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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Are Just Having Sex! They Aren’t Back Together!

Posted by Adam

Zac Efron and Vanessa HudgensZAC Efron and Vanessa Hudgens aren’t back together — they’re just friends with benefits!

Sources say the couple — who recently announced their split after dating for several years — are “comfortable flirting and acting like a couple amongst friends” but “nothing is official”.

“They are just friends with benefits and while something more is certainly possible, they are taking things slow,” the insider told Hollywood Life.

“It’s obvious they still have strong feelings for each other and are continuing to hook up.”

Efron and Hudgens started dating in 2005 after meeting on the set of High School Musical, in which Zac, 23, played basketball team captain Troy Bolton, while 22-year-old Vanessa portrayed bookish Gabriella Montez.

They broke up in December 2010, citing their respective work commitments as the reason, but friends said at the time they felt would always get back together.

“They realize that they both can trust each other, and there will be a bond between them forever,” a source said at the time.

“Career demands, distance and wanting to enjoy being single are the main reasons for the break-up. I’d be shocked if they don’t get back together someday.”

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  • irongrumma

    yourSourcesis full shit. they are together. they neverbroke up , i wish hell you all would get it all are full bull shit.

  • Aly

    OH MY GOD!!!

    He went to NC to have sex? All the way to NC just for SEX? No girls in LA to have SEX with?
    Do you even think about what you are writing before posting it?

    You really are dumb.

  • nunyabiochs

    com on really get it straight,you dont fly from LA to NC just for a friend with benefits,walk around holding hands and kissing,and share a room for a week no my friend that is called a RELATIONSHIP! CONSIDERING THEY HAVE NEVER BROKE UP so shut the fuck up

  • Greg

    haha really…I agree with @aly why would he all the way to NC just to have sex besides from what the “source” said sex was never really mentioned. I believe they said hooking up which can be a variety of things.

  • Lady

    this is the same report you put on dec 13. but there are some word are nuts.get you head out of your ass. and get it right. you don’t fly from la to nc for sex.people see them out walk with hold hand kiss each other.don’ you like vanessa and zca. you hate them that much you tell story about them that not true.tell us who the Sources is ho that you right.

  • Leslie

    That old tabloid standard source “the insider” and their “friends.” Which means “we-are-making-this-up-and-hope-you-are-stupid-enough-to-believe-it.” Word is they never actually broke up. And even IF they did, how would YOU know they haven’t reconciled? Did you speak to them personally? NO!!!! So, you are making an assumption. Zac and Vanessa are private people. And since neither of THEM ever announced a break up, why in the would would people expect them to announce a make up. Some people out there in the tabloid world just don’t make sense to us normal people.

  • KMR

    That is one of the funniest (read: worst) “articles” I’ve ever read! First, we all know they never broke up. Second, we all know that no one dates for five years and then maintains a “friends with benefits” status. There is too much between two people who have been together that long. They either go their seperate ways, or they stay together. They don’t just suddenly say, “Hey, let’s not be in love anymore, let’s just keep hooking up!” What a hilarious crock of crap.

  • gelangel

    What the hell!!! i believe they having sex that’s explains the sex photos of vanessa hudgens! for zac efron!!

  • Maria

    Why does the media continue to say that Zac & Vanessa annouced their split when they didn’t annouce shit?! You need to get your fricken facts straight or don’t bother writing anything! The media is really pissing me off because they know Zac & Vanessa are still together but their (the media) are making up stories to make themselves (media) looks better for lieing in the first place! Just admit you were wrong & leave them the hell alone!

  • Ron Jeremy

    Lil Ron would throw her a bone if he wwas drunk enough. He likes the milf type like Palin or Gosselin. Have you noticed that dumper on Hayden Pantierere? WOuld like to motorboat that.

  • yasmine

    i agree with all of you..
    why the hell fly all the way no North Carolina just for sex. there is 1000 op girls in LA there is dying to sleep with him.
    they didn’t even break up in the first place. just a stupit rumor. stop posting thing if they’re not really true..

  • xarRa dela cruz

    wat a fuckind dirt was dat ??? i cant imagine zac going to NC just to hve sex wid dat gurl ??? does LA dont hve hot chickz willing to play dirt wid zac ?? da post was a damn shit !how come he would fly to NC juxt to hve sex wid dat chick …. nd dey didnt even broke UP !!!!

  • Rose

    Oh fucking shit!!!!! What is this?? Sex,,,,,,,,,,,Oh fuck the he’ll of a writer of this tabloid ,next time if you make a report ,you should write it right,NO BODY GIRLS WELL ACCEPT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are in this situation you well agree ,bullshit ,they never break up ,who guy well fly from la to nc just to have sex,there is a lot of girls in la ,that they are dying to sleep w/him,FUCK YOU WRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biff

    Zac is a fag, the only way he would ever let this hot chick go in the first place is because he is dreaming of some gay guys hairy butt hole…& cock.

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  • pamela

    hahaha! just because ZANESSA is the hottest couple, they write anything even the s*** of all the news. i wonder if they will write ZANESSA on the CR moving their bowels!!!!!!

  • kate

    whats funny is all you guys think they are still together…when in Cosmo this month is all Vanessa talking about their breakup. yeah, you’re right. if they havent broken up that totally explains why she answered questions about it /end sarcasm.

  • Imma

    I really wish they will be together FOREVER!They are so beautiful!!!

  • Love247

    Wtf… Y dont u get ur fuckin story straight they r 2gether get it right. They nvr broke up ur jus tryna make up shit…

  • idk

    Ok listen people they probably never broke up but at the same time they might not have that’s just how it is they are not gonna tell their business to the world she might have lied about things because she lied about not having any kind of relationship with josh but they were holding hands at a bowling alley you’ll just never know its hollywood people who want them back together then just wishing or praying or something its not the end of the world and sources and insiders always lie about something in their info whether its true or not just give things time they might just be hiding there relationship for now until zacs done with his movies and vanessa isn’t doing anything new and people just really want a story from them this might all be a scam but we will never know until they say it personally or they have proof they’re together

  • http://google flora

    he is sooo hot

  • http://coolkid joanne

    you are geart and zac your hot and sexy

  • Katherine Ags

    such a slut

    • Sarah

      what ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :p    :p      :p     :p     :p

  • Kjcmiles

    i don’t know if i should beleive that or not. But would’t zac be cheating on lilly collins, and vanessa would be cheating on austin butler? but anyway i hope that vanessa and zac get back togthier, but i hope vanessa changes her hair color back to black i don’t like her with blonde hair she looks like she is on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      i agree with you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jane

      you are so smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaylee

    you are so right