Rihanna Dating Rapper Nicki Minaj?

Friday, January 21, 2011

RihannaRIHANNA and Nick Minaji aren’t having a relationship!

Minaj, 26, has laughed off rumors she and the Umbrella hitmaker were living together.

“I don’t know where people got this really insane, hilarious, random rumor that she and I were living together,” Nicki said.

“We had just shot the video for a song I have on the album called Fly. When I saw her the first thing I said was ‘So, did you hear we’re living together’. We just started cracking up laughing and she was like ‘I can’t believe people are this ridiculous’.

“People were still hitting me saying ‘Oh my god, you’re so lucky. You and Rihanna?’”

Nicki — real name Onika Tanya Marajrecently insisted she has the same problems as everyone else.

“I would be lying if I said I don’t like to look sexy,” she told Britain’s Observer newspaper. “But then there are some days when I don’t want to look or feel sexy. So it just plays into how women are so multifaceted.

“Men don’t understand that because they wake up and they’re the same person unless you’re a gay guy and you can understand the girls.

“All the leading women in pop and R&B are usually beautiful women wearing tiny outfits so if someone says, ‘I don’t feel the pressure’, it’s probably not true. But it’s weird because I feel most comfortable when I’m covered up. I think that’s the biggest misconception — that in order for me to be sexy I have to make sure my boobs are out.

“I’m not superhuman.

“I go through what the girls go through; I cry and I scream and I huff and I puff and I blow the house down but eventually, it’s just like a voice inside of me says, ‘Bitch! You ain’t done yet!’ You know?”



  • http://showbizspy.com kelacia

    its not a secret they just need to confess the truth

  • hjg


  • hjgewrwrwerewrwerrtwrew

    riahanna and nicki mainaj both fine ass hell let me fuck


    • some other person

      stop typing with your dick. you’ll get back problems.

  • http://google.com cece

    thats just too gay i mean look i no their doin the right thing tellin the truth but nicki minaj lier she can stopfreaking girls its this girl at my high school who loves to do it. but not anymore.she straight now…they can stop to just lik the girls stopped

  • http://google.com cece

    at my school they just addicted to it

    • Gabby

      Dang Cece, You Need To Chill Homegirl , If You That Worried About Them Being Lesbians, Why You Even Commenting . Lol .

  • http://google.com cece

    rihanna the one started the touching on nicki she should b ashame ew i thought she was sstraight at first guess she bi ewww . rihanna addicted to dat trifuling mess

  • http://google.com cece

    n nicki

  • http://google.com cece

    especially rihanna

  • http://google.com cece

    especially hana

  • foet

    rihanna is bcoming too bad…and by the way tell her dat her new hair style sucks…she is making cb to knw she is ok were eva she is,is ok!he s got d message ! So rest your ass! Just liv nicki ok!?

    • Abby

      @Kadijah Ikr that is how me and my bff are but we are straight as ever

      • Gabby

        This was actually meant for the “foet” person . My Badd :)

    • Gabby

      haha , Man Rhianna is total bad ass . Back off dude . Lol . DUMB ! Nicki is also bad ass . Haa , Dude , GTF !

  • http://google Kadijah McCoy

    look they are not gay just real close friends so stop hating do yall thing && keep yall head upp LOVE YALL NICKI && RHIANNA ! :) AND I ALWAYS WILL SKIP THE HATERS ! :)

  • Gabby

    Mann , Okay . This is Onika Maraj and Rihanna’s business . Why is everyone else worried about it ? If Rihanna and Nicki wanna date , then damn . Let them date . Aint nothing wrong with it . That’s what’s up with people these days ! They always worried about what celebrities are up to . When you should be worried about yours and what you doing ! I wish the best for Nicki and Rihanna . haha . People are soo ridiculous !

  • babe !

    umm your gay !

  • babe !

    cristino ranaldo is the best and i love him like he is the best bro !

    and calvin is cool / ;]

  • Onika

    Actually, Roman is the one who wants to date her. I swear.

  • Gabby

    Dude, WTF ! I swear people need to mind their own business . Lol . These people commenting are pathetic dude , like REALLY . I really freaking hope that Nicki and Rhianna date so that these scandalous chicks can back off they ish ! Lol

  • gametime

    thy both hella sexy

  • Amere cuthbertson

    I really think nicki and rihanna should go out they would be cute and a lot more popular then they are so yess I do thing nicki minaj and rihanna should go out.

  • gorgez

    people need to stop making up things