Prince Charles Has Alzheimer’s Disease?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prince WilliamBRITAIN’S Prince Charles is not a well man.

According to a report from America’s Globe magazine, the British royal will never become king because he’s suffering from memory loss and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The 62-year-old heir to the throne has reportedly show troubling signs of having the disease.

Charles is married to a woman called Camilla Parker-Bowles, who’s said to be stunned at his memory loss.


  • Thomas Moore

    Absolutely not true. I can assure you that this is untrue.

  • KiwiRob

    What right do you have to print stories like this? Once it is in circulation, you cannot take it back. Some readers will repeat it, whether they believe it or not, & somewhere down the line it will be accepted as fact. This is a very hurtful thing to do to a man who has never harmed you, who has indeed given up his whole life (& apparently his right to any privacy or respect) in service of his people. He does so much to help others, not for any thanks. Instead he is subject to constant scrutiny & incessant criticism – it would have driven many a lesser man to utter despair! Imagine for a change what it would be like to have your whole life mapped out for you, year after year, unable to make spontaneous decisions as to where you go or what you will do, even what you will wear. Yet he accepts his lot with good grace, spending his time trying to help those less ‘fortunate’. I believe you have ‘doctored’ the photograph of him, which is a very unfair thing to do. If he wasn’t such a true gentleman he should take you to court & sue you for libel. Shame on you!

  • Forecaster

    The GLOBE is a known CIA front. They usually have the inside scoop on most things and leak them into the news to set up scenarios, upon need.

    Whether Charles actually has Alzheimers is actually sort of irrelevant. My guess is that this is laying the groundwork for the Crown to skip “Charles” as King and go straight to William.

    And, yes, I’m sure they doctored the photo, too. All part of the game…

  • Esther Nash

    If possible, I hope that Prince Charles can see GARY NULL, the American nutrition expert, who has purportedly cured a woman of Alzheimers! Also, the 1999 TV movie, “Forget Me Never” with Mia Farrow, (NOT to be confused with an earlier movie of the same name, with Tyrone Power), is a story of a woman with early Alzheimer’s, her bewilderment at her ailment, and her ultimate decision to live with the disease if she must…but to also live every day, to the fullest, as herself! (Movie made before Mr. Null cured the lady of Alzheimer’s). My admiration and wishes go to the entire English Royal Family….and especially to His TRUE Highness, Prince Charles!

  • KingTurnipXIV

    Camel-A: “Charles, darling, don’t forget our anniversary”
    Charley: “I would if I could.”
    Camel-A: “Would what?”
    Charley: “I have no idea”
    Camel-A: “Oh, no, it’s true! Now I shall never be Queen! Bwaaaa”
    Charley: “Queen of what, you stupid woman?”

  • moonlightgirl

    it may or may not be true and in most cases i would say if your not sure about something dont write it. but after what charles and his family did to his first wife i really dont care

  • ella

    KiwiRob–it has been all over before this post, so well-read people already know it. I am a diagnostic specialist in the learning field [won't give specifics for privacy] but I am not surprised. And Forcaster—yes they are preping William, as was guessed when he joined the Royal Air Force. Prince Charles has not been a favorite–even prior to Lady Di.

  • niki

    he certainly does have a depressed and confused face but it could be a ploy to get his son directly to the throne. Easier than saying ” no thanks, I pass” instead use the excuse of dementia. Who really cares? If he does, he can afford the nursing care. I think Camilla would lose interest in a man with no memory of their sexual exchanges.

  • ME

    This was in tabloids LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before it was online somehow lol so everyone stop bitching on it not being true. whether it is or not who the fuck cares everyone stupid enough to read tabloids believes it anyhow lol

  • tess

    if he does it is no less than he deserves for all the distress heartache and death that diane suffered what goes around comes back to bite you in the ass

    • Albert St John Smyth

      For all the “distress heartache and death Diane (sic) suffered?” Inbred celebrity whore, Diana was a psychopathic slut who got what she deserved. Now go screw yourself, dipshit.

