Malcolm-Jamal Warner to Marry Girlfriend! Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Planning to Walk Down The Aisle?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Malcolm-Jamal WarnerMALCOLM-Jamal Warner and Regina King are reportedly set to marry.

The pair — who have known each other since the the 1980′s and have lived together since early last year — are on the verge of making their romance official!

“Malcolm and Regina are thrilled that they’ve found the most satisfying relationship of their lives… They’re both extremely content right now, and marriage is the next step,” a source said.

King has a son, 13, with her ex-husband named Ian Alexander Jr.

“Malcolm and Regina have known each other since the ’80s, but two years ago their friendship blossomed into romance,” said the insider.

“They recently found a place together in Los Angeles and (they) are living as a family with her teenage son. Malcolm loves the boy as if he was his own, and Regina refers to Malcolm as her ‘soul mate’.”[imagebrowser id=941]



  • ripa on this


    nice to see people happy

  • Carolyn Kingsley

    I wish you both all the happiness in the world, you are two deserving people of nothing but happiness. You both have always been two of my favorite people. Bless You Carolyn Kingsley

    • Ellie

      WOW how racist!!!! oh and im white

      • Des

        I see why your name is street guy, that’s where you got your sense.

      • http://yahoo jennifer

        “Why can’t our children be raised by their biological parents”?… Sounds like a personal issue,a form of self hatred for their race and pure ignorance rather than racist.
        Best Wishes to Malcolm and Regina!

  • Street Guy

    I am proud of these two. Sadly, however, it brings up another point. Why can’t our children be raised by their biological parents. You will sooner find ben laden before you find an african-american kid raised by their biological parents. Money or no money. That’s sad :-(

    • 409 girl

      I beg to differ with you, Street Guy. While there are a lot of African Americans that are being raised in single parent and blended family homes, I am one of the ones who is not. I was raised by my biological parents and I know many other people who were also!!! I understand statistics show that more are not, but there still are some of us who are!!!

    • Cheryle Parker

      I disagree Street Guy…I am african american and I was raised by my parents, my husband was raised by his parents and my children are raised by my husband and I. They have many friends that have their parents in their life. Yes some are divorced but the mother and father are in their lives…BTW…there are cultures of families that are raising each other children and other cultures of fathers that do not pay child support or visit their children. It is not srictly the black community that has this issue…that was a WRONG and a incorrect stereotype that you commented on..oh, and I guess they will sooner find bin laden before RACISM will no longer exist in America. Get real and look in the mirror. Are you being all the man you can be? I dont think so..


        Umm, the story is about Malcolm and Regina, NO WHERE in the story does it say He husband LEFT, and NO WHERE in tghe story does it say that the Ex is not apart of the kids life, it just states that MALCOLM loves him as if he’s his own. STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!!!


        Sorry, that was in response to someone else :)

      • curtis


        I disagree with you. Look at the statistics. Understand that people hang out and associate with people that are like themselves. Just because you are an exception to the rule does not dis-prove the rule. It is like my homegirl, who is black ( I am also Black). She tried to tell me that there aren’t “that many” black women who dont have kids, which is ridiculous. She is almost 30, and her 5 friends dont have kids. But they are EXCEPTIONS. Models hang out with models, geeks with geeks, teachers with teachers, etc.

      • brina

        I disagree with street guy too, my parents were married for 37years, but were together for40. My dad just passed away last year, but they were still happily married, and almost eveyother black family I now, they’re parents are still together too. But I know a lot of white couple who co parent, so its not a race thing just a people thing

    • MothersChild

      Thank God someone is willing to step in and fill the void of the coward that left Regina in the first place. If we should be blaming anyone we should blame the men that leave their wives, White, Black, Pink, Purple or Blue, HE LEFT!

      • Brohamicus

        You have got to be kidding! Sh*! happens. People fall out of love, find that they’re simply incompatible, or the bitch just finds fault with anything you do. Are you saying you should spend the next 30 years dealing with her BS because there are kids involved or bite the bullet and leave her? I say from experience, Deuces!?


