Helen Hunt: Family Comes First For Actress Helen Hunt!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Helen HuntHELEN Hunt puts her family before her career.

The actress — who raises daughter Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan with husband Matthew Carnahan — says she’s hesitant to take on parts that are going to require her to give up everything.

“That makes a lot of sense to me. Movie acting is a great job for your twenties: You travel all over, you have affairs with people, and you throw yourself into one part and then another,” she said. “It gets more challenging as you get older, and it’s not just having a daughter, it’s wanting to have your own life and be yourself. I have kind of a mixed relationship with that throw-yourself-into-the-part thing: There are times when I love it and I get to express myself in ways that I need to and wouldn’t otherwise, and there are times when I really like my life and I don’t want to cut my hair off and go to Tennessee and live in a hotel for three months. I just don’t wanna! I’m too grown up. That’s when choosing becomes really important.

“This year I did [Soul Surfer], where I got to take my daughter with me and shoot in my favorite place on earth. They were like, ‘Do you want to go to Oahu and bring your daughter and surf in a movie?’ I went, ‘Okay!’

“I haven’t seen it yet, so I hope it turned out all right, but the opportunity to be paid and have my family with me and be in heaven was pretty great.”

Helen — who has been in showbiz since the age of ten — was then asked if she wishes she started acting later.

“I don’t wish I started later, but I was never a child star,” she said. “I was in school every year and had normal friends and I loved it and here I am, so I can’t say that I wish I hadn’t done it.

“I used to say, ‘No, I didn’t miss any of my childhood,’ but it is a very adult place to be, a movie set. Like, it’s a little weird. I think if my daughter was interested in acting, I would find ways for her to act in theater that has to do with her school or a kids’ improvisational thing.

“There are ways to do it where you’re not on a movie set with 60 adults, which I loved at the time, but as a parent, I don’t know that I’d be dying to put her in that spot.”[imagebrowser id=944]


  • mc

    thank goodness. haven’t missed her.

  • zmannn

    drug problem? Kenenth Patrick Hodges for my only child. Seriously. tard.

  • http://yahoo dc

    Yeah I’m sure it has nothing to do with not being offered any roles…

  • Paula

    Do you haters ever get sick of yourselves? The rest of us get sick of you.

  • babs, florida

    Thank you Paula

    • http://yahoo Judy Schillick

      Thank you Tom! Beautifly said.

  • Tom

    Just once it would be great to see replies from just adults, no teens

    Kudos to Helen for having her priorities straight.

    • Norman Alexander

      I have enjoyed the movies, television and career of Helen Hunt and I feel she after getting her family where it needs to be by being a great role model, will be offered many more roles in her and God’s time and Will. I am an adult male married for over 42 years, who feels that Helen in the the right thing …

  • bob

    the haters just have no life !

  • Linda

    Geez people! The woman cares about her family more than fame and you tear her down for it. The world needs more people like this!!! I knew I liked her for a reason.

    • Joe Z

      She is a hypocrite. She was married to that Hank Azaria and when she started to hit it big, divorced him, she said it was because their careers kept them apart and she needed space to become an actress. Now that no one wants an old, used up TV actress it is easier for her to say crap like this.

  • hellenscunt

    Slow day? Who cares? This background prop for commie candidates has never done anything worth watching unless you’re trapped on a plane and all you’re electronics have dead batteries. Find some news and drop the snooze. Mariah Carey is getting pretty big sizewise but I’m not gonna hate on her cause she was funny in Zohan. Plus she has an irish last name so she’s gets a cool pass.

  • Teresa

    The one movie she did with Bette Midler, she looked like death warmed over!

  • Amica

    She looks horrible, gaunt. I saw her in movie preview recently and I was shocked. She appears anorexic or ill. I like her, but it’s likely she’s not being offered much. I wish her well. Appears to be damagage control to me.

    • Amica


  • http://showbizspy marina

    good for her, and for husband, they are fortunate they can affordably take care of their child, i wish them all the best
    ps. i am just wondering what all these haters- no matter what the topic is- were doing before they had the opportunity to “express themselves” under these comments sections

    • hellenscunt

      Bumper stickers.

  • http://bhwilson94@yahoo.com J.B.Schneider

    I can’t find “Haters.com” on my computer.

    • Sharon

      Maybe you should start it up…I’m sure it would attract many

  • http://N/a Shelley Malone

    I have always like Helen Hunt in any movie she’s been in. Think she’s a good actress, whether with Mel Gibson, Jack Nicholson, etc. Think she could about any role she wanted sure hopes she makes more movies in the future!!

  • http://N/a Shelley

    What about “Pay it Forward?” That was a pretty cool movie, you have to admmit…

    • Trish Schrader

      Absolutely was….She and Kevin Spacey did a wonderful job. She is a very talented actress, in drama and comedy. I’m glad she took the priorities in her life and put them where SHE wanted them. Be happy for her.

    • Odd Hominem

      Is that the movie where Kevin Spacey is a struggling musician who plays the meatflute?

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Family before Show-Biz…… I think thats great… :)

  • J

    WOW she has had some serious facial work… doesn’t look a thing like her. Thats sad.



