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Posted by Adam

Miley CyrusMILEY Cyrus will be waving goodbye to Hannah Montana on Sunday.

The smash hit series — which first aired on March 24, 2006 — is calling it a wrap forever later this evening.

The show, which catapulted Cyrus into an international teen icon who sold millions of albums and concert tickets and millions of dollars worth of merchandise, focuses on a girl — played by Miley — who lives a double life as a typical teenager by day and a famous pop singer by night.

Cyrus — who recently turned 18 — has previously revealed how she’s keen to be taken seriously as an actress.

“I have bought my own house and I’m very excited about moving there. I’m quite independent anyway because I have to travel a lot,” she said last year.

“I have four siblings so my mum and dad can’t always come along. But I think people are going to take me more seriously this way.

“I have achieved a lot — more than some grown-ups in my position have. And I don’t have the feeling that people are taking me seriously, simply because I’m so young. I hope that’s going to change.”

Meanwhile, Cyrus has reportedly vowed to clean up her act.

The teen queen is said to have infuriated her mother Tish and dad Billy Ray Cyrus — who are set to divorce — when she was caught on film smoking a bong, so has promised her parents that she’ll start acting like a role model.

“Even though Miley is of legal age and able to make her own decisions in most matters, she still remains very close to her parents,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She’s headstrong and likes to make her own decisions, but she truly loves her Mom and Dad.

“She knew right away that this video of her partying with ‘pals’ and puffing on a bong would send them over the edge.

“After listening to their terrible fears that she’s heading down the wrong path and losing control, Miley made this solemn vow to her parents: She will straighten up and start acting like the role model to young fans that she should be!”[imagebrowser id=838]


  • Timothy Foster

    Hope she does well. Gorgeous girl anyway.

  • J.B.Schneider

    Oh, no, she’s 18? Hide the booze, dope, nicotinettes, fast cars, and horny male genitals, another wealthy Disney brat is on the loose! I guess you have to lower yourself to the level of a failure first before entering true maturity.

    • Ashley

      You know, that is just rude. Simply because all teenagers go through that stage, which is one reason I do not agree that teens should be put on such a high pedestal. If you were perfect, feel free to criticize her. However I am sure that you were not. I just turned 18. I am a good Christian young lady, and I have made some poor decisions. But that is how we grow up. No one will ever be perfect. But that is why we should not idolize people. These mistakes she made are not excused, but if she has learned from them, then perhaps we should give her credit. That is how we should teach kids…making mistakes is not OK, but we need to learn how to learn from them and grow as a person because of them.

    • terry


  • Harold

    She should keep her day job. No one thinks she’s that good a singer.

    • Ashley

      I think she is a wonderful singer. And she really is very gorgeous.

    • lisa

      yes she is a great singer and actress and anyone thinks esls wise is crazy.

    • terry

      ash do you need something to stick in your mouth to shut your whinning off

    • Chris

      Harold, you are so out of it. Literally millions of people think Miley’s got a great voice and writes and sings great music. Of course there are always going to be a few cranks who whine about how much they hate her music, but the proof is in the statistics and the statistics prove that lots of people appreciate Miley’s music.

    • jay

      Ya know what Harold, I’m a 43 year old father of 2 teen agers. Graduated high school in ’85. I live and breathe hard rock—Van Halen,Zeppelin,Scorpions,Tesla,Ozzy,etc. I was in a band for many years. I probably have forgotten more about music than you will ever know. i’m also smart enough to realize that talent comes from many different genres. Got news for ya there bub, this girl has TALENT. she can sing her a$$ off. She will get even better with time. And to the people already saying she’s gonna be another Lindsay Lohan, shut the hell up and get over yourselves and your jealousy of others. Lindsay really didn’t do anything most of us did growing up and experimenting in the 70′s and 80′s. Only difference is she’s famous so it makes the news.

  • RVD Rules

    The best actress of our generation!

  • carrieann

    Finally! The horror is over!

  • james

    Get ready for the next sequence in the career… “Miley — The Lohan Years”

  • nikelana

    one tq mai se jeni

  • J.B.Schneider

    Dear Ashley: I wish the best of luck to Miley, but expect she could fail. I think she has too much peer pressure. Booze and drugs are poisons. Why would a friend want you to use poison? Sins are established because, in the long run, they are things that are harmful to us. Humans are animals. I don’t wanna be an animal. We have an opportunity to be above animals. It’s called religion. (I will not mention Christianity here as this may upset folks from other religions) Remember, WE ARE ALL MADE OF STARDUST, STARDUST THAT CAN THINK!

    • Chris

      @J.B.Schneider, surely you are entitled to your opinions, but opinions aren’t facts. The fact is that Miley Cyrus is far from having descended into a purple haze of drugs and alcohol as you seem to be insinuating. She tried a legal herbal drug once and she tried a beer once. When Lindsay Lohan was Miley’s age, she was a hardcore cocaine addict and everyone around her knew it. Every kid tries out drugs at least a few times in their teens, not every kid is a cocaine addict at that age. Given you other views, I’m not surprised that you have such a distorted view of Miley, but in fact she’s a really good, hardworking kid who cares about her family, her fans, her country and her world. I couldn’t ask for more from a great role model for kids everywhere.

  • Brianna

    Here’s a piece of advice:

    Don’t do movies called ‘So Undercover’ about a college teen being an undercover spy. That’s making sure people will never take you seriously as an actress.