        Umm, the story is about Malcolm and Regina, NO WHERE in the story does it say He husband LEFT, and NO WHERE in tghe story does it say that the Ex is not apart of the kids life, it just states that MALCOLM loves him as if he’s his own. STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS!!!

      • kreeoh

        Don’t be soo mean Motherschild… your name is the prime example of our dilemma… Educated,,, Independent,,, and Strong Black women thrashing Black men… Black Afro-American is the only race rejecting their males… Betcha the marriage ended because her ex didn’t make the money she makes… Betcha the marriage ended because her ex couldn’t give her the lifestyle she thinks she deserves… Betcha that child grew up with all his needs and privileges met…

    • Vanessa Kelley


      • http://yahoo cindy

        Hey Brohamicus,
        i agree that people do fall out of love and life is too short to live in an unhappy relationship. And, both parents can still parent! However, referring to your child’s mother as a BITCH is totally inappropriate!!! Respect, respect, respect….and i’m assuming that she bore your child(ren)? Shame on you.

    • V. K.

      @StreetGuy, It’s not sad that all children arent raised by their biological parents. I know many people raised by step-parents, who would lay down their life for them. Love is love! Shaquille Oneal always says he would not be where he is today if it wasnt for his stepfather!
      And I was raised by both bilogical parents! So you will find many, many African-American people who were raised by their bilogical parents!

    • Oliver

      Street Guy That was a dumb comment. Enough said. Congrats to the couple they seem like they are both down to Earth people so hopefully it won’t be a crappy Hollywood wedding that won’t last.

    • Kristi

      Who said that his biological father is not raising him? Just simply said that his new stepfather loves him and cares for him as if he was his own. Did I miss something? Don’t forget that women choose to walk out of a relationship is well that splits up the family. Every scenario is unique. Whether biological or not, a positive man and woman in the daily life of a child is the way to go.

    • Kristi

      Who said that his biological father is not raising him? Just simply said that his new stepfather loves him and cares for him as if he was his own. Did I miss something? Don’t forget that women choose to walk out of a relationship as well and that splits up the family. Every scenario is unique. Whether biological or not, a positive man and woman in the daily life of a child is the way to go.

    • Heather

      I’m white and my parents divorced when I was 4. Both remarried and I have 2 half brothers, one from each parent’s remarriage. I don’t think it’s an African American thing, it’s our society.

    • Tamara Thomas

      Wow!! @ Streetguy….not all children are raised by single parents or step parents. I realize that it’s more common than in years past, but some of us do raise our children with both the biological parents. Besides, what difference does it make, as long as the children are in loving, stable homes? I mean really!!! Black, white, candy apple red, it makes no difference. How ignorant of you to make such a statement, and as an African American mother of 4 kids, I take great offense to your comment. Think before you speak, okay?

    • stephanie

      Are you even black? If not, shut the hell up. I get so tired of ‘outsiders looking in’ acting as though they know more about whatever’s going in the black community than actual black people.
      They frequent ‘black sites’ or have one black friend or read a d*mn study…and walk about as if they’re just the epitome of cultural knowledge.

      Though, the black community has the most – the numbers of female-led single parent homes has risen across the board in the last 20-40 years. It is as much a SOCIETAL problem as it is a black one…

      I was raised in a 2-parent home and am a self-proclaimed ‘Daddy’s Girl’. Many of my young cousins are married.
      Don’t believe the hype.

    • frankie

      You hahve never been more wrong. And you need to get ALL the facts and statistics. Children of African descent aren’t the only children that aren’t raised by their biological parents. And stop HATIN’! This article is about the pennding union of two wonderful people. Be HAPPY and Joyful! There’s enough bigotry showing out these days!

    • rhonda

      Why must we continue to think that it is only black people that have dysfunctional families. I worked at an in-home daycare for 10 years. About 80% of the kids we had were white n we could never do father’s day gifts because their fathers were not around. Deadbeat parents are not in just one particular race sweetheart. (Not to say that this kid has a deadbeat dad or anything)And one more thing; I’m black and i was raised by both of my parents. So…sorry but your observations are incorrect.