      • Elmo

        IM BACKING TESS! YOU GO SCREW YOURSELF! DI WAS AN AWESOME WOMAN WHO NEVER DID ANYTHING TO CHARLES OR THE ROYAL FAMILY OR ANYONE! Anything she did or said, which was not much, was only out of response to what Charles did to her, you dickless fuckface! Charles did in fact cause Diana a lot of distress and heartache, and indirectly contribute to her death. I’m glad he won’t be king. YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE,ALBERT! I WILL ONE DAY EAT ASSHOLES LIKE YOU FOR DINNER! YOU’RE THE DIPSHIT! GO HAVE SEX WITH A DOG!

  • Helen Perkins

    I am Argentine and live in Buenos Aires (British stock). That said, I was taken aback when some of my Argentine friends told me on Saturday that Prince Charles has Alzheimers. I imagined it was some cock and bull story made up by our very imaginative press here, who has mostly been very anti-British.
    I looked it up on Google and lo and behold I find this article. It doesn’t seem to be from a very serious source, judging from the picture of the front page of the magazine.
    If this sort of news is spread all over the world, it better be true. It seems very irresponsible and unkind journalism if it isn’t.
    It reminds me of all the stories published year after year about Fidel Castro’s bad health being covered up. When I went to Cuba I asked different people if it was true he was so ill. They all laughed and said it was typical international gibberish published recklessly to discredit Castro.
    I wonder if this magazine is in that same category?

  • Helen Perkins

    This was many years before he really did get very sick!

  • Yevgeni

    The GLOBE is a CIA front?

    What drugs are you using?

    The Globe is like all slime tabloids. They watnt to sell copies and do not care how low they stoop to do so.

    BTW: One area forbidden to the CIA is to impersonate journalists.

  • Esther

    Chuck has had the big A since he was a teen-ager; any man who would throw over a dish like Diana for a dried up old crone like Camilla deserves all the disease he can muster. A believable story? Us Yanks knew something was terribly wrong with Ronnie Reagan, and lately, yeah, his son Ron Jr. publishes a tell all book that reveals Ron Sr. had Altzeimers. So THAT explains the President’s crimes against his countrymen and the world!

  • John

    The royal family consists of inbred imbeciles, so even if he does have Alzheimers Disease, he will not be losing much. Hopefully, the injection of fresh blood into the family (Diana and now Kate) will improve things for the future. William seems a lot brighter than his father. As for “skipping over” Charles, that will not happen. Succession is determined by law. If Charles survives his mother, he will become King. If he is mentally disabled, a regent (most likely Prince William) will be appointed. Go look up the history of King George III and King George IV.

    • Elmo

      Actually everyone knows they are going to make William the next ruler. I am a dipshit for only realizing that just now.

  • barbara oehm

    I think Prince Charles is basically a shy man, who sometimes comes across as ill at ease. I guess that this awkwardness is what has prompted your assumptions. Alzheimers tends to run in families. There is no evidence of this in the Royal family – take a look at his mother The Queen – at 84 she is still as sharp as a razor. His father too, nearing 90 is still very much “with it”. It is scandalous that you have printed this story without any sound evidence. I think you should print a retraction and a very long apology.

  • brian lee

    Alzheimers is generally a hereditary illness.
    None of his family hasit so he probably dosent.
    Regarding morals of Charles & Diane.
    Charles had an affair with a woman he had loved for years but wasnt allowed to marry.
    Diane screwed around with several different guys whom she probably never even loved .
    Who really had the worse morals?

    • Elmo

      What I will say is you have your facts all wrong.

  • Andy

    Why do Americans always confuse looks with morality? Diana was beautiful but a serial adultress – one man after another! It’s a pity the Royal Family did not realise just how damaged she was before the marriage.

  • vibrant health

    Regarding Alzheimers- a couple years ago i found a book in a thrift shop. the book oost $1 but is priceless.
    Beating Alzheimer’s: A Step Towards Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Diseases by Tom Warren..
    A must read

  • http://Yahoo hilde ettrick

    Shame on those of you having a laugh at Charles’ expense.Although English I’m no monarchist but this dreadful disease is no laughing matter, whether he’s suffering from it or not. I am in the US at the moment and have seen this so-called magazine in the supermarkets.
    Shame on the publishers and those who read this drivel and gloat.

  • MaryAnn Posalie

    No one knows this for sure. He seems fine to me.

  • Elmo

    I’m not going to bother arguing with you evil Charles lovers. You will all get what you deserve someday.

  • fishfingers

    He still believes in manmade global warming, so that must be a sign of something wrong