    That’s usually the mistake most Disney Actors/Actresses make when they leave Disney hoping to make a serious career out of acting. They continue to make movies that would really only be okay to Disney Fans or on the network itself.

  • J. D. Cox

    Now, can we get rid of miley cyrus? Let’s hope so.

  • Delores

    I think a lot of people are jealous of her. I love her and so my Daughters and Son. She is a very sweet girl and she have learn from her mistake.She promist to act as a role model to her fan. Give the girl a chance to grow up.

    • http://Yahoo D.M.

      You stay in school also! That is my advice to you…

  • georgina palmer


  • John l

    Role model Schmole model. Get naked Miley!

  • Brian

    I will miss the show but looking forward to the next stage is her career, Miley is a wonderful singer, her lastest role The Last Song was an awesome movie, she is very good looking, the doors are wide open for her, On Miey cleaning up her act, gee she a teenager what as she done that any other teeanager has, cut her some slack,the paprazzi job to catch people in compromising positions, or we taking about the photo shoot where she was covered by a blanket and showed nothing(people heard topless/jump to conclusions!! Miley you are just fine

    • Random

      I’m glad they got rid of her she sucks her acting is horrible and so is her music she needs to go somewhere else she can go crawl under a fucking rock for all i care she doesn’t deserve the spotlight just cause her dad had success didn’t mean she had as good I would give anything to slap the crap out of her.

      • Random

        I’m glad they got rid of her she sucks her acting is horrible and so is her music she needs to go somewhere else she can go crawl under a fucking rock for all i care she doesn’t deserve the spotlight just cause her dad had success didn’t mean she had as good I would give anything to slap the crap out of her.

      • jay

        Hey random, chances are she can at least articulate a sentence. I’ve read your post 4 times and still don’t know what the hell you said! Something tells me she’d bitchslap you anyway. You think she sucks?!?!? Geez, look in the mirror, staring back at you is suckiness personified. do you really think anyone on the planet gives a rat’s ass what you think? You are a meaningless person with zero life.

  • Rilei

    Hey brian ya u if u talk like that in front in miley’s face I will punch u in the face so back off I am a girl but I will do it so u better say sorry or punch or kick u in the balls so stop being stupid

    • Random

      I’m glad they got rid of her she sucks her acting is horrible and so is her music she needs to go somewhere else she can go crawl under a fucking rock for all i care she doesn’t deserve the spotlight just cause her dad had success didn’t mean she had as good I would give anything to slap the crap out of her. She blows major chunks.

    • http://Yahoo D.M.

      Stop rambling IDIOT….

  • Rilei

    Oh sorry Brian I did not read what u said I thought u were mean hahahahahahaha

    • http://Yahoo D.M.

      What the hell are you babbling on about!!! You babbling IDIOT…

  • Rilei

    Hey Miley please be Hannah we dont what u to quit All of the fans they always said u dont give up if u look back your done so please be hannah

  • Rilei

    My mom says please be Hannah the children want u to be hannah

    • http://Yahoo D.M.

      You need to stay in school…Your spelling SUCKS…That is my advice to you…







    • Me

      It hates you.

  • a person

    i cant believe this show is going to end. She will be even bigger someday.. if thats possible.

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    The best of luck to you Miley and your future!!!

  • Chase Parsons

    Hey i am a miley fan and always will be people make mistakes and yes teens do party and she is not the only teen cleb that partys at the age 18 and people need to understand that miley has made mistakes and yes she dose need to be a good role modle for her young fans and she is trying to get her act together give her time if u people keep judging her she is goign to feel like a bad person. I LOVE MILEY CYRUS

    • Fariborz

      Agree with U , she is young and have feelings,passion,… the same as other youths.

  • Fariborz

    Goodbye my love.GOD Bless U

  • Iulia

    I love you!(*)

  • http://gmail Emma

    is Hannah Montana over forever :) :) please reply xx

  • angel

    look guys i dont like how you guys are talking about miley that way and miley plz dont stop being hannah montana i am your numer 1 fan even if you did do drugs i dont care your my role modle not just my role modle alot of kids role modle oh and for the people that were talking bad a bout her dont juge her just cause she made a few mistakes in her life i am sure that your made mistakes like that when you around her age so stop talking about her i am 12 and still smarter then you guy you guy act like 2 year old talking about other people

  • hansena22

    why did she quit she should of stay who she was

    • Morgan

      I no how you feel

  • Morgan

    I can’t believe she did this she was my idol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Morgan

    This is the worst thing she ever done it is like I am her only fan here and if I new her email I would send her one like this :this is the worst thing you ever done and if you new me I would ask you to sing to me because there is no more Hannah Montana and when ever I came home I would watch it but when my friend told me that it was OVER……. my heart broke but when new show like shake it up or something else I would be glad but I wish you could be on another show sense Hannah Montana is over

  • Hate Hannah

    I was a big fan of u but then u give up and my whole family reaped your poster and Brind them

  • Rilei

    You were my idol. I had posters,pillows,blankets,watches and more !!!!!! When I was little I would come home and turn on the TV and watch you for HOURS. And I would call my BFF and would talk and sing all the songs from Hannah Montana. And one night my mom was putting me into bed. And I said “Mommy do you think Miley will be Hannah Montana again ? ” She said “Well Baby I don’t know , but let me tell you something once you go and leave what you have done there is no turning back and once she realizes what she has done she will want to be Hannah but she can’t for a lot of reasons and Baby it’s going to be okay.” And I cried and cried because you told and teach. Me about friendship. I wish you didn’t change.