    • mandingomulatto

      street guy.ithink i know ur issue.your girlfriends and past girlfriends love mandingo sometimes we brothers steal ur whitegirls,actually most of the time we steal them. i am biracial,and my white mother was a sorry mom,race dont have crap to dowith it,moron.some people;such as urself,dont have any manners or common sense,probably why ur lady is on my schlong as we speak.and also here in southern ohio and northern kentucky/wv its full of white pillbillies who have dirty white illegitimate kids in trailers.all ofthe brothas and sistas here are athletic,smooth,well to do,hardworking,goodlooking and go back to ur mobile home and cook upsome meth and nail ur sister

    • Thetruthbringer

      Change your tampon before the blood crusts over. I am a african-american male that was raised by both of my parents. My parents split up when I was 12 and I was still raised by both of them. This story is about the two getting married, not about who raising her son. Get real and wake up.

    • jay

      street guy I’m 40 years old my parents were together over 48 years.My wife and I have a 6yr old girl.What are you talking about?A empty barrel makes the most noise.

    • Ken

      Streetwise, it is opinions such as yours that generate stereotypes and untruths that are not factually based. Working in the Department of family and childrens services I have seen just as many white kids come through whith grandparents, extended family and foster parents as black children.

      My grandparents both maternal and paternal all raised thier own children, before you say that’s nothing. My paternal grands had 14 children, they were married until death and 12 of thier children were married and still married all of them had kids and raised thier own and all of thier grands are married they are raising thier children.
      My maternal grandparents raised 4 children 3 college grads, 3 married (12,43 and 46 years), all have children, all raised thier own and the granchildren are raising their own.

      Yes, I know that my situation is different from some, but most of the families I know raise thier own. If there is someone being raised by others, it is because sometimes other people can do a better job than you can. It takes a real parent to admit that they can’t do it on their own.

    • http://yahoo jen

      what an idiot you are….

      • http://yahoo jen

        that was in response to street guy or whatever his name is..

    • Jan

      What? You dude, are no street guy. Probably a jail guy, a fag guy but not a street guy. Don’t be mad cause you’re adopted and don’t know who your real parents are. So sad.

    • MRS.JBR

      Please stop with the stereotype. I too was raised by both of my parents; my husband as well. We’re Black, in our early 30′s,oh and to further burst your bubble we’re having a baby IN WEDLOCK!!!!!! I mean really, it’s absurd for you to make a comment like this.

      In MY OPINION, as long as that child is in a loving home and has a strong male and female figure in his/her life is all that matters.

      Anyway back to the real subject matter congrats Regina and Malcolm!!!!!!

  • Gladys

    Wonderful! I have followed both actors careers. Couldn’t be happier for them!

  • Ricker

    Man, Cheryle, lighten up! Yes, this is a critical issue, but let’s do something entirely different moving forward, and STOP ATTACKING. If you disagree, and you have every right, can’t we just leave it there, without having to immediately go for the other person’s character jugular. My guess would be that BOTH of you need to look in the mirror…but don’t take too long, there’s a world of people behind you–me included–that need to be doing the same thing daily.

  • pj

    I like both of them so I am happy to see them together!

  • http://N/A Kato

    Monday, 10 January 2011

    That is great for both of them. I assumed incorrectly that they both were already married, but not to each other. Regina said that she feels that Malcolm is her soul mate. I hope they last for life because so many show biz marriages only last a few years or a few months. Actors, singers and ball players change spouses like changing underwear. Great examples are Denzel and Paulett, Sidney and Joanna,Bill and Camille to name a few.

    By the way, what ever happen to Regina’s acting sister, Reina King?

    Peace out, Miami Heat rules.
    Miami (Little Cuba) Florida

    • Vanessa Kelley

      They were both married to other people. Malcolm’s 1st wife passed away some years back.

      • Gina

        Malcolm Jamal Warner was never married.His long time girlfriend passed away.She was the actress who played Steve Urkel’s girlfriend on Family Matters-I believe she had been fighting cancer for a number of yrs,but they never married.

