take over. My top choices are Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, or Darren Aronofsky. Those three filmmakers can rejuvenate the franchise and make The X-Files cool again.

    • EE

      Bruno… dude… Go away. You’re everywhere with this Negative Nancy crap. You remind me of fair-weather Metallica fans who b*tched that Metallica was dead… until Death Magnetic came out… then, they LOVED them again…

  • dareisay

    I would like to see another movie, if not big screen, then on TV……yes, it has to be about aliens, that’s why the 2nd one didn’t do so well.

  • Richi

    Me too, I’d love to see another movie…great news, I hope the cast some of 1st movie, like M. Landau…maybe it’s a conclusion to the sister issue.

  • dr.rick.whatley

    Please give us the conclusion we deserve. Bring us the Truth in the third X Files movie. Now is the time.