    • Booger

      Turn of the CAPS button, Hellen.

  • Bill Ronson

    She is not hot.

  • La

    If you were not fortunate enough to watch “Mad About You” you probably don’t know what a terrific actress she is. She was as popular as Jen Aniston was in her “Friends” heyday. But Helen was first. And one of the most honored television actresses of the time. She also won an Oscar for her portrayal of an overwhelmed mother of a special needs child in the movie “As Good As It Gets”. Which, by the way, she starred in opposite the mightly Jack Nicholson. For these two reasons alone she deserves respect. No one can be at the top forever in any industry. Life moves forward. She has obviously turned her attention to the people who matter the most. I say, well done lady.

  • Sue Haas Conrad

    What is wrong with being a mother and wife and putting family before career? maybe if there were more Hunt style families, and if the Lohan’s and Sheen’s had done that, there would not be so many screwed up kids in Hollywood…Ms. Hunt is a talented, smart and sensitive woman who has made some great movies and done some wonderful television. Hopefully she will continue to make movies and tv that allow her to do both family and career well but I give her credit for putting famlly first and being responsible….

    • neemer

      I agree about the Lohan’s following suit but the Sheens? Come on. Martin Sheen only had one problem child…Charlie (who wasn’t even really into acting until he was in his late teens). Martin Sheen has 4 or 5 kids. ONE turned out to be a crack pot. Pretty good ratio by any standard much less Hollywood.

  • Kimberly

    I applaud her for making and speaking out on making her family a priority. We should be more pro-family in this country.

    But, as someone mentioned above, she doesn’t look strong enough (physically) to be back in that competitive atmosphere. I often see her on the streets with her family, especially her daughter (she practice what she preach)in person and she looks much older than her real age, is very, very thin (she’s never been a naturally thin woman), and appears extremely brittle and fragile.

    I don’t know if she is ill or not but I pray she’s not and wish her and her family well in their future.

  • RPB

    Followed her career for a long time, even saw her not long ago in NYC playing the lead role of the “Stage Manager” in “Our Town.” So I wouldn’t say she’s a has been, but she knows very well the fight older actresses face getting choice roles, so why miss your kid’s childhood vying for second-rate roles. She is obviously an actress for life, a trouper who will pick and choose what she needs to keep herself creatively happy, but also leave time for other things. Isn’t that what everybody’s after — the right balance? I’m sure she’s financially equipped to do so, as well. Kudos to her and shame on the stupid people who have NO IDEA how hard it is to maintain a Hollywood career.

  • Deb Her

    I have always liked Helen Hunt. It is great she is putting her child first and not worrying about her career. I think once her children are raised she will go back to show business. Until then Helen enjoy your family.

    • Serendipity

      Helen Hunt is a fine actress. She is a human being just like the rest of us. Here is a thought perhaps if Hollywood had more roles for women as the age, then we would be able to see more acting of the caliber Helen is capable of more often. Actresses not getting roles as they age is more a problem of Hollywood only focusing on young, sexy roles for women and the viewing public settling for only those choices. There are many women in history that broke the mold of typical and their accomplishments did not hinge on youth. Why hasn’t anyone done a movie about the contributions Eleanor Roosevelt did after FDR died. Helen “gaunt and thin” would be perfect in that sort of role. Kudos for seeking balance in her life between work and family …. You go girl!!!

  • Becky

    Helen Hunt exhumes great wisdom and common sense.
    More Helens–less GaGa’s!!!

    • neemer

      People said that about Madonna back in the day. I’m no GAGA fan but I’m glad she exists.

    • Odd Hominem

      That would be “exudes” not “exhumes”. To exhume means to did up a corpse. However, having seen recent pics of Hellen Hunt, I can undertsand the confusion.

  • cfs

    i figured since we havent seen her in anything new she and her forehead was the new canvas at the movie theater

  • Dana

    I agree Kimberly. That competitive atmosphere in Hollywood these days is cut-throat, especially for women of a certain age. It probably wouldn’t be healthy for her or her family, esp if they are a small,tight-knit family.

  • http://Yahoo Mary

    Helen Hunt has her priorities in order plain and simple. There will be time to rejuvenate her acting career if she cares to. The time she has to spend with her daughter and be present for her development is a lot shorter than too many parents think it is. We’ve had seven children and I can’t believe how fast the time went by.

  • 12know

    I admire Helen for taking time away from Hollywood to raise her daughter. She is a talented actress. For those of you making snarky comments, you need to grow up and mature before you understand life’s various transitions. Helen’s 47 now — you can’t expect her to look like she’s 25. Helen has probably made enough money over the years that she can pick and choose what movie roles she wants to do. Good for her and pooh on the critics here.

  • PghBob

    She is still around? There are actors I like and ones I don’t and Helen doesn’t make the good list. Her acting is about as enjoyable as watching paint dry. Wait, I’m being unfair to paint. Ever notice the actresses who commit to family about the time their looks and or available roles dry up? Just something to make people talk about them.
    Her best movie line….”Cow!”

    • PH

      I couldn’t agree more Bob. She is a terrible actress. In every movie she is exactly the same. I don’t know why she was ever offered movie roles. She never had looks to lose.