    • Diane Smith

      And what do Denzel and Paulette, Bill and Camille and Sidney and Joanna have in common? The husbands all cheat on their devoted wives, and they just take it. What a fine example for the african american community.

  • Susan

    Hooray!!! I enjoy both of these actors immensely and have always wanted the best for each of them. I’m glad that it’s together!! :) Congrats!!!! LONG lives together!!! :)

  • Susan

    Hooray!!! I enjoy both of these actors immensely and have always wanted the best for each of them. I’m glad that it’s together!! :) Congrats!!!! LONG lives together!!! :)

  • Susan

    Hooray!!! I enjoy both of these actors immensely and have always wanted the best for each of them. I’m glad that it’s together!! :) Congrats!!!! LONG lives together!!! :)

  • http://yahoo jay

    i’m a 23 yr african male and i was raised by both of my birth parents. All of my aunts and uncles are married to their kids parent. I don’t think i even know a family member that had a child out of wet lock and i don’t plan to either. Plz don’t believe the media because they’re trying to divide our race. We have it so hard because here in this country because we don’t trust and love each other. The funny thing is that the media tries to paint a picture that educated young black men don’t even exist. please don’t believe this because we do exist in great numbers and we are interested and believe in the concept of love!!! and marriage!!

  • damond

    Congratulations you too! Let the force be with Malcolm-Jamal-Warner&Regina King.

  • Mal Jam fan

    Can we take a break from the socio-political BS and just wish these two the best on their upcoming nuptials?

  • Powerful Sister

    Street Guy ignorance is bliss; before you make a comment, why don’t you do some research first. I have zero tolerance for ignorance and you have know clue; so until you have the right information pertaining to Black households don’t open your mouth to voice your opinion. I was raised by both my parents and my cousins and all of my friends; maybe this topic; is concerning how you were raised, so don’t touch subject if you don’t want it to bite you back

  • Powerful Sister


    • Taryn Williams

      Best wishes Malcolm and Regina!!!!!!! And for the person that bought up the issue about the kid being bought up by his biological parents….Sometimes, biological parents may not be what is best for the child. Sometimes biological parents can be full of poison, as it seems yours were. What is important at the end of the day, is that a productive, well rounded, responsible human being is raised. Not raised by ignorance, end result is going around shooting Senators for instance……Think about it.

  • Marie

    Congratulations Malcolm and Regina.Wish you both the best!!!!!

  • Anndria

    The two-some are a surprize but sounds great. I also disagree with Street Guy. There are many people who were raised by bad biological parents (black & white) and would have been better off with strangers.

    • V. K.

      @Anndria, you are so, so right!

  • dirtyslimm

    damn theo and brenda are getting married. j/k……but they are 2 beautiful ppl and thats good they are getting married.

  • Connie Mitchell

    I wish them the best. But what about those reports for many years that Malcolm is an “outed” gay? has he stopped being gay?

    • V. K.

      He wasnt and isnt gay! What he was, was a man who had to mourn his dead young wife! He always had refered to her (the girl Justine that played his girlfriend on Cosby show for years) as his soul mate. And I am so glad God has healed his heart and brought a new love into his life!

  • Reece

    Street Guy is an idiot!!

    Malcom congrats! You got a good one !

  • jennifer

    I am ecstatically happy for the both of them!!! I am a HUGE fan of both of them since 227 & and Cosby Show…you go guys and “HOLLYWEIRD” or not their marriage can last as long as they both so desire!!! I’m waiting on the man I can’t live without; as they say WOMEN generally choose men they can live with; yet; MEN choose to MARRY women they simply can’t live without!!!!

  • Robin

    I am so very happy for the both you, I love watching Regina on Show on Tuesday’s. Love each every day and from now own,make sure you tell each other you luv them everyday.

  • MGG

    Best wishes to them both. Malcolm-Jamal Warner has never been married. He was in a long-term (7 year) relationship with Karen Malina White, and dated the late Michelle Thomas (who played his girlfriend Justine on the Cosby Show). He was at her side when she died.

