Scarlett Johansson Unhappy About Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock Rumors!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds SCARLETT Johansson isn’t too happy that her soon-to-be ex-husband Ryan Reynolds is being linked to his pal Sandra Bullock.

Sandra and Ryan — who recently announced that they had separated — were married in a private ceremony in Canada in 2008.

“Scarlett is a deeply private person, who during her entire marriage was only ever seen and photographed with her husband a handful of times,” a source told PopEater.

“Now, less than a month after they split that fool has gone and got himself photographed with [with Bullock] on New Year’s Eve of all days. Of course she is devastated.

“Even if they are not a couple yet, this is very awkward for Scarlett. She too thinks of Sandy as a friend and hates the thought that Sandy is on team Ryan after the breakup, that is if she isn’t already his girlfriend.”


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  • Ranie

    Sorry about the double post!!

  • Danceprancer

    aww…poor little Scarlett…she’s getting exactly what she deserves…the little man-stealing whore knows how to steal other women’s men… (dish it out) but she has no idea how to take it( she initiates the split w/ Ryan and then is “furious” when he finds happiness w/ someone else.. I hope Alanis is enjoying this as much as I am…I for one am LOVING it!!!

    • gordon

      oh, just STOP nancy stephens. they are suffering and you are gloating! you got what you wanted. move onto your next celebrity to badmouth and devote your time to just so they can live their lives without knowing your existence while you keep wasting your time in from of the screen.

      • gordon

        the end.