Winona Ryder Terrified of Google!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winona RyderWINONA Ryder is terrified of using the internet!

The actress admits she’s worried technology could lead her to making a terrible mistake!

“Googling is very terrifying to me,” Winona confessed.

“I have this fear that I’m going to be trying to find out what movie is playing where — and I’ll suddenly find that I’m a member of Al Qaeda.

“I swear – we’re a button away from joining Al Qaeda! That’s my fear.

“If you press the wrong button, who knows what could happen? You saw what happened to Pete Townshend… You’ve got to be careful.”

Ryder recently admitted she thinks having children could end her acting career.

“If I wanted to have a family now, would I be able to come back to work in a couple of years?” she said.


  • M

    this girl needs a therapist – terrified of google?? one click away from joining Al Queda??? kids will ruin her career? is she nuts?