  • Marie

    Anndria i agree with you 100%.You are soooo right.Good comment!!!!

    • Jan

      Oh, you a man? You slept with him. Shut the hell up. HATER. Go and spew your bull elsewhere.

  • Missybassy

    i like her but i thought he was gay. he sure does have that appearance, tongue ring and all….

  • AMD

    That’s cool. I didn’t even know the two were an item.

  • DAVE

    Why is there so much hate in this world? This man and woman truly love each other and some fool just trah=shes them with there racist hate. I mean really this man lost his wife at a young age and waited well over 10 years to find love again and she hasn’t been with someone for almost that same amount of time. God brought them together and the haters want to tear them apart. QUIT HATING YOU HATERS!!
    P.S we never talk about who really brought the counrty down with the majority of their race being on welfare and no I’m not talking about black people.

  • Tiffani

    Who said that father was absent? Amazing how we can jump to so many conclusions. I was married, had a child, the marriage ended. Things happen, but my son’s father is not absent. For all we know, the father could be raising their son and living with him?!? Congrats Malcolm and Regina!

  • Robyn

    You might want to watch Teen Moms. !00% white show with white teen parents and white guys leaving the mamas…..This is universal….so not isolated to African American families.

  • Selena

    I thought Regina was still married, but if not…Wow! I’m loving that she and Malcom are together.

  • Eric

    What is with all the racist comments??? Black or white you are all equal.

  • Pastor Rob

    Why are you all stooping to this street guy’s level? THis article was about someone finding true love. Let’s keep the focus on love and not racism. Congrats Malcolm and Regina and may God bless you both with true success! Street Guy, find a bridge and go to sleep in the cold!

  • cynthia

    I am very happy for these two. I hope they are happy and their lives are fulfilled. Never mind the racist comments that were posted earlier by some idiot. Rather they are Black or White love is love and it is so hard to find these days. Don’t hate.

  • Brohamicus

    I’m so happy for Regina and Malcom. It is, in my opinion, a rarity to find “true love” these days. It occurs to me based on this article that their relationship is based on longevity, friendship, and trust. Those things are so very precious when deciding to enter into an institution like marriage within the confines of a litigious culture coupled with the cloak of celebrity. I hope they make it…honestly.

  • http://showbizspy Suzy Que

    WOW!!! I am so happy for them! It is nice to see people still fall in love and get married. Best wishes to both of them.

  • Jane

    notice how streetguy hasn’t responded to the comments left after him….maybe he’s out doing his research! We won’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch- I’m just happy MJW and RK have found each other and are happy! We need some happiness with all the tragedy around us. Good for them!!!

  • barbie k.

    It is sad that a nice story was turned into something that has to deal with, race, class and stereotypes. Can’t we read something nice and leave it as that and look for something to cause controversy. With so many people divorcing or dying, this is a pleasant surprise that has nothing to do with race, class, gender or statistics….

    Side note, Malcolm was never married, he dated the woman who played his girlfriend Justine on The Cosby show, her name was Michelle Thomas. She passed away in 1998 of cancer.

  • http://showbizspy Suzy Que

    WOW!!! I am so happy for them! It is nice to see people still fall in love and get married. Best wishes to both of them.

  • Hestersueretta

    First trust in God and walk by faith, and no matter what don’t go to bed upset with each other. Just agree to disagree may The Lord bless your union

  • Dorothy D.

    I think that they make a perfect couple they both have something in common. Best of Luck to the both of you nothing fails but a try.

  • Miss Taken

    Two of my favorite people. Congratulations to you both! Wishing you a lifetime of joy and happiness!!

  • Mallory

    Good for them and they were able to keep there relashionship out the magzines and eveything thats great


    All shout outs to you both,your’e both great people and i wish you all the bless’n of the “ALMIGHTY GOD”.

  • hapster

    Does every story have to have some idiot saying something hateful? It’s hard to find two less controversial people than MJW and RK. (and I don’t me R. Kelly) Can’t we all just be happy for them? There are enough things in the world to be sad about. Congrats to the happy couple from half of a happy couple.

