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Kevin Spacey: More Films For Actor Kevin Spacey Over The Next Five Years!

Posted by Adam

Kevin SpaceyKEVIN Spacey has a five-year-plan.

The Hollywood actor — who’s the creative director of the Old Vic theater in London — released his last movie, Casino Jack, in December last year.

And Spacey says he’s keen to make more films over the next half-decade.

“Over the next five years, I’ll be doing more film,” he said.

Kevin — who’s rumored to be gay — recently insisted he won’t discuss his sexuality — because celebrities should have the right to keep certain parts of their lives private.

“You have to understand that people who choose not to discuss their personal lives are not living a lie,” he said “That is a presumption that people jump to.”


  • Janeth

    Kevin Spacey is AWESOME. A fantastic actor who can play any role. Who care’s if he’s gay or straight or whatever, it doesn’t have any bearing on the fate of the nation, so give it a rest, people. I hope to see more of Kevin, he’s the best!

  • kelsey

    the first paragraph is fine then for no reason you go into talking about his sexuality why???? i wanted to know more about movies not sex jackass

  • mark

    Oh, writer of un-credited story, tell us about your sexuality! We really need to know, ha ha. Seriously, Spacey – writing a whole new book on “cool”. Luv him!

  • Ashley

    Kevin Spacey is phenomenal! I love him so much and who really cares if he’s gay or not? He can act millions of times better than anyone else. He plays every role so well.

  • http://showbizspy Lori

    Take it easy KELSEY> Take a pill or something.

  • Fariborz

    good management

  • donna

    In no way does it make a difference what his sexuality is! He is a GREAT actor and does not need to “enlighten” anyone on his personal life!

  • OrchidIslander

    I agree with Kelsey – “rumored to be gay?” WTF??? Where did that come from, and why include “rumored” in an article? I wanted to know about his upcoming movies – not his personal life and “rumors.” Very schlocky written article – where is the editor??

  • ivan

    I am gay, best thing I ever did was to come out, However…

    I don’t know or care if Kevin Spacey is or isn’t gay, it’s his ife and none of my business! So many artists have come of the closest, out to a collective “So what”

    I think that like most of us I first noticed Kevin Spacey as Mel Profit, who had to be the creepiest bad guy ever, in Wise Guys. He totally stole the show! I can’t wait to see what he will show us next!

  • anita

    the man is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. he is not gay he just refuses to be bullied by the enterianment media. I don’t blame him. If he answers the question the focus is now on his sexual preference instead of his work. seriously don’t you think if he were gay he would be parading up and down Hollywood blvd demanding the best parts because of his sexual orientation because that’s what they all do. It’s a badge of honor to be gay in hollywood because you have suffered so much for having to stay in the closet for so long. please, give me a break.

  • PJ

    Who cares about who he sleeps with. He’s a hell of an actor, PERIOD.

  • BoBu

    It’s those sick degenerate and retarded American conservatives who care about who’s gay, and the media catering to the inbred imbecile majority of the US population. In civilized countries where the majority can read & write and find their country on the map people are too intelligent to care about such petty stuff.

  • dolu delgado

    Gay, bisexual, straight, whatever!!! Kevin Spacey is a great talent and just like some people on here, I am also waiting for his films to be released rather than who he goes home with or freaks

  • Dave Blouin

    So what movies will Kevin Spacey be starring in? Apparently, the author of this “article” was more concerned with innuendo than actually reporting something.

    Are there no journalistic standards anymore at all?

  • jON


  • Bobby Dee

    This guy is definitely a fudgie. Anyone who follows movies could tell that back in the 90s, cuz he would always have a really fruity look on his face for photo shoots, pics accompanying interviews, etc.