  • Leigh

    I have always loved Helen Hunt and am happy she’s enjoying family life. Best wishes!

    • Trish Schrader

      Me Too……… Jealousy always finds some to complain doesn’t it?? If people could just be happy for people who are happy, instead of picking it apart.

  • Robert LeH

    Good for you Mrs. Hunt, I think it’s wonderful that someone just as yourself you actually keep family values and realize family comes first. I will have to admit that I find you to be a wonderful actor and if you leave acting you will be missed by many.

  • Jaja

    I just can’t believe how incredibility OLD Helen looks!!! OMG…she looks like a woman in her 60′s…is she doing hard drugs or something????

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  • RattenMuter

    She lived with Azaria for years. What went wrong when they finally married is their business. She and he are both great talents. You all need to get a life. I applaud her choices. They are her own. Let’s look at your latest fender or burger or circuit board and judge that to death-ok?

    • Trish Schrader

      AMEN !!!!!

  • jordan

    Thank you as well Paula. Ignorant comments always make me laugh but are really annoying as well. Shes a good actress and thats that.

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  • Mark Riley

    ok now i’m kinda wondering what time zone you all are in cuz it’s only 10:31 AM right now where i’m at..shmeh..anyways..Helen Hunt is a wonderful actress and good to know she puts family first, because c’mon look at Anthony Hopkins now, he’s still just creepy..Helen Hunt, not so much, you decide

  • Jeremy

    Hey…………..Leave Helen Hunt alone she is the first male to have a sex change and give birth……..Do you know of any other males who get a sex change and give birth? HUH? Do you? So leave Sh-Im alone. Helen……sure all she played was a whiny unhappy person who hasn’t had sex in 6-8 months……Think that is easy other? HUH…..So once again back off. And anyone who says that she won the Best Oscar because she slept with “Certain People” Is a bold and brash liar in my book. So get off his/her back and for People who keep sayng that People who are starving weigh more than Resse Witherspoon are right but that is her decision not yours get off on these celebirities backs.

    • Trish Schrader

      You’re sick!

  • Liz

    She got her priorities right.

  • sharel

    Sounds like Helen made some great choices, she has a nice balance in her life, and she decides her own destiny. How wonderful is that.

  • Trish Schrader

    I really wish the people who publish this, would keep out ads and unnecessarily nasty foul mouthed comments. As for Helen Hunt, she did a fabulous job in Mad About You with Paul Reiser, great in Cast Away, and many many more. Why is it when a man makes a career, and then changes to one more low key or retires, he is just moving on to a better life……When a woman does it, she is leaving because of something…..either she is a has been, is ill, or cannot get a job. Funny Huh??? She can and will work again, because she has talent. She also has common sense and love of family and things that matter more today than 20 years ago. Trish

  • Mark Riley

    then again, this is probably a European website nevermind..

  • KM

    Kudos to Helen for having her head screwed on right!

  • Brandon Vu

    I’m shocked to see so many negative comments on Helen Hunt.

    Helen is beautiful, talented. I’ve always enjoyed watching her movies. She always portraits her characters beautifully.

    I don’t know much about her personal life, but reading this article makes me realize that Helen Hunt is also wonderful in person.

    I’m happy for her. I wish her the best. And I’m looking forward to seeing her future movies.

  • Lily

    I have always loved Helen Hunt. She’s an amazing actress, and it seems like she has her priorities straight. I can’t wait to see her next film!!

  • http://yahoomail abas


  • http://www.showbizspy.com/article/224286/helen-hunt-family-is-first-for-actress-helen-hunt.html Tom

    An actor with sense. What a novelty.

  • http://yahoo linda

    It seems her life has quality. I believe her filmwork, be it tv or movies, did also. I hope she finds a way to grace the screen again and if not…best wishes to her for a fulfilled life.

  • http://facebook Luz Waltman

    Im a big fan of Helen Hunt,seen all her movies,When is she going to do more??

  • http://facebook Luz Waltman

    Ill be the first one in line of her movies..Love her

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  • Susan N

    I’m in my 60s. Guess what? All you nasties will be my age one day too, if you’re lucky, and younger haters will think you are fossils. You won’t have her money and peaceful outlook to fall back on. You won’t have the self confidence I have because you’ll still be full of ugly thoughts unless you mature emotionally. It’s warming to read the loving posts. Helen is a great person.

  • Jimmo

    Good answer, Ms. Hunt. The almighty dollar, or millions, for once, is not that important! Money will always be around, but Family, won’t!

  • Jimmo

    …and when (the younger people) realize that more new entertainers, such as Gaga, sucks, they’ll start to realize, “what have we done?”.

  • Richard Weare

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  • diana

    I think once she has devoted part of her life to her
    family she will make an outstanding comeback greater
    than we all know. She is the kind of actress you cant
    resist watching. Any character helen hunt takes on
    is done with grace&passion of her art.I am 51 yrs old
    and i remember she was one of the most loved actresses
    by the male gender. I hope she grants us with much
    more of her outstanding charm and grace. I feel some of you need to grow up a bit.