  • http://n/a CARL


  • geminsd

    That is wonderful to hear they both are great people. My heart is broken though, I have loved Theo since I first saw THE COSBY SHOW. :)

  • Nita

    Damn People can’t we just say congratulation and keep it moving?

  • Fb

    Good show kids. Malcolm & the Cosby kids all grown-up and moved on. As for finding love, that’s great too. Like the BEE GEES said, “Nobody get too much love anymore. It’s much harder to come by, we’re waiting in line.” Let’s hope that one of us is next to be served. No comment on the silly stuff posted by a few idiots above.

  • Fb

    Good show kids. Malcolm & the Cosby kids all grown-up and moved on. As for finding love, that’s great too. Like the BEE GEES said, “Nobody get too much love anymore. It’s much harder to come by, we’re waiting in line.” Let’s hope that one of us is next to be served. No comment on the silly stuff posted by a few idiots above.

  • Ayo Johnson

    Go Malcolm!! Congrats, man. And to you, too, Regina!

  • vikki

    Love them both, but wasn’t Regina DRUNK last night on Bravo.
    I’m a huge fan, but as a woman I was embarassed to see her and Jackee make fools of themselves after obviously having one too many drinks with Andy.
    Having said that, CONGRATS on their upcoming marriage, they both deserve this.

  • ladierose

    Little “Theo” and little “Brenda” all grown up. The Cosby Show and 227 were two great sitcoms. Malcolm is a great guy. He was by Michelle Thomas’ (from Family Matters) side until the end while she battled cancer. Regina King is wonderful actress, (Ray,This Christmas,Daddy Day Care,etc) who does not get enough credit. I’m happy for them. Finding love has no dimensions, and these two deserve happiness as well as any other couple. Congrats!! Best of luck to both.

  • http://yahoo RB

    It is better to remain silent and be considered foolish than speak and remove ALL doubt. hmmm

    • frank

      is she white or black

  • http://yahoo RB

    …The previous comment was to the ‘haters’ who posted earlier.

  • http://yahoo RB

    Congrats to the happy couple. All the best!!!

  • DJRickyRick

    Thanks, 409 girl. I too was raised in a home where my biological father and mother lived as one because they were married… to each other… until the day she died (and my dad never remarried or had more children).

    But, I’m a bit bothered by the African-Americans who responded to Street Guy. For him to interject race into a story about two child stars falling in love and getting married is the epitome of ignorance–and hate. I know it’s hard to do but we must not respond to dolts like him. Stay on the positive tip and let him drown in his own stupidity.

  • So Happy For You Two!

    Never been so happy for a Hollywood match! Wish you two all the best!

  • fanya

    @Brohamicus suppose that bitch in question was a guy?

  • Gayle

    I love them both. Very cool and talented people. Mazel tov!!!

  • dmwhite

    where is the picture of Regina? I wonder why there was not a photo of the happy couple…umm..

  • Melvin

    First allow me to congratulate Malcom and Regina on making it happen and for finding each other in true love.

    Secondly, please understand that this “StreetWise” idiot, sits home and have nothing to do accept collect a government chech (SSI) for being mentally challenged, especially when he finds it necessary to write racist and unsupportive material about people of color. This same individual (StreetWise) has probably never had much contact with African Americans or other people of color. StreetWise is afraid to express these views to the people he toss his negative bigot idealogy about. In other words, StreetWise is not wise enough to say his words to the face of African Americans – and I wonder why!

  • http://showbizspy Denise

    Happy happy happy for them!!!

    Congratulations and God bless this union and family.

    Unlike so many others that want to sleep around bed hop and expose their kids to whatever; or just scandalize their name. The worst part is all the spirits not even talking about the diseases they pick up and get attached to. Takes a long time and a lot of prayer to be free from those spirits.

  • Lou

    Always negative postings, love is love. Tired of always the race card; do you people ever get tired? And we wonder why the country is in such a mess; get over it people! I’ll just bet there is something in your household that is not being done while you are worrying about someone else’s business. Pray, people; please pray!!!!!

