Chelsea Clinton Wants to End Her Marriage?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chelsea ClintonCHELSEA Clinton‘s marriage is on the rocks — according to a new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer claims Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, walked out on her after a fight about starting a family.

Chelsea, sources say, is now keen to get the marriage annulled.

“Chelsea has asked her mother and dad if they could help her get an annulment,” dished one insider.

“She’s heartbroken, but she isn’t afraid to end the marriage.

“She regrets now that she ever married Marc.”

Chelsea and Marc got married last summer in Rhinebeck, New York.


  • http://ITISWHATITIS! Debbie

    So much for the seven million dollar wedding. I do not believe anything from some of the rag newspapers. Marc and Chelsea are well educated, level-headed people and I am sure that they discussed having a family before they said “I do”. Only time will tell.

  • Melody L. East

    I am sure that it must be hard for someone who isn’t use to being in the limelight. Even if Marc is well educated it should help his ego. yet there are those out there who aren’t well educated who have made it. President Lincoln was someone who started out without an education and he worked his way up to become president of our country. Those times back then weren’t as safiscated as they are now. Let Marc think about what he up against even though it hasn’t been a year yet.
    If Chelsea wants to end her marriage it is up to her to either divorce or the last resort an annalment.
    Yes, it must be hard for the first daughter of our country, she is a loving person and let her do what she wishes without interference of others.
    I am not well educated, but I managed with a GED and 35.5 years being married. Let me say this: it isn’t always roses and the bedroom it takes hard work to stay married.
    Good luck Chelsea whatever you decide I am with you.

    • JC

      Wayne, really, something was missing. Do you know these people? Do you know anything about them outside of what you have read in some magazine? Get a clue.

  • Wayne

    My Word !
    I never felt really happy for both of them.
    Something seemed left out.
    Maybe it was seeing Bill and Hillary propped up against one another. You know – Like a movie set. No feelings.
    Then came the “couple”.
    Something really was left out.
    Not the arrangements, but the connection of marriage.
    Look back on the whole affair and tell me it was filled with an atmosphere of love.
    Time to move on and get it over with.
    Bad decision in the first place.

  • MK

    Honey, get some help, and get it now. Fight for your marriage. You’re going to have problems in the first yr, this is bound to happen. (We did). Been married 30 yrs now.
    Why do I say this. How would you like to have a military doc and a military shrink contrive behind your back, and try and talk you into having a baby, because you have a female problem, and having a baby, is “supposed” to solve your problem!!!!! And you don’t want kids at that point. I did, and I stood up to those docs.
    Thats what I mean here.

    Stand up for your marriage, fight for it. Get some help and get it now. Giving up is not the thing to do. Do you want to be known for that, no. Get counseling and get it now.

    Married 30 yrs.
    Marriage is a working partnership.

  • http://showbizspy Doris McCowan Baldwin

    Life is hard now…for everyone..regardless of economic status…there simply isn’t a concrete solution to anything ….anymore…trial and error is the only option that will provide any resolution at all…the results of that usually dictate the outcome….

    Wishing this couple the very best….they have both endured..a lot….

    Doris Baldwin…san antonio tx…

  • fish

    Good luck to the both of you

  • stephen3252007

    the clintions rule,and marc will just have to get over it.bill clintion was this countrys greatest president,and hillary was a great senator,and a fine secretary of state,so yes there is some spot light,but he can handel it if he tries.

  • Shady Clintons

    Well, Marc’s dad is very shady and apparently Marc likes the model type girls and Chelsea certainly isn’t that. Marc probably realizes he will cheat on Chelsea eventually and doesn’t want to start a family with that Clinton clan. And as for Chelsea – she thinks she’s better than others so I don’t feel sorry for her. She has that “I’m better than you” attitude. So whatever Chelsea…marry in your league. You can’t compete with the model type girls that Marc likes.

  • boubou aylik

    good luck ror you2 and
    not surprise because today divorce
    is so easy ,.

  • Sandy

    It is best to figure out early in the marriage that it is not going to work…..I spent 19 years in a unhappy marriage and the ending of it was even worse.
    I should have taken my father’s advise from the beginning, it gives another chance alot of people do not have, to fall in love again.

  • Abuid Singh

    It is natural for us to react to the unexpected to any celebrete. But it does not mean we can unilaterally pass judgement for the marriage issues.

    Like you and I we know well this can happen and can ruin life, however we have no right to condemn or lean to one side. Let us wish the young couple the best and hopefully they work things out. Might be a ploy from some paparrazis.

    Good luck Chelsea and Mark.

  • http://none vincent

    Perhaps Marc could take a hard long look at Monica:)
    I think Chelsea is turning out just like her mom, Queen Hillary.
    I wonder, truly wonder if both of them discussed having a child. Marc does, but Chelsea??????
    I think this is a 3 million dollar wedding up in smoke!

  • George A. Thompson

    I certainly hope this is not the case. They have not had time to find out about each other and that takes a lifetime (I’ve been married to the same wonderful woman for 42 years and yes, we had some bumps in the road – who hasn’t?).
    Give them time, the kids will be alright.

  • poncho1

    I said this would happen before the whole charade took place. NBC has lost it’s mind by giving her a reporters job, All the rest of professional reporters have no use for her. Is she really this stupid to accept a job based on her name. Does she have any mirrors in her house, apt, cardboard box, or wherever she lives. If so take a look at your “wallflower self”. Get a job and work for achievement.
    And as for Mark – What were you Thinking ?