Kate Hudson Liked Tom Cruise’s Penis

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kate HudsonKATE Hudson used to be obsessed with Tom Cruise‘s penis!

The actress — who’s currently pregnant with her second child — admits she used to rewind the video of Cruise in All The Right Moves just to catch a glimpse of his groin.

“I was just crazy about him,” Kate confessed.

“You can see his pee pee in that movie. Everybody can see it, it’s like a shadow. I remember I was watching it, I was really little, and I was like, ‘Oh my God’. I went back and I re-wound it…”

Kate also revealed her parents and siblings — mom Goldie Hawn, stepdad Kurt Russell and brothers Oliver, 34, Wyatt, 24, have never considered nudity a big deal.

“I’ve got like a million brothers and my house is filled with boys so there’s parts flying around through hallways, all over the place,” she said.

“We have an open family, naked people is not something we hide. Like if my brother had to go from the bathroom to his bedroom, every once in a while, if there was no towel, you know, he’d just go to the bedroom.”

Kate — whose boyfriend, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy, is British — recently admitted she’s “not sure” if she wants to live in the UK permanently, although she does admit to loving the British weather.

“I’ll obviously be spending a lot more time in London bit I’m not sure about moving — not yet!” she said.

“We’ll probably split it 50/50 – I do love it here and surprisingly I do love the weather. It’s so nice to have seasons.

“I heard Topshop has a maternity department, which sounds amazing, so I’m going to have to go there.

“I love clothes and I love to shop while I’m here.”



  • whoknows

    it is actually pissed myself laughing

  • CrazyJoc

    Thats all it was, a pee pee huh?

  • http://yahoo Sunim

    It is ok Hudson, It is your right to like whatever u like. You are completely at liberty.

  • duane

    Kate Hudson, you deserve high marks for your honesty concerning Tom Cruise’ s penis! Good for you for coming out and admitting your horniness. I myself have long been loony for Robin Givens; I would just love to spend time with her. How good it is to know that I have a celebrity kindred spirit regarding drooling over sexiness.

  • http://www.gosogl4z.com Steve