Jennifer Aniston Thinks Adam Sandler is Cool

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jennifer AnistonJENNIFER Aniston thinks Adam Sandler is the coolest man she’s ever met.

The former Friends actress stars alongside the Hollywood funnyman in upcoming comedy Just Go with It, which sees a man enlist the help of a mother and her kids to seduce the woman of his dreams.

“We met as little, young pups…” Jennifer, 41, told Entertainment Tonight during a joint interview with Adam, 44.

“In our early 20s,” finished Adam.  “You’d never seen anybody that cool before, Jennifer — you said that?”

“I did, a lot. I said it,” she laughed.

Aniston, 41, recently admitted she feels “cranky” if she doesn’t drink enough water.

“I don’t really have any beauty tips but drink a s**tload of water,” she said.

“I say, if anything, that’s the one thing I’ve noticed with my skin. If I stop drinking water, I dehydrate badly, and I get cranky. Water really works.”

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    No news about Norman.

    • jilly

      I love Adam Sandler too, he is really funny by nature. The two of them make a great movie and you have to go and see it Garry. Norman is fine and sending his best to everyone. ;)


    I’m waiting this movie…