  • K-Dub


    Street Guy is clearly in lack of a good education as he doesn’t even know how to spell “Bin Laden” (not ben laden) nor that he’s should capitalize “African-American”. Perhaps finishing 9th Grade may be a good place to start for Street Guy!

  • realdwn2erth

    I think that, this is great! Regardless, of rather or not; Malcom is his biological dad, or not! As, so long as the kid’s happy with him and Malcom treats him and Regina, with respect and dignity, that’s really all that matters. Forget, all the rest of that, jibberish!..

  • John B.


    Translation: Black people are also capable of having complex long term relationships, and then marrying

    Important because: Builds trust between races by focusing on similarities rathen than differences

    Media’s Purpose: Attract white people’s readerships by appealing to their desire to feel as though they’re not racist



  • http://Yahoo Vanessa

    Hey guys please don’t feed into street guy he is sitting back eating this up. Some people make statements not even because its what they believe but the fact that they realize that the comment will incite a riot if in nothing but responses. Please if ignor more of these statement I guarantee you less will be made.

    • TaxGuy

      Well said Vanessa…too bad I did not read your comment before sending my reply and 2 cents..

  • CHICA#2


  • frank

    is she white and her age

    • gigglegal215

      She is African American and either 38 or 39 yrs old. She played in that movie with Sandra Bullock as an FBI agent. She’s also starring in the show Southland.Check your local listings.(TNT) She is more popular than you realize. I’m sure when you see her you will recognize her.

  • frank

    is she white and her age

  • frank

    can someone answer me please





  • frank

    come on niggs is she white or black

  • lilRED


  • Ms. Lewis

    Just because the parents aren’t together doesn’t mean that the child isn’t being raised by both parents. Where does the article say that the biological father is not in his son’s life? There are plenty of divorced and/or single parents out here of all races. This article just took a whole different turn from one stupid person’s comment.

  • CHICA#2


  • http://facebook shirley

    congrats to the both of you

  • dwana

    nice story they are both positive people and have the experience of being child stars they have a good base for thier marriage I wish them well!!!!!

  • http://facebook shirley


  • http://yahoo mark w

    First of all, congratulations to both of them. Second of all, who cares? Third of all, who is she? Finally, what has he done since “Cosby”? Not much.

  • Dolores

    Okaaaaaay! Time out. This is about celerating true love, isn’t it? So why not let’s congratulate the couple and wish them all the best, thus eliminating personal issues and disappointments, as well as inflated/deflated egos! Congratulations, to the both of them. I think they should make a mightly powerful team!!!

  • TaxGuy

    Congrats to both of them:

    Streetguy, you evidently live in a glass house with blinders on. I am an African American happily married man of 20 years. My wife and I are both raising our biological sons. And we were both raised by our biological parents. So its evident your statement is FALSE.

  • http://yahoo. Gloria

    I’m so Happy for them, I think Regina is a Great person and an outstanding actress. She doesn’t get all the credit that she really deserve. I’m very excited for Mr. Warner he lost the a love years ago and I’m very Glad he was able to Find it again.

    I think they make a great couple, Be Bless and what GOD has put together may no one tear it apart.

  • trg


  • gigglegal215

    You guys that are responding to Street Guy are doing just what he wanted you to do and that is,take the focus off off Malcolm and Regina and put it on him. Don’t give him anymore power! Congratulations Malcolm and Regina. Don’t let naysayers steal your joy!

  • MzKayGee

    CONGRATS You two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan

      I bet yourface lookslike shit. Hater. Shut up. Idiot.

    • Jan

      I bet your face looks like shit. Hater. Shut up. Idiot.

  • Typhus D. Jackson

    As retribution for his continual racist rants, destiny has sentenced Malcom to waking up every morning to her face and those gums.

    All I can say is – she must have good health insurance.

