Camille Grammer Meets Kayte Walsh! Kelsey Grammer Introduces Camille Grammer to His New Girlfriend!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Camille GrammerCAMILLE Grammer has met Kelsey’s new girlfriend — and it was awkward!

According to PopEater, Camille, Kelsey and air steward Kayte Walsh had their awkward first meeting earlier today.

“I saw Kelsey today and I met Kayte for the first time,” Camille revealed.

“It was a little uncomfortable at first, but then I met her and I shook her hand and I looked into her eyes and I thought, ‘She’s OK, she’s nice.’

“It’s really important for me and Kelsey to be friends and amicable for our children’s sake.

“Because you know, we have to co-parent and that’s the correct way to do it.

“I keep reaching out to him, but I think it’s going to take a little time from his part. Don’t know why, you’d think it’d be the other way around.”


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  • http://showbizspy Renee

    Kelsey G is such a loser, hes a creep, Camille, on the other hand is beautiful and kind women, way to good for him and for the HofBV

  • Monica

    I completely agree, she has handeled this like a lady with class and respect.Kelsey is a pig,once she got a little older he traded her in for a newer model like camille is a vehicle. She is so sweet and the real hw of BH could learn how to act from her. Take his sorry butt to the cleaners after all he had an affair n acts like camille should kiss his butt. Kelsey your not even goodlooking at all but now u have a girl more in your league pure homely,trashy whore. Real woman dont sleep with married men. He shouldve gotton a divorce than proceed but he choose to be an ass so camillie make him pay and continue to be the classy gorgeous woman you are and dont worry you will find a real man and wonder what you ever seen in him.Think of the passion that comes with finding true love from a real man that would never cheat moreless with someone old enough to be his daughter,he is such a sick prick and I will turn any tv station he is on!

  • Sandra

    Camille is a Gold Digger. The more she opened her mouth on the TV show, the more she showed her true colors. If she cared about her family, then she would have gone to NY with her husband instead of lunch and parties. Money doesn’t buy you class and Camille has none. 2 minutes of listening to her and it is obvious that she is trying to someone she is not, a victim. She should go to work and try earning your money honestly like Kelsey does. Read between the lines…she is relieved the marriage is over and now she can collect her fee.

  • Nadine

    Renee and Monica must be two of Camille’s “paid” best friends that she has so many of. Camille wouldn’t know class if it jumped up and bit her! Kelsey Grammer must be laughing everytime an episode of RHBH airs. Everytime that woman opened her mouth he must have been saying “and now the rest of the world will understand”. I think the absolute worst Camille Trashy Moment was when her poor mother who was getting over cancer treatments had to listen to her self-centered, obnoxious daughter go on and on about how tired she was from telling the house managers what to do, run the production company (yeah right), and talking to her 4 nannies! TRY HAVING CANCER, YOU MORON! There is nothing beautiful about Camille Grammer, inside or out!!!

  • Donna

    No they’re not paid and neither am I, jealousy is a very powerful emotion. It takes a secure person to not be threatened by another persons’ beauty or personality. I think Camille is a beautiful person, is she perfect? No, of course not, but she is humble enough to own up to her imperfections and mistakes. She doesn’t play the victim, she very confident and very beautiful. I think she is truly misunderstood. Usually the misunderstandings are from those who envy her. That’s just my opinion. I am always going to ber her supporter. Kelsey needs to be held responsible to not honoring the vowes they took. SHAME ON HIM! @-@


    Despite the fact that Camille is a lil’ over the top, no married person should have to endure what she just went through. A person doesn’t get married to get divorced. You get married because you are making a promise to deal with each other through the good and the bad! Well, guess who didn’t live up to their end of the bargin? Kelsey! I am not a true fan of Camille but I am married and I would not want my husband to do that to me. Kelsey will get his when it is least expected!

  • Carissa

    Wow, does nobody realize how Camille and Kelsey got together? She was the other woman. She got with Kelsey before he and leigh ann were divorced. What goes around comes around.

  • http://none Marie

    Jealousy, please….There are women I am jealous of lets be honest jealousy is an emotion we all have but I would put Penelope Cruz or Angelina Jolie on that list, not Camille. She is so trashy and superficial. Dancing like a strip tease whore, flirting with Nick, who she says is Kelsey’s best friend, you know very well they were doing the dirty off the air! It was so obvious how she treated NIck that there was something more going on. I think Kyle is much prettier than Camille so I am not jealous of Camille I just can’t stand her. Out of all of the housewives of Beverly Hills she is the ugliest and more superficial. I think Taylor and then Kim come in last. Love Lisa, down to earth British lady! These women on here save your superficial comments for someone who cares, Trust me this woman is not jealous she just knows when she sees trash and class…..Camille TRASH!

  • kristi

    I’m sorry….Camille has played the victim thru the whole season. She’s been having parties, shopping, and riding motorcycles with other people’s husbands, she is soooooo not a victim. And…the fact that she’s getting $50 million….if that’s what’s called being a victim….then may I be one??!! She’s a good actress, and I’m pretty sure the pain is pretty numb by now….I mean really…$50 million.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Camille has handled her separation and upcoming divorce from this clown named Kelsey with such grace and class. It’s only a matter of time when this Kayte gal will realize what a mistake she’s made and will want to bail out of the marriage for $$$$$$$. That’s right! That’s the only thing that Kelsey has going for him….money…don’t know how any woman in her right mind would get involved with this coward. Five yrs from now, he’ll be sixty and what beautiful gal would want to have this old dirt bag next to her. Camille was and is too beautiful inside and out to be with him. I wish her the best as well as the 50 million or more! She will definetly be better off now!

  • Kristine

    Marie Says:
    “Out of all of the housewives of Beverly Hills she is the ugliest and more superficial. I think Taylor and then Kim come in last.”

    Are you kidding me?! lol c’mon on now let’s be honest here! Camille is one of the prettiest out of all of them! She looks pretty darn good for her age. I do agree with the last 2 tho. Taylor’s face is so sucked in, it looks awful! And I like Kim but she looks haggard.. I don’t know why she’s so ugly (drugs I’m guessing?) when Kathy Hilton & Kyle look amazing!