Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Had Pregnancy Scare?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elin NordegrenELIN Nordegren had recent pregnancy scare, it has been claimed.

The sexy former Swedish model — who’s divorced from golfer Tiger Woods – allegedly had a fling with an old flame which left her fearing she could be expecting her third children.

So Elin — who raises a son and a daughter With Tiger –  sent a staff member to buy her a home pregnancy test kit.

“She said, ‘Cheating was OK for him, but he gets crazy at any hint that I might have a boyfriend. If I got pregnant, Tiger would make my life a living hell!’” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Recent reports claimed Elin was was dumped by her rebound boyfriend because Tiger scared him off!

“Elin is livid that Tiger would interfere in her private life, especially after she believes he recently sneaked into her home while she was gone,” a source said.

“She said, ‘We’re divorced! It’s over! Why won’t he just leave me alone?’”

Elin, 31, had been dating a fellow Rollins College student who was five years her junior.

“They saw each other occasionally, but Elin was a little concerned because of the guy’s age. She said, laughing, ‘What am  I now — a cougar?’” the source said.

“Elin said he was told that he’d be under ‘great scrutiny’ if he continued to see her, and it might get ‘uncomfortable’.

“Frankly, I think he was scared silly. He told Elin that he didn’t want to deal with the ‘drama,’ and thought it best that they didn’t continue seeing each other.”



  • Plumman

    Can’t you get a test kit without a press release? Sounds like someone is trying to screw with Tiger’s head and it’s working. For a woman, to be so private, this is not normal behavior to let slip out. Maybe she is a golddigger!!

  • armand

    Never have thought Elin was a gold digger, but I give this story as much credence as the one about Tiger breaking into her house. Why did TMZ & Radar Online never carry this story? As private as Elin was throughout this whole episode I can’t imagine Elin releasing this info.

  • Lucille

    This sounds like a story that was planted by someone who knows Elin – just like the “Tiger breaking into her home” story. Why are these never confirmed? Who are the “sources”?

  • http://yahoo Sunim

    After all, Life is important. Forget the past. Live in full. Enjoy the life.

  • jack the ripper

    Armand most likely has it right!!
    All the way!!
    Unless –Tiger is jealous.. if so
    that could explain his golf scores his New Pad-which anyone can see was to get Elin jeaous,,,,

    maybe we are seeing Tame the Tiger being played out-!
    Is it possible Iiger can settle down!? like a real man -have a family?

    Or is this the Usual if you get Black you- get single!
    tickets ? Anyone?

    • collette

      If his reasoning was to get Elin back,the comment about his new house would make sense, but Elin was the one who designed the house when it was started.

  • http://ddrobert.blogspot.com/ 808

    leave Nordwhich alone
    it’s done you douche turd
    she can have kids with whoever she wants

  • carmen

    Elin Nordegren is now divorced and she is free to live her life anyway she wants!!!

    • Elton

      No one is disparaging Elin – time to move on – Tiger & Elin have. Just don’t believe this story to be truthful.

  • cklogic

    Pee-on-a-stick sounds true enough, but the rest is bs. For Swedes, PAOS are as routine as buying costco/samsclub chicken.

  • GregorySon

    Could this be the making of another O.J. Simpson trial?!

  • Tired of the O.J. Bull

    The making of another O.J. Simpson trial? Meaning another whorish ex-wife having sex with multiple partners and using drugs leading to her death? So the ex-husband becomes the prime suspect?

  • http://ShowBizSpy Sensibility for a changeq

    You crossed the line in your comment about “whorish ex-wife having sex with multiple partners & using drugs leading to her death”.
    Yes, it seems that there are still stinking ass people who refuse to believe that orange juice killed Nicole Brown Simpson. Let her rest in peace, and may o j rot in hell for infinity. He’s a guilty mofo, and that’s that.

    • Anna Nicole Smith

      Orange juice killed ME….

  • Ald1951

    Elins’ new boyfriend is just that a BOY friend…if I were her man I would make it very clear to her-ex that I  could and would make Wood uncomfortable and you thought his game went down before.oh well…I would be her LOYAL  MAN-friend’no playing games here! I guess when tiger thought of a divorce he became DEAD WOOD.