  • Trisha

    I don’t understand how some of you people have enough intelligence to even use the keyboard to type! Why is the topic of race always brought into a conversation? No where in the story did it say two African-American actors are marrying….NO….it simply mentioned that two people who have known each other for quite a while have fallen in love and are planning to marry. Stop being idiots…….and being upset because President Barack Obama is Black….I know you mad…but suck it up….you pricks!

  • Gullah


    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for people who find LOVE.

    May God Bless you both


  • Jermaine

    Congrats to you both.

  • Jan

    What a bunch of jerks. The fact that these 2 wonderful, decent people who found love is supposed to be the factor; and you got these idiots talking about single parenting and shit that just don’t belong in this topic. Go any spew your put down crap elsewhere. F***ing haters. All types of people come from all types of background. AND? What a bunch of idiots. This is about 2 decent people who found each other, respect each other and got it going on. I’ve watched Regina and Malcolm and have seen everything they have done or were involved in and I’m so happy for them. I pray fro them and I’m overjoyed and know their union will be a great success. I’m so happy for them. That they are blessed to keep on working in the industry. That they’ve had good lives and found each other. And may they continue to flourish and God Bless them even more.

  • USsoldier

    I am happy the two are jumping the broom. They look beautiful together and make a great pair. I wish nothing but the best for the both of them. They are two hard working entertainers that have earned everything that they have worked for and achieved. May god bless thier relationship.

  • Gail

    Congratulations, I wish you both happiness and God’s Blessings.

  • john

    i am happy to here that there still are children being raise by both parents but there still children being raise by one parent house and there are fathers being are still being deni the right to be of thier son or daughter life i am a father paying child support and dont know where his son is……………his name is evin john hodges

  • BReal

    Congrats to them BOTH. I agree with vickee Regina and Jackee were “toasted” big time on Bravo—they were wild!

    Regina is hugely talented as is Malcolm, although not as media prominent. I am encouraged that they found each other after going throught their personal trials of lost love through divorce and death. It is also great to see 2 child stars successfully come together as responsible adults in love! GOD BLESS their union!

  • Mz. magee

    I am so happy to hear that the two have planned to wed. Blessings to the both of you.

    One more thing to those who are using this as a forum to throw out their anger; “it’s not about you” Some children are better off without some parents in their lives.

  • Karen

    Guess what haters? Family is what people make it. Let’s stop trying to fit people into one size fits all situations because that is not life. That is fiction. Live and love. Live and love.

  • twinfish13

    The strongest relationships evolve from friendship.:)

  • anna

    Congraulations! Wish you the best.

    To all the others: You people are stupid!

  • human energy

    For anyone to even reply to street man or street clown what ever it is. Anyone with a negative! towards any two people coming together for a greater cause is SICK!! no matter what reason.see if black folks even thought a little bit seriously about SLAVERY!!! we have a right to FUCK SOMETHING UP!,but no whites and blacks have come together under a foul situation,and we became family or either you all are still trick’n black folk or y’all are family because every day i look on the T.V. blacks and whites and all other color American are dying for each other so if a man or woman step up and take the place for the better of the whole is a godly position so stop! feeding into the devil.

  • Raymond

    Why does everyone make everything a national statistical debate. Respect the fact that two people are in love. Most people dream to find there soul mate and he did. Don’t let politics cloud your mind from what is present in the situation. There are numerous platforms for political debate and statistics but is it really hard for people to just be happy that someone in the world found love. That’s the reason why so many celebrities keep common people out of there business because they jump to conclusions without knowing full details. You guys are as bad as the paparazzi.

  • Phil

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  • http://yahoo Laura Lou

    yes phil that was very RUDE of you to say. where do you get your info. you are nothing but TRASH.. by the way –ignorance is not bliss-because ignorance is a lack of knowledge. who wants lack of knowledge? knowledge is bliss. knowledge makes the world better.

  • http://Yahoo D.M.


  • Dahlia

    congratulations Malcolm and Regina wish you two the best

  • Dahlia

    congratulations Malcolm and Regina hope you two never divorce

  • madmellow

    malcolm and regina, atleast he gets to wake up to a tranny!

  • Virtuouslady

    Congradulations! I wish you both the very best!