Joan Rivers Wants Daughter to Pose Naked For Joe Francis!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joan RiversJOAN Rivers wants her daughter to take her clothes off.

According to New York Post columnist Linda Stasi, the Hollywood funnywoman has revealed she’d love for Melissa, 43, to star in Joe Francis‘ new video Hollywood Moms Gone Wild.

“I would be so proud to say, ‘See that slut on the cover? That’s my daughter’,” Joan revealed.

Rivers recently revealed Tommy Lee Jones is the worst celebrity she has ever met.

“He makes Hitler look warm and fuzzy,” Joan said.[imagebrowser id=951]


  • simian

    Ok, have Melissa take her clothes off and Joan put a bag over her head and a muzzle on that mug.

  • Dan

    slut on the cover? now this sound like to me joan rivers is a big slut, they need to find the worst picture of joan rivers and have it on cover with slut across the top, or put slut mother wants daughter to be slut,,thought joan rivers was a good person but after seening this the way she talk about her own daughter,,clearly shows she nothing but a slut

  • Jade

    I watched Joan on Jimmy Kimmel last night and I thought she looked VERY good for hr age. Yes, she’s had help looking so good but who hasn’t these days? I don’t knock her for that. She looks great. Her Bio was very candid and entertaining.
    As for her wanting her daughter to pose nude for girls gone wild for $400,000…well, you’d be a fool to turn that down. Unless it is not something you are morally comfortable with, which apparently she is not. I HONESTLY believe that it is all a ploy to bring in the ratings. I do not think Joan gives a hoot one way or another if Melissa poses or not. It’s just the ploy de jure. Tomorrow it will be something else.
    I like Joan and always have. She has a mouth on her but she doesn’t take herself too seriously and neither should we. She’s a “naughty” comedian. It works for her. She is self made and very wealthy. She must be doing something right. People like her and I am one of them.

    • lizard

      She has no “morals.” She is jewish.

  • Rick

    I think Joan needs to quit putting Melissa in the the public eye! No one cares about the talentless daugther! I don’t, I think she is ugly and I never listen to a thing she says. I’ve always liked Joan but the way she shamelessly promotes her ugly kid is disgusting. Melissa must have zero self esteam to allow her to do this also. Melissa needs to get a job! And I don’t mean on TV.

  • cking

    joan used to be funny,and a very good entertainer.Now she’s just a pain in the ass.I think she should be a grandmother and leave the jokes alone,she’s not Betty White

  • Maire

    Joan is a vulgar woman who has made a living of vulgarity.

  • http://yahoo robert greco

    joan think the worst person u ever met was annie puke i mean duke u didnt mention her because she isn a tru celebbrity for sure

  • rich

    She has opened doors for many woman comedians. Look her up or watch her new documentary, she might not be the Joan Rivers you thought you knew.

    As far as vulgar goes, there’s always Bob Saget, wait nevermind, he’s vulgar too. lol, learn to laugh

  • http://Yahoo D.M.

    Slow down on the BOTOX Joanie… Your face is as horrible as your mouth!!! And you aint funny… your a BITCH….

  • JimboGee

    Joan’s an oink-oink

  • Joans Grandson

    All Yous people who left comment which werent nice about Granny are just stupid sons of bitches! You dont know what she is really like she is a wonderful mother and grandmother who has opened so many doors for me and has given me and mam great opportunities and we all have had a great life because of her hard work!
    Granny started off working in gay clubs and pokie cafes as the lowest of the low and throughout the 60s and 70s gained publicity and got more work. She then made her break on Americas greatest tv shows with jonny carson and eddie o sullivan making many good friends! She also had a hard time after her first husband divorced her and she and grandad were fired from fox. grandad commited suicide which still to this day effects her and her career suffered. But she hasnt let any of her fans down she pushed through it all and is now back greater then ever! Yes she has a big mouth but as do I and I love her for it. She has given hope to so many women and didnt gain title of a QUEEN of comedy or a comedy icon and legant for no reason. She is the best granmother anyone could ever have and I love her! Maybe someday when she does go you all will recognise that! Thanks all who support her, we love yous

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  • Larrywhite531071

    can i see joan completly nake showing her pussy