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Winona Ryder Would Quit Acting to Have Baby

Posted by Adam

Winona RyderWINONA Ryder would give up acting to have a baby.

The 39-year-old actress believes having children takes a lot of “work” so she would rather step out of the spotlight to raise a family.

“I think if I had a child, I would,” she said.

“I think I’d just want to be a mum. And I’ve seen from my brother and sister-in-law how much work children are so I think I’d want it to be my priority.”

However, if she did have children, Winona would worry about being able to return to acting, admitting last month that she wonders if it would end her career.

“If I wanted to have a family now, would I be able to come back to work in a couple of years?” she said.

The Black Swan actress recently admitted she has delayed getting married for so long because she only ever wants to walk down the aisle once.

“I very much believe in marriage. I hope to only be married once, which is why I’ve never been married. But I am a strong believer.

“My parents have been together for 40 years and are still very much in love so I think I have very high standards.”


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